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Alloy is the latest Room Escape game created by HILG, the author of Fancy Maze Case 1, U Sensor 2, G Sensor, N’s File, F.IN – The Next Day and many more games. Click the yellow button in the bottom left corner of the game window to switch between Japanese and English. Have fun!

Alloy video walkthrough!

By Eric

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52 Comments to HILG – Alloy

  1. NoviceG says:

    Loading as we speak. What’s happened today? Yesterday nothing and today between room escapes and adventure games… 4 in a row. I’m getting nothing useful done at all!

  2. NoviceG says:

    Stuck already – at 1071kb loaded – going to try other link!

  3. Em says:

    stuck at 934kb..

  4. dg says:

    Takes ages to load. So far got Show

    Also, if you zoom on Show

    No item seems to work on anything.

  5. Em says:

    alternativ link at the same site works

  6. NoviceG says:

    To use the Show

    You see Show

    Just another confusing piece of info at this stage.

  7. NoviceG says:

    The Show

  8. dg says:

    Power of posting: Show

    Don’t know what next…

  9. NoviceG says:

    Clue behind picture Show

    I’m going to see if I can line things up accordingly.

    • NoviceG says:

      Ummmm, lines up but doesn’t seem to do anything. Why do I feel like I’m chasing red herrings.

  10. NoviceG says:

    where did you get Show

  11. NoviceG says:

    duh! got it now.

  12. Em says:

    I´m stuck…

  13. NoviceG says:

    12 year old daughter required to get unstuck! Look at Show

  14. NoviceG says:

    I now have Show

    Anyone used the Show

    • dg says:


    • dg says:

      How did you use the Show

      • Savari says:

        Regarding the cabinet:

      • NoviceG says:

        For the photos Show

        Clue: Show

        Now look at Show

        Use clue from photo and Show

        Result: Show

        Enter this sequence on bathroom cupboard door.

      • NoviceG says:

        Once again daughter to the rescue. She’s just solved the coffee table grid.

        Not totally sure of the logic but Show

        Opens the Show

  15. dg says:

    Some more progress: Show

  16. dg says:

    Thanks, Savari and NoviceG! Any ideas about Show

  17. bb says:

    hope this comes in time.. as i`ve never submitted a post before, i don`t know how long till it goes online

    the wardrobe with the colour-code
    when u click on the safe, u see something on the left

  18. NoviceG says:

    5-hole card Show

  19. NoviceG says:

    I found a 3rd Show

    It’s in the Show

  20. NoviceG says:

    oh joy another Show

  21. NoviceG says:

    Grid on Show

    Fill in Show

  22. bb says:

    @ NoviceG

    grid on table

  23. bb says:

    oh, and grid on safe in wardrobe

  24. Scout88 says:

    So grid for safe is Show

  25. NoviceG says:

    Has anyone opened Show

    Have you used the Show

    I think Show

  26. bb says:

    once the vent is open:
    to open the box look at Show

    for the bottle

    • Sol says:

      OK. the vent is open. But what do you mean with the Show

  27. Scout88 says:

    Out! Very nice game! Wouldn’t have made it without all the helpful posts.

  28. bb says:

    yay! made it!

  29. NoviceG says:

    OUT!! And oh, my Show

  30. dg says:

    Solution to safe:

  31. Maria says:

    I feel so stupid, I can’t even find how to open the bathroom, can somebody please help me? :(

    • Scout88 says:

      In case you’re still looking. Use the blue key from the coffee table in the door on the right.

  32. saladdd says:

    Nice Game!

  33. saladdd says:

    Here are some important clues for all of u:


  34. goldie says:

    Game End, very nice game, thnxxxxxxx.

  35. Drowzee says:

    Where are those photos? I can’t get into the bathroom cupboard…

    • Drowzee says:

      Nevermind. Tried the obvious thing…

  36. jackivee says:

    Also, to free the flying robot, Show

  37. Tom says:

    Lovely game, but complicated! Thanks for all the hints, etc – I would never have got to the end without your help.

  38. aliceboy says:

    I’ve given up before I go find my REAL hammer and find something useful to do with it! Pretty simple and appealling game through most of it, but I got SO aggravated by the end that I really needed a walkthrough…and all there was was a video that doesn’t work. Goood night, Alloy!