Escape Library

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Escape LibraryEscape LibraryEscape Library is a Russian Room Escape game created by PaskaPet from 2keys Games.

You are trapped in a library and your main goal is to find several chips hidden in the room. Once you get all of them, you’ll need to find the best way to use them!

Nicely done and very fun to play, Escape Library features very logical puzzles; a few useful items are very well hidden: check the library and every item in your inventory very closely!

Have fun!

Update: walkthrough in comment #8 (thanks Chichi!)

Update: Escape Library video walkthrough!

By Eric

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254 Comments to Escape Library

  1. Gifflan says:

    Found out the code to the box in the cellar :D


  2. payton hitchcock says:

    what do i have to do to get the launchers together?

  3. Cristo says:

    Where`s the magnifing glass? can`t find it:s

  4. Stupid person says:

    How do you fix the grenade launcher thing? It’s not working!!! Dammit!!!

  5. halo#1111 says:

    whats the order on the chest with the tiles and wheres the ninth tile

  6. curt says:

    how do you open safe
    please help

    • sharlee says:

      u type in the code u got from the gun in the bible click the bible so its a big picture and click the book and get the gun make the picture of the gun big and use the magnefine glass to find the code i write it down so its easier

    • sam says:

      to open the safe i can give you the code if you want, just reply to me,

  7. tomass says:

    i cant open it its realy gard sombody PLZ help there are titles like this Show

  8. nate says:

    wheres the magnifying glass

  9. georgia says:

    i have read some of the spoilers and most of mr dollars have helped except for when he told us to get the soda hat in one of the boxes. we looked but saw no hat or soda. please explain this if you can and help.

    • Mark101 says:

      at the 2nd box at the top (beside the box where the missile is or at the main screen click left 2 times) click on one of the soda to get it

  10. georgia says:

    the magnifiying glass in in one of the books on the left side on the book shelf on the top row by the way

  11. erick says:

    ive just finished my combination home it works with u

  12. Daniel says:

    Done, with help from the walkthrough. LOL. The farting noise is when ur inventory is full. You have proberly worked this out already or given up or completed the game as your post was May 2007 :P. LOL.

    • sharlee says:

      daniel can u tell me how to get out the room plz ive made the rocket launcher but i don’t know how to get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • chicka♥ says:

        I know how!!! ok what u do is you go to the room where you found the second piece to the grenade launcher and click on the giant spot of bricks, then you click the grenade launcher and then the spot with the bricks again and BOOM!!!!! You are outta the library!!! woo hoo!!!

  13. dan says:

    where do i get the sraw

  14. Tom says:

    The Chips Go In The “Safe” On The Right Hand Side Of The Room
    As You Find Them Put Them In The Square Shaped Openings In The Box
    Ive Only Found 8 And Thus Do Not Know How To Continue

  15. Nerenia says:

    Does it have to be a 3×3 square at the puzzle?

  16. catt says:

    i have much more then 9 tiles i have 12 and i require 16???

  17. Kizzy says:

    Every 1 says there are nine tiles but I have 10…..Plz Help, I’m stuck

  18. MLI says:

    That were really not worth to spend time for it…

  19. Carla says:

    nohooo… the puzzle is not the same for everyone… i noticed that the game changes!
    i went to the box where u find the money… and as i coulnd’t take the tile, i had to refresh my page, cuz the tile dissapeared! and i didn’t hdad it in my inventory… and the second time i had to look with the glass in the gun… the numbers where different!

    So is the same with the puzzle…
    it wont help any one of us to get the key, cuz it changes! T.T

  20. Whitestaln says:

    wheres the bible????

  21. krazyspoonheadboy says:

    ok, people can stop posting tile orginization patterns because i just came to a very bold conclusion…..THEYRE ALL DIFFERENT!!!! THIS GAME JUST WANTS TO MESS WITH ME!!!!!!LOL seriously though, just look at the posted tile positions, there are different tiles

  22. Hrb love Nge says:

    Will yall stop telling us to use the magnyfyin glass and tell the # instead???
    It would help alot especially if u cant find the magnifyin glass like me :p

  23. Hrb love Nge says:

    uhhh n.m. the game isnt the same for everyone…crap i feel embarresed lol

  24. Hrb love Nge says:

    Haha yay!!!
    I finally finished so never mind my last 2 comments…
    I owe it all to: Georgia!!! (the username not the state)
    so thanks

  25. SL says:

    Can anyone write down all of the steps but so far i have the mask part done and the librarian part. But can someone just put ALL of the steps? Also how many scences after the begining scence do I have to go to find these things?

  26. Woohoo! says:

    You guys, the reason it makes fart noises is because you have too much stuff in your inventory. Put some stuff back where you got them to make room for new stuff. It took me forever to figure that out :)

  27. Curtis says:

    ok i found a magnafingglass in a book and magnafied the colt pistol and found some numbers and entered them in the safe and found some stuff

  28. Hippy says:

    so is that tile maze some kind of domino? i mean that if there is tile that have 1 on it , the next tile on its side have to got the 1 too?

  29. pnasmsis says:

    OmG like its soooo hard to fit the tiles ….. !
    i undrstand how ta do it but its hard … its like this game i no : triomino its the same concept , mayb te ppl hoo dont undrstand can srch triomino instructions , i think it cud hlp ……….

  30. pnasmsis says:

    btw here r te instructions i was talkin abt :

  31. Juicy_Niker says:

    The magnifying glass can be found if you click Show



  32. Rdy4anthn says:

    what do i do after i get the second grenade launcher.????????

  33. Rdy4anthn says:

    nvr mind i figured it out i put the first launch thing into the second launch thing n got a game over i wonder y?

  34. chocolate24pp says:

    i want the real walkthrough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. chocolate24pp says:

    i dont get this game

  36. Drew says:

    HOLY CRAP I JUST DID IT. I can explain any questions for anyone.

  37. Drew says:


    If you need anything else just ask.

  38. i only have 8 someone help ME!

  39. scallywag says:

    if anybody needs any help then here you go


  40. Amber says:

    i need help


    • annie says:

      you need help amber?here let me help you (THIS IS THE HINTS)


  41. Sadiyah says:

    im so stupid i dont even know this game