Let’s Escape

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Let's EscapeLet's EscapeLet’s Escape is a new Japanese Room Escape game released yesterday. This game is only available in Japanese, but the language barrier in this game is not a problem at all.

You find yourself in a small room and you will have to find several keys and a lot of colored codes before you can get out of here. The game is nicely done, but some spots are difficult to find, even with the help of the tab key!

Overall, another interesting Room Escape game from the Land of the Rising Sun that should keep you busy for a while!

Have fun!

Source: Nordinho

Update: walkthrough in comment #4 (thanks, Chichi!)

By Eric

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47 Comments to Let’s Escape

  1. Phreak says:

    Gah… Show

  2. eric says:

    found-dvd,cd,key with the letter b on it , and one with the letter r, blue key the numbers in blue 437- and in red 756,found book in trashcan, found lights under couch dont know what they do? found safe cant open it , help anyone thank you

  3. G says:

    found one unidentifyable item…wish they would make english version

  4. chichi says:

    Let’s Escape walkthrough


  5. putertroll says:

    how do you open movie screen i click on it and nothing happens

  6. putertroll says:

    ok opened the screen, but that pin is not opening the safe

  7. chichi says:

    det er en liten svart prikk på veggen over safen…..;o)

  8. jane says:

    i cant find the hook under the table. I cliked everywhere…. ;-( Please help me…

  9. jane says:

    yess I fixed it;-)

  10. nemesi says:

    i can’t open the keypad……where is it?

  11. woi says:

    how do i open the screeN?!?!

  12. yamon says:

    woi Show

  13. Princess says:

    where’s the bloody black button ontop of the bookcase?

  14. van says:

    i open the movie screen but you dont have the keypad where is it?

  15. chichi says:

    Do u see the tiny black dot over the safe? Use the pin…. :o)

  16. Ann says:

    How do you get the cushion up and get behind the couch chichi?

  17. Ann says:

    How do you open the Safe

  18. Ann says:

    That was supposed to say how do you open the screen got ahead of myself lol

  19. ashley says:

    I need the second yellow code from behind the bookcase to complete the game but am locked in the room with the computer – can anyone help me with this?

  20. ashley says:

    Its OK i found the way back to the first room!

  21. Andy says:

    press play and forward on the right click menu to get to the end.

  22. Kleuz says:

    where’s the yellow light you’re talking about?

  23. Kleuz says:

    Never mind, got it

  24. esra says:

    I need help with the yellow light too..ııırgggggh

  25. kleuz says:

    when you face the staircase click right. Then you’ll see a switch. It’s for the staircase. Move down and you’ll see the yellow light.

  26. Sigrun says:

    I am locked in the dark stairway and can´t find any button to turn on lights and I dont see any yellow light. Please help me!!!!!!

  27. chichi says:

    I hope this will help you:
    -face the stairs
    -click on the white door chase on the right handside
    -you will see a button ( it turns on the light)
    -click as far down as you can and you will see the yellow light
    -use mirror and note the number

  28. Shadow says:

    what is meant by “math action”?

  29. Ruby says:

    To Sigrun
    The button that for you to get out(when you’re locked in the dark stairway) is on the right bottom of a dark door thing.(The button is just a tiny black dot, look carefully)
    When you get out, face the stairway again, the button to turn on lights and the yellow light are on the right hand side.(Just like Kleuz(on top of you) said )
    Carefull, DO NOT GO “INTO”the staircase. The button is behind the bookcase, you just have to click right hand side of the staircase, left hand side of the bookcase.
    As soon as you find the button, the yellow light just below it.
    You’ll get it, just look carefully and try more~hope this is helpful.^^

  30. chichi says:

    “math action” means: + – * /

  31. beth says:

    how do i enter the code in the computer.. im clicking the numbers and nothings happening.
    help pleasssse.

  32. ellie says:

    the bookcase only moved halfway not revealing a full window. is it supposed to do that ‘coz i can’t find the pink key or the black button. HELP?! =[

  33. ellie says:

    ooo i did it. but i still can’t find the black button. =[

  34. ellie says:

    okay nevermind i found that too =]

  35. Christen says:

    I can not get the pink key at all!!!!!!!!!

  36. KELLI says:

    i cant find the staircase somebody help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  37. Dark says:

    How do I get the piece of wood?

  38. Lesterly says:

    Ahhh how do i get the stereo to M4???????? The only button that has the little hand (vs the arrow) show up on it isnt doing anything!

  39. Chrissy says:

    how do u open the ookcase to get the wooden pieces out and how do u get the pink key and black button am totally stuck please help me!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Chrissy says:

    *bookcase ah this is totally frying my head

  41. Anonymous says:

    Movie Walkthrough:


    ;P Lol.

  42. Stereo:

    Pink Key:


    Wooden pieces:


    I hope this helps you guys. Now if someone could help me.. Show

    Am I missing something?

  43. tje says:

    you have to put them in order and the letters have to match then you need to pick the first set of boxes the end

  44. ron1458 says:

    i can’t key in the code on the keypad.. they show some 10 digits! i got only a 4 digit one from under trash can! And the nos. on the keypad don’t move! Helllpp.. pplleeaasseee…

  45. Name (required): says:

    um whats the tab key lol it keeps saying it!

    anyways i hope this is fun plz answer

  46. litsa says:

    Ι am missing black key #4 with the letter Y where do I find that?

  47. Fay says:

    how do you “put items away”????