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Escaper is the latest Room Escape game released at Gotmail, where you can play all IDAC’s games (The Life, Dot Room, Scratch, Capsule, Red House, Eco Room, Pick Up, Talking Sheep, Prank, The Cage, Ticket to name a few)!

For an unknown reason, you find yourself locked in an unknown place. Look around for useful items and eventually find a way to become an “Escaper”! In Japanese only.

You must register at to play the game (if you are not already a member of Gotmail). If you don’t want to register, enter email address [email protected] with password pwdgotmail!

Have fun!

Gotmail – Escaper video walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 3.16


72 Comments to Gotmail – Escaper

  1. NoviceG says:

    What a shame – I’ve got to take my daughter to the doctors now. I’ll play when I get back and see if you’ve all solved it for me. ;)

  2. Tom says:

    going in! anyone else out there?

  3. Tom says:

    so far have Show

    have Show

    now a bit stuck….

  4. Tom says:

    found Show

  5. calluda says:

    hi, where´s the wooden container?

  6. Tom says:

    have got a bit further Show

  7. bert says:

    got a bit further Show

  8. bert says:

    a bit more Show

  9. NoviceG says:

    Back now and going in … let’s see if I can catch up.

  10. bert says:

    Tom where you fond a gold disk?

  11. NoviceG says:

    Not doing too well – I have Show

    I can combine Show

    I was able to zoom in on Show

  12. Tom says:

    more progress Show

    also discovered Show

  13. saladdd says:

    how to charge the battery of the lighter?
    Ive found the socket behind the sofa but I dunno how to charge it

    • Tom says:

      have you found the charger? Show

      • saladdd says:

        I still cant figure it out..
        are there any other objects needed to open the cupboard?
        it seems that key is needed to open the cupboard..
        so far I only had a plier,a blade,a large golden plate, a torch (not yet charged),a detector and something like a cup

  14. bert says:

    more progress Show

  15. NoviceG says:

    Catching up now… have Show

    After much pixel hunting I relocated the Show

  16. Tom says:

    have removed Show

  17. bert says:

    plug Show

  18. NoviceG says:

    In need of help here guys! Tom – where on the sofa Show

    Where did you find Show

    Also, Bert, you say you turned Show

    • bert says:

      cut sofa Show

      find buld Show

      turn Show

  19. Tom says:

    now totally stuck

    • Ben says:

      GPS need Show

  20. NoviceG says:

    Also, are you sure you drunk Show

    I burnt mine Show

  21. NoviceG says:

    got Show

    it’s Show

  22. bert says:

    where you find the lighter?

  23. bert says:

    and the coaster?

  24. NoviceG says:

    Oh dear, I may have to give up.

    Sofa – I’ve tried Show

    Turning thing – I’ve got the clue from Show

    Totalmente frustrada.

    • bert says:

      sofa Show

      bulb Show

  25. NoviceG says:

    Hah! Got the turn. I had seen and understood the code but hadn’t zoomed in completely to unblock that part of the game.
    Is there summut similar with the Show

    Have you found anything Show

  26. NoviceG says:

    Yey! I’ve Show

    Maybe the order was important.

  27. NoviceG says:

    Ok… I now have Show

  28. NoviceG says:

    Finally got my gadget charged. Now to make sense of it.
    Anyone there or have you both drunk too much rum and fallen off the sofa?

  29. bert says:

    Now Show

  30. saladdd says:

    where is the wooden container??

  31. NoviceG says:

    And out at last. Show

  32. bert says:

    Novie Which is the Show

  33. NoviceG says:

    Exit password hints:
    1)Use Show

    2)What Show

    3)There’s also Show

    4)The shapes Show

    5)The middle Show

    6)Enter Show

    Exit code is: Show

    • saladdd says:

      for the exit code
      I understand the first two codes but where u could find the hint for notori?
      I type the password directly but I cant get out
      where is the hole on the wall?

  34. NoviceG says:

    Saladdd – look Show

  35. Tom says:

    trust NoviceG to come up with the correct code – thanks as usual – was totally stuck on that bit

  36. MiniTaurus says:

    tricky lighter *_*

  37. axis says:

    Great game…wish the pixel hunting was just a little less. Gets annoying

  38. riv says:

    Where are the pliers people keep talking about?

  39. jackivee says:

    Ok, there are a lot of quirky things in this game; everything has an order and there are many prerequisites to some of the hints above.

    For example, you cannot climb the couch to reach the lighter until Show

    However, Show

    Also, you cannot use the hint from the bulb until Show

    And that is only after you have actually Show

    which you cannot do until Show

  40. Josie0306 says:

    i have put the bulb into the lamp and turned it on. now i cannot take the bulb back to read the password…. HELP!!!

  41. chengkh says:

    How to know Show

  42. saladdd says:

    is there any words appeared on the rum glass?
    I still cant figure out wt is ‘notori’

  43. saladdd says:

    ya.I’ve just figured out
    finally out! difficult.

  44. chengkh says:

    I forgot to get the thing under the lamp

  45. odji wayang says:

    nice game.