Sift Heads World – Act 1 – Bloody Newcomer

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Vinnie, the main character of the popular stick figure Sift Heads series created by Pyrozen now officially teamed up with Kiro and the delicious Shorty.

“As Vinnie and Kiro hide out in their new headquarters Shorty signals the presence of the Italian Mafia. Ever since Vinnie cleared the street of Chicago many years back, thing haven’t been so good for this gang and desperately attempt to surface again.

Vinnie and his band of assassins have no intentions of letting this happen and will go directly to the source of the problem to put a stop to it; Palermo!”

Have fun!

Sift Heads World – Act 1 – Bloody Newcomer video walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

Warning: this game contains gore and violence and is rated 17+!

By Eric

current rating 4.52


8 Comments to Sift Heads World – Act 1 – Bloody Newcomer

  1. Prid says:

    VERY FUN GAME, indeed :D

    PLAYLIST for: Video Walkthrough, Secondary Missions and Original SoundTrack

    Hope you enjoy, and please subscribe!

  2. Rafael says:

    When the Black Fox call me?

    • Interesting says:

      When you will finish all the previous missions. Maybe you need also to return to the Safe House.

    • Prid says:

      You must have completed these missions:

      – The Exterminator (First mission in Italian Mafia HQ)
      – Rolling Info (The drag race mission)
      – Brutal Response (Mission where you beat up a guy to find info about Black Fox)
      – Useless Run (Mission where you enter the Bar and catch Black Fox guy)

      Once all of them are accomplished, just move around the city – go from one place to another for a few seconds (1-2 minutes), and Mr. Black Fox will automatically call you ;)

  3. KiroManiac says:

    after i find black fox in the slum building to the north, HE WONT CALL!!! do i have to do anything special first???

    • qwertykiller says:

      maybe you should return to the safehouse

      if he still doesn’t call, maybe… should redo the whole act 1.

      that’s what i did.

  4. ????? says:

    In sift heads act 1 there is a glitch…..

    First make an account then after you do not get the call about Alonzo…..

    Make a new account with the same username and password and choose the same person then POOOFFFF you start with the same amount of money and the same weapons

  5. thomas says:

    dose shorty break up with vinne im just woundring because my computer kept fresing up at the end