Dwarfs in Spring

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Dwarfs in Spring is a new short Point’n’Click game from Nekonote, the author of the Japanese Room Escape Find the Dwarfs series. Just like in Dwarfs in the Farm and Dwarfs in Winter, all you have to do here is find dwarfs, and there are only 10 hidden in this one! Have fun!

Dwarfs in Spring video walkthrough!

By Eric

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20 Comments to Dwarfs in Spring

  1. Pat says:

    Is anyone playing? So far…have 6 dwarfs and now I am stuck!

  2. cora says:

    Im stuck as well, so far i got 7 dwarfs

  3. Tom says:

    have found 9 but no idea what to do with shovel

  4. cora says:

    i got 8 dwarfs, Show

  5. juice says:

    I’m out! Harder than other ones I must admit. Will try a walkthrough if anyone wants one.

  6. Em says:

    have no idea where to use the Show

    • Jazn says:


      Hope that helps ;)

  7. Em says:

    got it! Show

    but only have 9 dwarfs..

  8. Em says:


  9. juice says:


    hope that helps!

  10. Me2 says:

    Still can’t find 10th dwarf. I’ve used knife and shovel Show

    but I still have them in my inventory. Any place else I should use them?

  11. goldie says:


  12. osmodiar says:

    Full walkthrough from EG24