StoneAgeGames – Murder in Hotel

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Murder in Hotel is another Room Escape game from StoneAgeGames. “A private detective had been collecting evidence of a conspiracy with the government, however he has been killed. You have to finish the detective’s work and send the evidence to Police. Let the truth escape!” Have fun!

Murder in Hotel video walkthrough!

By Eric

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11 Comments to StoneAgeGames – Murder in Hotel

  1. Miss D says:

    First! whoohoo.

  2. saladdd says:

    I’ve got red paint,powder,tape,developer,not shown photos,combined magnet and rope
    Im stuck right here

  3. saladdd says:

    oh there’s a video walkthrough..

  4. Miss D says:

    @saladd: There’s a help button which leads you to a walkthrough video of the game.

  5. tan says:


  6. dg says:

    Awkward navigation. Some tips: Show

  7. dg says:

    Finished on my own, after a zillion clicks. Too much pixel-hunting here.

  8. Storm says:

    The video walkthrough is taking forever to run it is driving me crazy!!

  9. Merlina says:

    I wish people would write walkthroughs, it seems like on a lot of the games as soon as there is a video walkthrough they don’t bother. I like to be able to read hints and things and get clues to try to finish a game myself rather than watching a video that tells you everything.

    • osmodiar says:

      Why don’t you write a walkthrough? I quite often write them, but it does take some time and I don’t always have the inclination, either.

  10. Apanathi says:

    that game was more than lame….