Plastic Beach

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Gorillaz, the famous English virtual band, will release a new album on March 9, Plastic Beach.

To help promote the release of Plastic Beach, they have already put online an eponymous point’n’click adventure game, set on “a post-apocalyptic beach and loaded with crude humor, allusions to Fantasy Island, ambient dub sounds, and Gorillaz’ own special brand of cyberpunk sprinkled over every pixel.

The action is controlled by an iPhone-looking widget at the bottom of the screen referred to as the ‘GOD’ device.”

Have fun!

By Eric

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215 Comments to Plastic Beach

  1. Mesmay says:

    Oh yeah, and what do I do with the mystery scrap paper?

    • StrawberryTee says:

      When you unlock Murdocs secret room, you have to give it to him to help him complete his book.

  2. kaitlyn says:

    i’m starting to get worried about mordoc so how do you start the next mission two on gorillaz game plastic beach some one please help me

  3. kaitlyn says:

    it sounds werid i know but do u know mordoc named the band gorillaz because he wanted to swing tree to tree nacked like gorillas

  4. kaitlyn says:


  5. bob says:

    how to play plastic beach fishing

  6. Ginger says:

    What do you do after you let Murdoc out?

  7. emily says:

    Did the everlast only come for that one day?

  8. roooooo says:

    how to i get the stupid bird to spit out the spanner

    • bewwy says:

      dunno if you figured it out yet but in case you havent you get spam from the middle drawer in the desk in the study and you lure the red fish at the far right of the study with it. when you have the fish use it on the pelican and toss it in his mouth. he should spit it up.

  9. leon says:

    what do you do after you see the man with the murdoc mask on

    • Mewtow4590 says:

      Im still trying to find out how to begin Mission 3 and i hope its either 2-D or Kurt in the murdoc mask and not the streaker/clown from Celebrity Takedown…….

  10. kaye says:

    Does anyone know where the step is located to get to the balcony i dont know where it is and i really need it!!!

  11. sarafrancesca says:

    what do you do after you see the man with the murdoc mask on??

  12. Almendra says:

    I need help finding the shiny gold reel… I have no idea how to get it and all that the murdoc imposter gave me was the key to the light house -_- Help?!

    • laaw says:

      the shiny gold reel >it’s on big rick
      and put the shiny gold reel on the top of light house
      *my English is not good ,I hope this reply can help you=>

  13. Kelsie says:

    ok so the lift never filled with water will it still do it at some point?
    how do i play the fishing game i dont understand it
    wheres the missing step
    how do i unlock the rest of the missions
    where are the pages to the book

    i need heeeeelp lol

  14. blankslate says:

    The post man isn’t showing up for me…I’m so confused on how to do I get him to show up? O_o