Sunday Lawn

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Sunday LawnSunday LawnSunday Lawn is the latest arcade game created by the team at Donut Games. It’s time for Charlie to mow the lawn in the backyard today. Unfortunately, there are many hedgehogs and dogs there, and they don’t look friendly!

Control Charlie using the arrow keys on your keyboard and mow all the grass to reach the next level. Don’t hit any animal or the game is over! Try to mow as much grass as you can in one path to score more point.

Sunday Lawn borrows some elements from games like PacMan or Frog Day Afternoon. Building long paths through the backyard while avoiding dogs can be quite challenging, and you’ll need good reflexes and some patience if you want to complete the 8 levels available!

Have fun!

By Eric

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93 Comments to Sunday Lawn

  1. eric says:

    fun to play – better if the mower would turn when you want it too

  2. Lacey says:

    hi every body i liked the Sunday Lawn it is a nice game it could of been scary or something like that.

  3. dane says:

    I can not get past level 27. where is the orange button? please

    • noname says:

      the orange button is in the bottom left corner of the whole lawn. you can get to it by unlocking the red buttoned- areas. good luck!

  4. emilyy says:

    i hate level 27 omg.

  5. Maya says:

    I can’t get past level 27 there is no orange button

  6. annette says:

    where is the orange button located?

  7. loveSaturday says:

    The brown (could be orange lol) button is located in the bottom left corner :) Good luck!

    • Ashley says:

      How do you get to the brown/orange button on the bottom left side?

      • no name says:

        on level 27 u unlock the red gates and then go on the longer path. on the left ther is a gap between 2 bushes just go thru ther and find the orange button

  8. Sammy Lee says:

    still cant find it. this has been killing me for a week. jeeez..

    • no name says:

      To the right of the hedgehog line at the bottom there is a section with a dog in it and it has the brown/orange button

  9. Hailey says:

    how in the world are you suppost to pass 25!? i havent been able to do it for a week!

  10. Hayli says:

    Level 18 for Mr Spike Set Me Free how do i get the brown button? PLEASE HELP ME RIGHT AWAY

    • Hayli says:

      never mind i beat the game

    • no name says:

      Mr. spike set me free is simply waiting for the hedgehog to go over the button, once you move it will start moving also,go over the green gates and mow that part and so on, the arrows make you go that way and that way only. Once you hit the orange/brown button the gate goes down on the right side. Hope that helped!!!

  11. katy says:

    helppppp!!!!!!!!! level 16, how do I get past the bottom?!?!?

    • no name says:

      The gasoline makes you not dye from the dogs and hedgehogs but it doesnt last for a while,is that what you need help on?The rest is pretty easy, im on level 36…
      Hope that helped youu :)

  12. Karen says:

    How do you pads level 27

  13. Tahirah says:

    Help can’t pass mr spike set me free please someone help

  14. anita says:

    i been trying 2 beat level 18 “mr spike set me free” w/ 3stars 110points forEVER!!!! what is the trick i can only get 2 stars?

    • Robert says:

      I have no idea. I have got 3 stars on every level except it. Can only get 109 points no matter what I try.

      • no name says:

        Have you beat confusing labyrinth?, i need help!!

      • Baby cakes says:

        Mr spike set me free is driving me crazy. I have 3 stars on every level exept 18 and i can only score 119 however i do it, does anyone know how to get 110. Help please.

  15. Sara says:

    Yeah I can only get 108 on mr spike set me free and lvl 27 locked labyrinth is soooo fun how is it hard????

  16. Sara says:

    OMG I just beat mr spike set me free thank god!

    • Karen says:

      Any help with mr spike set me free? I’ve tried
      everything and the most I can get is 108

    • Shelby Lynn says:

      i can only get 109, help please!! thanks

      • no name says:

        Mr. spike set me free is simply waiting for the hedgehog to go over the button, once you move it will start moving also,go over the green gates and mow that part and so on, the arrows make you go that way and that way only. Once you hit the orange/brown button the gate goes down on the right side. If you are just wondering how to get past the score 109 that was no help…Why does the score matter???

  17. Rachel :D says:

    I need help on level 36!!!! Confusing labyrinth is wat it’s called. I need to know the correct pattern!! Thx!! :)

    • Deannnnnnnnnnnnnnnna :) says:

      Yea… I cant get past it either its making me so mad ive tried for about a week now and i cant get the right pattern…

      • Justin Bieber says:

        Omg! Can’t beat this level 36 confusin labyrinth. What is the pattern??????

      • Justin Bieber says:

        I beat it!!!!!!!!! It was easy!!!!!

      • Natalie says:

        how did you beat it ?

      • Gucci says:


      • lindsay says:

        arghhhh! i can’t beat level 36 either.. ive been on it forever.. anyone figure it out yet??/

      • HELPFUL says:

        ok when the screen comes up the first thing you do is go down to the very bottom..then you take a right all the way to the end side then the arrows on the right side will guide you. Your mower (Charlie) will finish the course of arrows in the second arrow under the pool.Once you are about to hit the next arrow go back down to the very bottom and go left. I hope this helps!

    • no name says:

      Pleasee tell meeee!!! I need the pattern, how was it EASYY, uh!!! Pleeasee pleassee helppp! I’m addicted to this game and I need to knowww:(

    • abbagailrose11 says:

      You need to go down. Then go the left. And it will go through it for you and take you back down then go to the right.. So basically you go down,left,then after it takes you through all the arrows of right

  18. Sundaylawnlover says:

    How do u get things from trees

  19. unknown says:

    i cant pass the level 36, confusing labyrinth…
    any help?!

  20. byrd says:

    how do u get past level 27 i cant figure out how to get the brown columns down is it a timing thing or something someone let me know

  21. ainsley macniven says:

    Can someone please help me pass level 36- locked labyrinth? :\

  22. Natalie says:

    how do you beat level 36. “confusing labyrinth” is what its called. someone please help me

  23. Shawna says:


  24. Sara says:

    Guys I’ll just tell you on mrspike set me free, go to your right wait till the hedgehog hits the button then go down then do the rest urself figure out hope it kinda helped

  25. beckett21 says:

    for mr spike set me free u go right then down then go around the rocks folowng the hedge hog path than back through where u started and clear the top then back around he hedgehog rock to the top part with the yellow button then over to the right side and do the loop at the top first then go over to the far corner of the second hedgehog the do an action like this:
    up-left–up-left(quickly)-up-right-back left and down
    if that makes sense u go to the corner then wait for the hegehog to go by then go over and to th left quickly then around to the top corner. this probably mke no sense

  26. Shannonnnn says:

    I NEED help with level 36 PLEASEE help its driving me crazyy omggg thankss :)

  27. Catheee says:

    Hey cant find the brown button in level 27. Someone help me please :)

  28. Megan c says:

    Just did it when you have got to the red open gates there is a bush missing on the left and you can get it all done then good luck

  29. aidan :D says:

    to get past level 27 you go down the longer path with the red gate blocking it when u get to the rocks look to your left you will c tht one of the bushes r missing then u can go down it and unclock the other gates hope this helped! :)

  30. no name says:

    Helpppp! I need help on confusing labyrinth level 36!!! It’s so friggin hardddd:(

  31. says:

    heyyy :) could you please help me on the continuous cut?? it’s really bugging me and it’s the only one i have that’s only two stars :( please help :)

  32. ConfusedLABYRINTH says:

    Heeyy I really need help with ‘Confusing Labyrinth’ I’ve tried so hard to complete all the levels and now im just totally stuck, if anyone know’s how to complete it please leave a comment, it would be EXTREMELY helpful !!

  33. SNSD luvA says:

    PLZ HELP ME WITH LEVEL 37!!!!!!!!!

  34. Allie says:

    To complete level 36 (Confusing Labyrinth):

    It took me forever and no one gave answers but now that I figured it out I hope you all pass! <3

    • lindsay says:

      Allie!!!!! You my dear ROCK!!!! You are right, no one left comments how to do it. you are the best!!!!! thank you so much… easy once done. LOL.

  35. Sarah says:

    Can someone please help me pass level 25 Gated community !!

  36. Mozartgirl says:

    I know it’s easy but I can not for the life of me get all 3 stars in level 2 “in one go” any ideas?

  37. jackie says:

    im really stuck on challenge 36 and its so hard for me it just keeps telling me to find a better way to get through!!! please help me!! im so stuck and i really want to be able to say that i beat this game!!

    • Spongebob says:

      Hi jackie I JUST figured it out no one helped me but I’m going to help you :P well were your character starts go move it to the bottom of the course and turn left at the bottom arrow then when it comes out from the path go down to the bottom again and take the right BOTTOM arrow the it says you have qualified good luck :)

  38. Danielle says:

    Just passed all levels with three stars!! yay me :) if u need help let me know i would love to help u out!!

    • Alyssabrowning says:

      How do you pass “let me free mr spike”!!!! I can’t get past 109 and I’m getting mad!!! Plzz help!!!

    • Ricky Bobby says:

      How do I get both of the gates open at the same time on level 25 Gated Community? Please hurry need to know:)

    • guest says:

      How do you beat keven 18 Mr spike set me free. I can only get 109

  39. amina says:

    i love this game so so much:)

  40. cass says:

    for 36; confusing labyrinth, you go down
    first, turn left all the way at the bottom, then go all the way down again
    then turn right and you win!

  41. Stacee says:

    How do you pass level 2 “In One Go”? Like how to get all three stars? Walkthrough please?

  42. Kierstyn says:

    How do you get all 3 stars on level 5?

  43. Viviana says:

    Can someone please help me on level 37 are you in line?

    I’ve been at it for a while now and I just need help please !!!

  44. Samanth says:

    I have been trying to beat level 25 for like 3 days !?? Someone help driving me crazzyyy

  45. Pretty pink says:

    How do you get passed the hedgehogs in level 37?!?! It’s soooo hard! Please help!

  46. Madi says:

    How do you complete 35 the confusing laberyth I have done it before like a tear ago???:|

  47. Gabby says:

    How do you pass level 25?! So stuck can’t get both gates open without shutting the others?! ASAP!

  48. Kristin says:

    how do you get passed level 40 ? i haves been stuck on it for days ! omg ! i need to figure it out , lol ..

  49. hate it says:

    hate the game. hate it. have played too much. god it sucks. please god set me free

  50. Shana says:

    I can’t get 3 stars in level 46 for the life of me…why hasn’t anyone creted walkthroughs for this game yet???