Unfinished Shadow Game

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Unfinished Shadow Game is a simple, easy but unfortunately “unfinished” 8-level game from Wayne Marsh where your goal is to collect stars in each room to open new rooms.

You don’t have to collect every star in a level and you can always come back to level via the map screen.

The defense systems are light activated.

If you stay out of the light, nothing will see you, but if you enter the light you will trigger the automated weaponary!

Have fun!

Unfinished Shadow Game video walkthrough!
Unfinished Shadow Game walkthrough!

By Eric

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13 Comments to Unfinished Shadow Game

  1. Herman says:

    Graet game, if only a little too short for my liking!

  2. Acce says:

    Nice game and all, except for the fact that it’s like IMPOSSIBLE to get the bottom left star in level five….

    • Eric says:

      In fact, it’s pretty easy: just push the lightning box to the far left, grab the star and leave!

    • Anna says:

      It took me a bit to figure it out, but I found another way to get the bottom left one. The exit has light coming through, so go in the light of the exit. You are safe, but scoot down enough so that when the bottom left gun tries to shoot you, it hits the lightning instead. Keep doing this until its over that little ramp and you can pass safely if you go quickly.

  3. Megan says:

    I beat this rather quickly.


  4. danae says:

    Level 7?

    • James says:

      on level seven there is another shadow ball to your left and if you push up it will go down so the controls are inverted for the other shadow ball, you have to make the other shadow ball push the blue box down into the hole at the far end then it will make the yellow laser dissapear. Then you wait by the green laser and the light ball will push a green button and the green laser will dissapear. (the green laser only dissapears for a couple of seconds so be quick.) Then when you have got all the stars wait by the green laser and the light ball will make it dissapear once again, then you get out. Then to make the red laser gate dissapear you have to make the inverted shadow ball press and hold onto the red button and then go through the exit at the end :)

  5. James says:

    Can someone help me with level nine please :(

  6. James says:

    I mean level eight please sorry.

  7. Shinosuke says:

    how do you get the last star behind the red beam in level 8?

  8. Herman says:

    level 8 is easy enough really

  9. Herman says:


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