StoneAgeGames – Abandoned Lab

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Abandoned Lab is another Room Escape game from StoneAgeGames (Bond Escape 2,Old Gold Mine, Cave Labyrinth, White and Black Room, Leprechaun’s Gold and many more). “You are trapped in an very scary abandoned lab, get out!. Not for the faint of heart. “ Have fun!

Abandoned Lab video walkthrough!

By Eric

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20 Comments to StoneAgeGames – Abandoned Lab

  1. Tom says:

    So far, I am finding navigation a little tricky to understand. Have found

    Anybody else playing?

  2. Tom says:

    One step further Show

  3. Tom says:

    AH! Show


    • Tom says:

      ignore that last comment!!!! I am being stupid – another door had opened and it is not the same room

  4. Tom says:

    In the meantime have Show

    Bit stuck now.

  5. Tom says:

    Very confused now.


  6. poil says:

    Same point. Don’t know what to do next.
    It’s not a pixel hunting game but there is no dialog box so I just click everywhere hoping it will do something.

    My container is full of water.
    Don’t know what to do with the plant, the medicine and the syringe

    • Tom says:

      On the screen with the red funnel Show

  7. Tom says:

    out – worth persevering, but odd nevertheless

  8. jackivee says:

    Omigosh, I can’t stand the green flash every 30 seconds!

  9. jackivee says:

    Grrr! I can’t read the numbers. Terrible navigation in this one.

  10. jackivee says:

    The code must change, mine was Show

  11. jackivee says:

    Use the blue fluid in the syringe Show

    And “You Win!” Very weird.

  12. Anwynn says:

    That ending was so dumb.