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Loondon is a superb Point’n’Click adventure game created by flip-n-tale.

“You will be taken to a strange and far away world where you help Jonah ‘the hunch’ in his search for hapiness…”

Loondon is a pretty straightforward adventure that you can complete within a few minutes (in case you get stuck, the TAB is active).

Short, but beautifully done!

Have fun!

Loondon video walkthrough (in case you need it)!

By Eric

current rating 3.86


19 Comments to Loondon

  1. Scout88 says:

    Not very challenging, but the surreal graphics and storyline are worth a look.

  2. NoviceG says:

    Is there only one ending or was Show

    • WonderWorm says:

      I wondered the same thing. Also, didn’t I Show

  3. Grootmoeder says:

    Is this a fairy tale?
    Is this a game?
    Or the real world !
    What a world, poor man.

  4. gargarela says:

    o no!.. stuck with the clock-like mashine :( anyone help….

  5. Miss D says:

    Oh wait, I got it.


  6. GamerJoe says:

    It was amazing… Kind of… I really did like it, but I was looking for a puzzle like game. This could have just as easily been a video.

  7. Gissa says:

    Such a sad story :( But lovely.

  8. Emia says:

    i couldn’t take my eyes away from the screen while the entire game! It’s perfectly done, too sad, but wonderful. I liked it, very much.

  9. alex says:

    how the HELL do u get the clock machine thing?!?!!

  10. George says:


    Hint one

    Hint two

    Hint three

    Hint four

  11. tintin says:

    A lovely looking animation, but it is not a point and click game. There is no game play and only one puzzle in the whole game. Disappointing as it could have been so much more.

  12. Kara says:

    It’s a reference to an epic t.v series called Doctor Who you should try it.

  13. Nicholas Emmanuel Kara says:

    wow, very sad game ever T_T