The House 2

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The House 2 is the sequel to The House, a popular and scary Point’n’Click adventure game released in 2005 by SINTHAIStudio.

An entire family committed suicide years ago in a house that was then closed and left empty for decades.

The neighbors believe that the house is cursed. “Some said that they have heard a women’s screaming voice from that house. Yet, no one dare to enter the house…”

If you like atmospheric scary games, close the curtains, turn off the light, put sound up and enjoy The House 2!

Have fun!

WARNING: PG 13. Not suitable for children!

By Eric

current rating 2.96


67 Comments to The House 2

  1. jackivee says:

    This is not even fun…you just have to Show


  2. Apanathi says:

    I dunno what to do in the living room… can just click the Show

    what am I missing!? Already stuck, man :D

    • fabian says:

      we cliked on stuff untill something happend

    • Zeke says:

      you need to click Show

      in that order for the hooooole room, and whatch the magic happen

    • dannyboy9 says:

      just go round in circles clicking all over the place eventually blood will drip on the picture. Trust me ,it gets harder!!!

  3. Apanathi says:

    okay… I somehow managed to change things in the living room.. but now stuck in bathroom.. I don’t understand that game oO

    • Emm says:

      click on the bible above the toilet and just look at it for 5 seconds, then close it. see if there are any notes, as i can’t remember personally as we play this game in ict lessons in school. next, run the tap a couple of times, and then open the shower curtain. keep repeating this, and every now and then, flush the toilet in between. eventually, a person should appear in the window and go. re open the bible, close it, and open the shower curtain. flush the toilet and run the sink. repeat this until eventually the sink will run for ages and fill up with blood, and overflow. then, flush the toilet, click the sink and open the bible a couple of times until you can open the shower curtain. there should be feet hanging from there. once they appear, keep opening the curtain, flushing the toilet, opening the bible and running the sink. then, when you go to open the shower, the feet should dissapear, and replace itself with the shadow of a body. then repeat the usual process, and open the curtain. a ghost should appear, dissapear, and write ‘forgive me’ in blood all over the walls. just press on the curtain, toilet and sink another couple of times to exceed to the next level. good luck!

  4. Apanathi says:

    that game is sooooooooooooooooooooo stupid… sorry… one star

  5. Jeff says:

    Pretty bad. Stuck in the same spot as everyone else.

  6. Leyla says:

    I just clicked on things randomly and I’m out (or dead, didn’t understand that part) :s but the code for the safe is Show

    • Leyla says:

      Ohh, and: This is one of the worst games I’ve ever played. I liked the idea behind it but it wasn’t executed well enough…

  7. White Wolf says:

    Good story at the end but, true, took to long clicking on the hot spots. I liked the first scare flash… LOL

  8. ratmq says:

    This one is just as bad as Part one……..TOTALLY A WASTE OF TIME

  9. hotmyers16 says:

    scary, but it just didn’t appeal to me. to be brutally honest, it was more like the ring.

  10. dl says:

    This is NOT a game! All you have to do is click until stuff happens. No stars from me.

  11. Anwynn says:


  12. Miss D says:

    For me it doesn’t even load.

  13. fabian says:

    the girl in the safe room needs to lay off the make-up

  14. alexis says:

    what is the combination in the safe room?

  15. Newbie says:

    I got stuck in the Safe Room. Do we have to do with any codes?

  16. Newbie says:

    oh, ok got it. thanks

  17. Johnphilips says:

    The combination is Show

    it will open

  18. ArZ says:

    To Easy….
    just make my finger tired..

  19. dannyboy9 says:

    just finished it. I like the girl in the bedroom but it looks like the picture was hving a seizure. forward, back,forward, back,forward, back!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Melaney says:

    Stuck in working room, Click the Lamp, The poison, and the birth registration notice ! Oh God, Oh Eem Gee *Sad*

  21. Kash says:


  22. bri says:

    what is the code to the game “the house 2” in the safe room???

  23. Anj says:

    When i clicked the key at the end, nothing loaded. Is there any other site or place that has the content of the “secret room”?

    • STUCK says:

      I finished all the rooms and the special key didn’t show up. Nothing did, just a blank screen

  24. hailey says:

    I KNOW THE CODE!!!!!! I will tell right now!!!! itz 1947

    remember, have a merry christmas, and make sure you say hi to the little girl hiding under yur bed for me, btw yu might wanna play hide and seek with her, itz really fun!!! :p

  25. gangsta's says:

    i hate the friggin bathroom idk what to do!!!!!!!

  26. gangsta's says:

    does anybody know what to do in the bathroom..? i keep clicking the bible and the shower curtain buh nuttin is happeneing. what else should we do…?

    • brandon b says:

      well there are 4 things to click the shower the sink, bible and toilet handle you have to find where they are to use them and some itens will become unusable at some point

  27. Anonyme says:

    I am French I am Florian Darcha and I find the code :)
    It’s 1947 :S Good game :p

  28. Anonyme says:

    I am a bg :D

  29. says:

    what the code to the safe room? please help me

  30. shane g. Evangelista says:

    the code is not show the code is Show

  31. bree says:

    how to get in another room ????

  32. Elliot says:

    I was stuck in Workingroom, I don’t now what should I do when the bodies missing from the rope??

  33. hhhhh says:

    i am stuck in the workroom nothing has happened what do i do

  34. eek says:

    hey i’m stuck in the bedroom! please can someone help!!x :D

  35. fuzzybunny says:

    help help what do you do on the working room theres a lady hanging what else and i need a answer fast help please

  36. mrs.W says:

    Whoa. Stuck in working room? fine. turn off the light and see. something will glowing (where? just play.) and click it. the woman will gone and have fun with it.

  37. Uh-Oh says:

    Weird game is all I can say

  38. LOLGIRL says:

    In the bath room you have to click the toilet flusher on the side as well !!!
    I got stuck on that the first time !!!!!!!!!!

  39. brianna says:

    Omg i made it to levle 4 and got even more scared so i shut it off :(

  40. moll says:

    omg it scares the hell out of me i quit in the living room :(

  41. cutecat says:

    Finished! Not with the Special Room though :P

  42. David says:

    What happens to you character after Arlena screams at you?

  43. David says:

    I also have to let off some steam, are any of you scared, having nightmares, and afraid to go outside past 7:00 PM? Well, all of you listen, don’t you see this game is controlling you? this is changing the real you. You will be who you want to be. and this is a game with no eductation, so what is it for? Entertainment? No! who wants to be freaked, scared, lost, and afaid? Not too many people eh? No offense on the yelling, but you can’t let things on a computer screen change your life, so play The House 1 or The House 2, I don’t care! But remeber, you’re destroying yourself

    • riss says:

      Who would play this? Adrenaline junkies. I like scary movies, games, etc. because it is entertainment and no i do not have nightmares or afraid to go out past 7 (maybe alone because i’m cautious like that). It’s all for fun don’t get too worked up about it :)

  44. Cra-z-Boy says:

    Hey I have good news for all, The House company is deciphering weather they should create more rooms to create The House 3, or mix up The House and The House 2.
    Likewise, it will be unleashed by 2014 or earlier. NOTE: the company might not make it if people don’t vote the “Like” button on the website and may settle for just both of them for entertainment. I know there’s at least one person who dislikes, not to mention any names, David! anyway, please vote like! we want to find out what the house 3 looks like!

  45. AndrewCakung says:

    haha ……thanks everyone !!!!!!!!
    have a good night sleep with ghost!!!!

  46. Mr. X says:

    this is scary games!!

  47. Winoa says:

    This ‘game’ isn’t scary at all, as long as your volume isn’t on 100 %? S:

  48. Jame DLC says:

    uhh… I think it’s supposed to be funny…

  49. dfgfgdfgddffg says:


  50. michelle says:

    im in the bedroom. stuck. tips?