Riddle School 5

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Riddle School 5 is the fifth and final (?) installment in the Riddle School series.

JonBro, the author, said that “this is the longest, craziest, and best game of the entire series”.

It is also the biggest game of the series: the file size is 14MB, so go grab a coffee while the game loads!

Also remember that after you beat the game and see your time, you can view the game’s Special Features.

Have fun!

Riddle School 5 walkthrough
(thanks LKBrianz and kudoz to Trisana!
Riddle School 5 video walkhtrough!

By Eric

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131 Comments to Riddle School 5

  1. gamemaster3 says:

    Beat this 16:06.20000000000005

  2. Leon says:

    great walkthrough Show

  3. Leon says:

    game was great

    • ChrystalCorpse says:

      Riddle School 5 Walkthrough:


      *Walkthrough figured out, and created by Chrystal Corpse*

  4. Leon says:

    stay in school :D beat in 64min LOL

  5. Riddle School Addict says:

    I BEAT IT IN 26:1596! Thanks for all your help! ^_^

  6. Nerdy Failure says:

    This game is so easy.
    I beat it in 11.11 (not a joke)
    I’m in the process of writing a walkthrough for this game right now.

  7. esthee xd says:

    cool game
    finish in 30:36

  8. Chucky says:

    Viz, the villain who appeared in Riddle School 5 looks kind of like the Bubble Trouble character, and I did not find this out until today, but Riddle School 2 through 4 was all a dream, but it looked so realistic!

  9. Chucky says:

    First of all, if you thought the terrified face of Phil or Phred about to fall into lava was scary ( like I did ), then the Riddle School 5 quit button has a surprise for you! I pressed the quit button, eexpecting it to do something except this!: It showed Phil’s face like it was angry to the point it looked like it would attack you! His eyes were bulgibng out! To me, it was so scary I’m hoping I won’t have nightmares about it!

  10. maijayah says:




  11. EQ says:

    the game is tricky, but for some strange reason I felt that I can solve tricky problems in REAL LIFE!!! Maybe this game can make you smarter afer all… :)))

    There’s RIDDLE TRANSFER now! The continued version of after Viz had died…

  12. EQCYK says:

    This game is fun that I played it four times! There’s now Riddle transfer and that’s much more difficult! Congradulations for those who had finished Riddle school 5′ go ahead and try Riddle Transfer! And For Those who hadn’t passed Riddle School 5, keep going!

  13. Game breaker says:

    Beated this in 10:15 minutes!!! Great game!!

  14. Yoshi says:

    i beat the game two times and im still getting possesed by a monkey at the end O.o

  15. ginger says:

    Wow, love it!