Minoto – Cherry Blossoms

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Here is your weekly Minoto’s Point’n’Click Adventure game! Today, Cherry Blossoms!

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Have fun!

Cherry Blossoms walkthrough (thanks Karliiz!)

By Eric

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21 Comments to Minoto – Cherry Blossoms

  1. myrdlebp says:

    Yooo whooooo????

  2. myrdlebp says:

    This sucks, I’m stuck at the birds. I have a clue from the billiards balls 4 & 3 but any and all combination is not working. Have drum stick the two billiards balls and a bucket. Bride is with Kong. Help! And where is every one?

    • Scout88 says:

      I’m stuck at the same place. Wonder if it is a glitch? I’ve never not been able to finish before? Have tried all combos of birds with no success and especially the # from the billiard balls.

  3. Reesa says:

    How to do the pink and yellow birds…Show

  4. aliceboy says:

    Oh, fer cryin’ out…
    The numbers on the balls are the ‘number’ bird that should be ‘down’ (pretending the birds are numbered 1-2-3-4, see?).
    I admit I did have help with this.

  5. Touche says:

    The birds were more difficult than I expected!

  6. Karliiz says:

    Cherry blossoms Walkthrough

    Sorry for my poor traduction but i speak spanish xD i hope that this will be understandable

  7. Prid says:



    Please enjoy this Walkthrough for Minoto Game, which is awesome. Yet another Minoto Walkthrough with 40-Steps, easy to read and very useful if your mind doesn’t work well enough to beat these kind of games ;)

    And MINOTO QUIZ 6 is coming Tomorrow (I hope)!


  8. what says:

    Are there supposed to be nests in a tree?

  9. Julie says:

    Not the best Minoto game…what’s the purpose of the diamond?

  10. BoomBoxer says:

    Prid’s walkthrough is better.
    And the ending is ridiculous. Minoto’s game seems to get worst.

  11. Prid says:

    Minoto has updated the game with Hints for the Bird Puzzle, e.g.: Arrows to show which way you have to count!

  12. Prid says:

    MINTO QUIZ 6 – UPDATE: I am redesigning the whole game layout, and it’s becoming pretty awesome + I’ve added a few more functions! Sadly, the Quiz won’t come out until tomorrow, because I am using much more time on this Quiz, just to make it amazing, and that requires time :)

    The Quiz is still in progress, however, you can still have a Peek at some of the new features:

    – 30 Questions
    – 3 kinds of Help
    – 4 Choice
    – Easy, Medium and Hard
    – Full Status shown in the end

    Now, this is a Quiz people should look forward to :D

    • Prid says:

      Hehe…. I just got a Trampoline and the Weather is finally clear and sunny after countless months of snow, so I was having fun most of the day playing outside. That means that I didn’t get to finish the Quiz today, which I am very sorry about! I hope you people can still wait another day :)

  13. angelkendall3050 says:

    wow. I usally do the Minoto games in like, 5 minutes, but this one stays UNFINISHED!!! I need more help!!!

  14. asdfghjk says:

    The gorilla with the barrel reminds me of that Donkey Kong game.