Obama Guantanamo Escape

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Obama Guantanamo Escape is a new adventure game from inkagames.

“Wicked Bush set a trap to Obama and has shut him in Guantánamo Prison. Using a disguise Bush is impersonating Obama as the president of the EEUU to bring chaos to the world.

Help Obama escape from Guantanamo and stop Bush evil plans.”

Have fun!

Obama Guantanamo Escape walkthrough
(thanks monte!)
Obama Guantanamo Escape video walkthrough!

By Eric

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92 Comments to Obama Guantanamo Escape

  1. NoviceG says:

    I don’t usually like these games but I’ll give it a go as it’s just appeared here.

  2. Apanathi says:

    Hmm… I’m stuck after giving rambo the baseball … got many things: Show

    what’s next to do???

    • hehe says:

      were can i find the chocolate

    • Al£X says:

      Here is the complete walkthrough


  3. dylan says:

    apan Show

    if you still confused Show

  4. NoviceG says:

    I can’t get past the force field.

    • jameelah says:

      the force field goes 3 times, then a short pause, then once with a long pause. walk after it goes once… then during that long pause, walk past

  5. NoviceG says:

    spoke too soon! Apanathi – please use spoilers – some us go at snail pace!

  6. dylan says:

    i got to the mines and gave up D:

  7. NoviceG says:

    oh oh! my game appears to have frozen… restarting.

  8. Apanathi says:

    Oops… sorry :( I didn’t see the spoiler option .. I beg your pardon :)

    Now I got

    again help :D

    • veronica says:

      Well, go into Show

      • bob says:

        were is the spray?

      • Al£X says:

        complete walkthrough


  9. NoviceG says:

    I’m still lagging behind. I have Show

    I can’t use Show

    How do I get the Show

    or Show

    • veronica says:


    • yasmin says:

      use the light saber and kill the terminator

    • olivia says:

      You get the tweezers and pull out the golden tooth then you call for the parrot and give him back John Sparrow.

  10. NoviceG says:

    Also have Show

  11. NoviceG says:

    ah, you have to Show

    I now have Show

    Let’s see what I can do now.

  12. NoviceG says:

    Nearly there I think.

    Just trying to pass the Show

  13. NoviceG says:

    out now – what big feet Obama has!

  14. me says:

    Novice, how do you Show


  15. Lizzy says:

    Ok, clearly I’m missing something! Can someone please help me get Obama untied? Have the Show

    but cant seem to get anything else to happen.

  16. monte says:

    anyone need help. i am out. pretty easy game this time

  17. monte says:


    • channel says:

      thanx for the walkthrough!

    • stuart1`990 says:

      how do u use the tweezers on the skeletons head?

      • Rygarb says:


        It is the skeleton head in your inventory, not the skeleton in the room. You have to zoom in on it, then use the tweezers to remove the gold tooth.

    • the guy who posted this comment says:

      were do i get the robot?

    • Tazinijif says:

      When I played just a moment ago I had to refuel the helicopter so walkthrough for this part:


  18. Anny says:

    I can not use the scissors to cut the gold!how?

  19. goldie says:

    Done, thnx all.

  20. matt says:

    cool thanks

  21. sandra says:

    i dont know whats the code for the door :(

  22. keith says:

    how to get the tweezers?

  23. connor says:

    the code for the door Show

  24. connor says:

    to get the gold you need to get Show

  25. sid says:

    how do i get the chocolate?

    • Edlyn says:

      Go to the WC and look in the pocket of the dead guy CAREFULLY and then click on the chocolate bar when you see it. Hope I Helped!

  26. unkown says:


  27. oscart says:

    ei i am playing spanish version, and i dont know how to make the helicopter fly, i said that i need full, and fidel has full, but he said that i have to get out of the dead and when i get near the dead i die, wat i have to do ??? can somebody help me

    • unknown says:

      use ur spider glove to steal the reapers syphce and the old man will give u fuel

  28. Tweety says:

    Does not work for me. I meet Fidel and he is willing to give me fuel for the chopper if I get rid of Grim Reaper. I don’t know how. :(

    • Mauro says:

      if you are stuck at the fuel part read:

  29. Connor says:

    what do I do with the clock and the tanks?

  30. kayla says:

    i have no clue what to do now. i got the baseball. thats as far as ive gotten

  31. gator01 says:

    how do i use the baseball

    • unknown says:

      grab the baseball and while still holding on to the baseball click the honey to

  32. veronica says:

    How you get fuel? Instead of me getting out in chopper I got to get rid of death there before me get to leave!

  33. bryan says:

    Before you get the fuel , you must recombine the web and spider glue!
    then use to the death deity ‘s stick

  34. Josh says:

    How do I get the lightsaber to work?

  35. randomman says:


  36. bob says:

    i can get down off the wall help me piz

  37. tiffany says:

    how to i get obama untied HELP ME!!!

  38. max says:

    what is the passcode

  39. joshua says:

    how do you get out of the 2 guards outside the prison you know the pink guys.

  40. Pip says:

    i’m outside and i can’t go back anymore and i don’t have web what i do??

  41. Clá says:

    I’m in the helicopter and i don’t have fuel but i’m out of web and i can’t go back what should i do

  42. Clá says:


  43. Al£X says:

    Here is the complete walkthrough(including the fuel problem)


  44. Briana says:

    Dude for some reason, the fuel problem didnt happen to me. i just came to the helicopter and left. how weird.

  45. serena says:

    how do i get the light saber down?

  46. serena says:

    i got it

  47. serena says:

    what do i do with the light saber? and also how do i kill the spider??

  48. Ranesia says:

    Where is the inventory?

  49. james says:

    how do you get oil

  50. maria says:

    how do i get rid of the reaper