Submachine 4

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Submachine 4Submachine 4Just received in my email box, from Mateusz Skutnik, the author of the famous Room Escape game Submachine series:

just wanted to let you know that there is a new chapter of the submachine available: Submachine 4: the Lab.

Submachine. The game in which with every puzzle solved, every chapter finished you fall deeper and deeper into mystery. Fourth chapter takes us to the heart of the submachine, the place where all questions will be finally answered. Or were finally answered. Once again it’s time to ask yourself – is it possible that you’re too late?”

Feel free to post your comments, and…

Have fun!

Note: complete walkthrough in comment #1!

Play Submachine 5 (walkthrough available) here!

By Eric

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182 Comments to Submachine 4

  1. Ichigo says:

    in the first submachine, there was those tiles you had to find, you need to get those again need keep going down until you come to a dog, and then there is no lower level, in the top left corner (i Think) you stick te tiles in. good luck everybody!

  2. CoryCory says:

    there are bars or a gate on the right of the lab. (001) how do I open it?

  3. Kist Miass says:

    Anyone know why in the lab (001) there are bars to the right of the teleporter? When you click them you see an open door behind them. Is it possible to get to the door?

    ^ Quote by J

    Hey guys he’s right what IS behind that door?

  4. Otocyon says:

    Really nice time. Thanks. The ambient is especially good!

  5. Ryan says:

    Errmm,Anyone knows what to do at the bunsen burner part???

  6. Naio says:

    I finished the game, so now I’m in that bonusroom. In the end, there is a locked waterpipe, but I don’t have the key. Help?

  7. Ryan says:

    (I finally got past the bunsen burner part,i was missing the rubber tube (-_-)Anyway,does anyone know if there is really 21 secrets?Cause i looked everywhere and only got 20/21 secrets(Including the one in the bonus room).

  8. Ryan says:

    Lol the coordinates to the lab is 001.

  9. Ryan says:

    :P,there REALLY was 22 secrets after all…..but why do i feel like there is another secret???

  10. ros says:

    i know this is a really blonde question but how do you open the door

  11. katie says:


  12. alterknight_07 says:

    the secret is so gay i thought it was going to be something cool its just a bunch of stupid pictures

  13. Jy says:


  14. Rp says:

    This game was great!

  15. Steven says:

    Great game, liked playing it but didnt like the reward too much(from secrets)

  16. joe says:

    katie, use the chimneybrush on the chimney… not a door, a key will fall

  17. Jen says:

    omg please help im in the ancient room i got the Show

  18. Eskimo Fluff says:

    can’t find last secret grrr……

  19. rainyday monkey says:

    i cant find the arm help me!!!!!!!

  20. jomama says:

    help exactly what part of the rocl below the horse thingy in ancient am I supposed to hit with the hammer ive tried everything

  21. Supra says:

    More… Show

  22. Anonymous says:

    where do i set the orb on? i clicked everywhere.. i cant find it please help

  23. star laughter says:

    im stuck and im right in the beggining…Show

    any tricks?

  24. matt says:

    Anyone no where the gas tap is, i av looked everywhere but cant find it

  25. Jeslynn says:

    ?? Question ??

    i’m at the start room the room where u first started
    what key do u use to get to the other room at the left??

  26. Jeslynn says:

    i got 20 secrets,
    can anyone tell me all the locations of the secrets??`
    Chudson only wrote down 20 of them
    i think..

  27. haha says:

    That was a fun game.
    the special wasnt worht getting considering the amount of time to get the goddamn secrets.
    I missed the first 1 LOL!

  28. steven says:


  29. DungeonGrrl says:

    Maybe this is a stupid, but I’ve been trying to get the napthalene in the coat pocket in the first room and it doesn’t work. Is there a special trick to it?

  30. Philippe says:

    I made it through the game but didnt had the 21 secrets so I went back in the submachine. But didnt get the secret from the last chamber is there a way to go back there?

  31. bunnyboy767 says:

    ok im not joking but i found the 22 secrets but out of no where i find another 10!!!! i dont know if its a glitch or something ok i found the key to the door on the roof of the lab where you find the hammer!!!!! dont ask me how oh and there is a way to get passed the bars on the lab level next to the portal type this into the portal…….Show

  32. Lyna says:

    oh man i had to start all over again cause i forgot to fill the tester with water…. i went so far till the second tonb and i had to stop… is der any combination to the lab again?

  33. Hyperquine says:

    Where do you find the gas handle????*

    Wb soon please xx

  34. sam says:

    were is the screwdriver cant seem to find it?

  35. Dragon says:

    I can´t put the orb on the pedestal!!! Help!!!

  36. Mattio160 says:

    Ok people, don’t even bother getting those secrets, you might wanna know what it is and sure you can find out but ill tell you what it is… ok you see a picture of his cat, a very old type writer, some pipes and the view from his house(which is just another house over the road), but if u wanna know the worst thing……..hmmmm… should i tell you…………………….yeh i will save u all this time, all the photos are very bad quality and in black and white. ok so you know the secret, happy? its not exiting trust me

  37. catalizer says:

    i cant put the orb in its place (i don’t know wich pedestal is the right one) plse help!!

  38. Shauna says:

    Where the heck do I get the screwdriver?

  39. ChrisMD says:

    you can find a 22nd secret if you complete the game and go right , into the portal room. its in the corner, i havent found a use for it in the special bonus room, but if you do make a post

  40. Bescio says:

    I found 22 secrets,and I found the bonus in the very nice,why do you think it’s so bad?It’s a look on what inspired the creator,maybe a look on another world,an inside joke.Not understanding this means not have understood the deep sense of this game:the continuous re-call between the virtual and the phisycal world,both real, that speak each one to the other.

  41. darts421 says:

    when u have 3 tiles make all the switches down and go up till u get to the highest point and cut the rope its a ladder where u put the stone key and other thingy in the holes


  42. jean says:

    please help me!! I’m in the ancient room and can not find the roop to cut to get tile A. I tried cutting every thing. I see darts421 said but still having trouble

  43. Darcy says:

    what are the bonuses you get when you find all the balls?

  44. Ruben extreme says:

    the cordinates for the secret room…

  45. dkooL says:

    tx flam!now ive found the last secret!:)

  46. Nathalie says:

    I’ve found 22 secrets!
    Great game!

  47. daniel465 says:

    i cant get the last secret ball someone help me please

  48. charlies says:

    where is the rubber tube

  49. Suiryuudan says:

    Location of secrets














    If I missed out anything please don’t criticize me I’m not good at walkthroughs.

  50. Goukakyuu says:

    Here are the coordinates for all locations –
    Lab – Show

    Ancient Section – Show

    Looping Traps – Show

    Basement Section – Show

    Brick Room – Show

    Lighthouse Digouts – Show

    Tomb Trap – Show

    Another Tomb – Show

    Ship – Show

    Statue – Show

    Ending Room – Show

    Bonus Room – Show