What’s wrong in the Flash Game Portals industry?

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I don’t know if pictures are better than words, but here are a few ones that make me wonder what’s going on inside the Flash game portals industry.

I’m aware that Alexa is not really reliable for small/medium websites, but it’s more accurate for big websites, and all sites listed below rank from large+ to huge.

The price to pay for sponsoring a game at FlashGameLicence is getting higher and higher while it seems there is a significant traffic decrease for the biggest portals since mid-2009 (even though there are a few exceptions like AG, Bubblebox and Kong).



3 Comments to What’s wrong in the Flash Game Portals industry?

  1. Feonyx says:

    They’re just playing games on Facebook instead… of which a lot of those apps are Flash. Why pay for a domain that you have to advertise to get people to start going to when you can just put it on Facebook and let people advertise it for you?

    Social City is written in Flash… it gets 12 million users a month.

  2. Renegade says:

    Check out the graph for Facebook and that should tell you what’s wrong. its become the central social hub of the internet and that has to draw users away from other sites.

  3. Tasselfoot says:

    Those graphs can also be misleading… since you’re showing websites as a comparison to other websites, as opposed to using baseline hits/day or views/day, etc.

    It does clearly show that those flash game websites are all getting less traffic when compared to the internet as a whole now than they were a year+ ago.

    It could be a few things: people are playing less games on portals, people are playing the same (or more) games… but viewing other industry pages more, or it could be that other sites that aren’t being shown are pulling traffic from the established “big boys”. Many of those sites that you listed do very little sponsorship anymore, and could be losing traffic to smaller/newer sites that are sponsoring a lot of titles (which is why King, Kong, Armor, and BubbleBox aren’t doing as poorly… they all still sponsor tons of games).

    So your graphs are eye-opening, but there definitely are multiple reasons (or combinations of them all) as to why.