Unfair Note

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Unfair NoteUnfair NoteUnfair Note is a new intriguing Japanese Room Escape game from Noaki Nakashima, the creator of the Dona Room series. The artwork is all in black and white and the game is unfortunately all in Japanese.

You find yourself handcuffed in back of a bus (Who knows why you’re here today?), and your first task is to break the code to get your handcuffs off!

After that, your best bet is probably to explore the bus! It’s amazing to see what you can find in an empty bus! Look everywhere closely, collect the items and use them to escape!

Note: if you don’t like pixel hunting, this game is not for you.

Have fun!

Update: walkthrough in comment #75 (thanks Sus!) 

By Eric

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103 Comments to Unfair Note

  1. rmcr8 says:

    did u put cd in computer on the side?

  2. Sus says:

    yes… but until i have the codes i don’t think it’ll do anything

  3. rmcr8 says:

    i give up, gotta run gl and have fun

  4. rg says:

    Now I need bullets for my gak.

  5. GolemOO says:

    Some translations for numbers

  6. Sus says:

    where did you get it?

  7. GolemOO says:


  8. GolemOO says:

    Translation, as I said.

  9. rg says:

    The barrle in back of bus and the body in the seat behind the driver. The chamber is empty so I guess I need bullets now.

  10. Sus says:

    got bullets

  11. Sus says:

    and into pc
    [spoiler] username = time of first text (ie for me 14:50
    password = in barrel of gun

  12. Sus says:



  13. Sus says:

    wooohooo i’m out

  14. Sus says:



  15. Da Revolver says:

    this is what I got from tiffanys message.
    Oi I am Brazil! English that was translated however, as for desdulpe for alguem can it gives help? 《subject no》I do not know whether it is good if I make what

    I have no idea what that means.

    I got the code for the gun. Im going to assume its password for the login screen but whats the users name.
    I tried Brazil, alguem, desdulpe and nothing.

  16. RPM says:

    look at the time for the first text, that might help

  17. Da Revolver says:

    whats the username?

  18. RPM says:

    open the cell phone and look at the time for the first text message, try it!

  19. Da Revolver says:

    nm I finally got it and beat it. Tx

  20. stefffffff says:

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii need a walkthough and fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. yamon says:

    How do you put the CD in the laptop?

  22. Sus says:

    click on right side of laptop and find the cd drawer

  23. yamon says:

    Just missed it. Thanks Sus.

  24. Sus says:

    you’re very welcome…good luck

  25. Eric says:

    Unfair Note walkthrough (originaly posted by Sus and updated – thanks Sus!)


  26. nicolette says:

    what is the code for the hand cluff at 8:33

  27. Gman says:

    I know it’s a free game but at least consistency in the dang thing would be nice…one time the phone works next time it won’t and yes i know it’s got different codes each game. i don’t know how you people turn the comp to open the drawer for the cd only time i got the stupid cd in i just added it and when the cpu went on it was listed there

  28. sarah says:

    ive clicked everywhere for the 3rd gun piece behind the drivers seat cant find it HELP!

  29. Princess says:

    Would be good to have it in english or something too

  30. Sandy says:

    I click any place aroung the seat of F2, but I can’t find the KEY. Anybody help me?

  31. Sandy says:

    I found the KEY.
    Just stand near the Driver seat and face to the corridor and click the seat just behind the Driver seat, that you can get the KEY.

  32. Moebius says:

    Very annoying game

  33. Tim says:

    Sandy I found it where you said, but isn’t that seat E-1 and not F-2?

  34. John Witherspoon says:

    i got 67 points. i found a file??? on the back of the third seat behind the driver seat. not idea what it said, but it gave me 10 points. whats the poing of the wheel you make from the stick and the cd and ring?

  35. Natalee says:

    i cant find the gun piece behind the drivers seat and also when i turn left it isnt the drivers seat

  36. Katie says:

    I cant figure out how to get out of the handcuffs. i started at 3:04

  37. Katie says:

    nvm…. i screwed around long enough and i figured it out by just guessing!!!

  38. mastumaty says:

    on the screen of the c3 seat, press tab many times to see a yellow mark.press it and you’ll get 2 unfair points!

  39. christen says:

    does not work anymore does anyone have a new link???

  40. Ann says:

    Anyone know how to get the stick from C3? I’ve click everywhere and I can’t find it!! Please help!!

  41. Ann says:

    Nevermind…I found it somehow.

  42. Sam says:

    I dont understand how do i get of the handcuffs?

  43. Sam says:

    i dont understand i live in sweden does it work anyway with the time and so

  44. TAYLOR says:

    my handcuff code was 0004?

  45. Kaitlyn says:

    how do u figure out the handcuffs??? i have tried everything and i cant get out!! HELP PLEASE!!

  46. Kaitlyn says:

    never nimd i got out!!!YAY ME!!!!!

  47. gone to hell says:

    i cant speak that language

  48. naude says:

    help cant get jhandcuff lock

  49. X says:

    I thought this was a pop-up window

  50. somebody says:

    How do you find the damn password for the computer?