Ugly Americans – Citizen Ugly

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Ugly Americans – Citizen Ugly is a new Point’n’Click adventure game created by Zeebarf (Small Favor, the Several Journeys of Reemus), and Steve Castro for Comedy Central. “Help the zombies, robots and vampires of New York keep their jobs and stay out of trouble.” Have fun!

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Ugly Americans – Citizen Ugly video walkthrough!

By Eric

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67 Comments to Ugly Americans – Citizen Ugly

  1. Andxeo says:

    Game finished !

    A bit difficult but funny after all !

    Clue : Show

  2. NoviceG says:

    Anyone able to offer me help?

    I’m stuck with Show

    I’ve only completed cases Show

    and was hoping I’d get something useful from the second one.

    I’m looking for Show

    amongst other things.

  3. NoviceG says:

    made a bit more progress – have revisited the Show

  4. NoviceG says:

    cases 1-7 complete. Now stuck (temporarily?) with Show

    . Anyone out there?

    • evertonian says:

      i’ve done 1,2,3, and 6. How did you get the ball rolling for 4,5 and 7? i’m stuck with garlic soup and B blood.

      • Anna Toke says:

        go to the blood bank and give the kid the garlic cookie then go in and grab the blood a bag and then mix them go to hell and he falls asleep

      • anon says:

        go to the orphanage and pick up theShow

        then take him to the pro centre. but then go back to the blood bank and click on the door and get the Show

    • someone says:

      go and give your coupon to worm then go back to focus room and give him burrito

  5. NoviceG says:

    Power of posting – I’ve now completed the game.

  6. monte says:

    i am. i have completed many, but it is mainly from jumping around, but this is a great games…

  7. Jodie says:

    I’m playing but I’ve not got as far as you, I’m stuck

  8. monte says:

    out. pretty cool game….

  9. Jak says:

    Game won’t load for me. All it shows in a blank square.

  10. Eva says:

    I’m stuck with the Show

  11. Jodie says:

    Does anyone know how to find the caterpillar man?

  12. anonomys says:

    can anyone post a walkthrough or some hints? i am stuck

  13. emi says:

    hey, i have no idea how to help the coffee guy, anyone here to help me please???

    • alyssa says:


  14. BoomBoxer says:

    Combinations i can remember :

    This game is mostly on clicking around.

    Things to use that i can remember :

  15. Josh says:

    Can someone tell me how to get at the burritos at the end of the hall?

    • Onano says:

      When you solve the Show

  16. Jenny says:

    Uhh…little help? I’m at the Show

  17. someone says:

    how do you finish tylers case i have eyes and everything but what do i need to insert the eyes

  18. Bill says:

    where do you find the cookie?

  19. jai says:

    how do i scare the chicken out of the sweat shop???????

    • Nate says:

      get squids papers, then car batt from the peir
      hook car battery up to the moon lamp in the sweat shop

    • krazytess says:

      you scare the chicken by Show

    • krazytess says:

      I’m sorry you get the Show

  20. krazytess says:

    Thank you guys all for ur tips, they helped me when I got stuck, I finished that game! one of two in my entire life i’ve “beaten.” have a good night all

  21. modern0artemis says:

    hey i need some help finding the dam coupon!!!!
    any info i would be uber grateful

  22. modern0artemis says:

    hey i finally beat the game it only took me like two hours but it was fun

  23. Brooke says:

    Where do you get the Prolonged Utensil?

  24. Gamer14 says:

    I can’t figure out how to get the caterpillar a burrito, any help ?

  25. tattooed pin up chick says:

    im stuck in the very first room with a soccer ball and no way out of thesehand cuffs i used the stocking and the gum to get it that was kinda useless please help

    • Ryan says:

      combine the gum with the scarf and use that on the ball. then throw the ball at the brains

  26. Ryan says:

    How do you get the squid papers from the girl.

  27. Ryan says:

    The worm wont take the burrito and hes in counseling what do i do

  28. Maddy says:

    What do I use to cover the guy’s hooks at the pool?

  29. Sammyyo says:

    ok so what am i supposed to do next all i have is werewolve hair

  30. rachel says:

    where do you get the corks and cafinated formalhyde

  31. rachel says:

    what do you give the goth kid
    to eat

  32. rachel says:

    how do you get the car battery

  33. tia says:

    u get the car battery from Dwayne Reede its in front of the squid, its not that hard people. :P

  34. Someone Somewhere says:

    Where is the worm??

  35. steven j says:

    y wont the cattapillar take the burritto

  36. C. says:

    Where do you get the cork?

  37. lillian says:

    ah! how do i get the change to buy a burrito?! im stuck there. please help:p

  38. alvin says:

    where is the garlic soup?

  39. Aarsh Khare says:

    what to do with werewolf hair