Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life

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Continue the story of the mysterious island of Isola, and the tribe of lost refugees in Virtual Villagers 4 – The Tree of Life.

The island’s chief is worried that life is slowly diminishing on the island and has selected a tribe of explorers to find the source of Isola’s troubles.

They discover, and inevitably populate, the hidden eastern shore of the island. Watch over a new group of villagers as they explore the eastern shore of the island, uncover fantastic mysteries, unravel the story of Isola, and save the Tree of Life!

  • Visit the oldest and most hidden part of the mysterious Island of Isola.
  • A new select-screen lets you start with a custom tribe. Try starting with only children, or instead with a tribe full of nursing mothers!
  • New updated user-interface, and our most detailed, vivid map yet full of exciting new puzzles.
  • Dozens of achievements for players to accomplish.
  • New puzzles, new collectibles, new Island Events!
  • Real- Time Weather! Clouds, fog and sudden down pours.
  • Real-Time Gameplay: new surprises every time you turn the game on!

Virtual Villagers 4 walkthrough (thanks Laura!)

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By Eric

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388 Comments to Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life

  1. LdyAkane says:

    ugh, I like the game, but i always get stuck.

  2. IchigoMait says:

    A rough guide walkthrough for Virtual Villagers 4 The Tree of Life
    Most of the times when I say get something or gather it’s meant with a villager.

    Puzzles and Milestones
    1st: The Cutting Tool

    2nd: The Stream

    3rd: Boiling Water

    4th: Soap Invented

    5th: The Butterflies

    6th: The Frog Rescue

    7th: The Cooking Pit

    8th: Cloth invented


    10th: The Mossy Rocks

    13th: Pruning the Tree




    Salt water, Show

    Fresh water, Show

    Hot stone, Show

    Cloth Building, Show

    Pot recipes:

    Soup: Show

    If you want to change dress – Show

    If you need a cloth to repair the nets Show

    • ilyXrandom says:

      hey cn u help me with the butterflys?
      ive tried doing the instructions 3 times now and the butterflies keep returning to the stalk. and my tree hasnt changed. Also i think i saw my villager shake its head but im not very sure on tht part.

      • gford says:


      • booka says:

        You do NOT need a master doctor, you just have to make sure you go really slow and don’t lose the butterfly’s

      • Bella says:

        And the smoke is GREEN, not brown.

      • ?????? says:

        You make a sharp tool and cut the stalks then drag your person slowly to the tree.

    • Hello says:

      You must take the villager slowly too the tree, but not too slow :’)

    • Kyle says:

      ok when you get to the third rock one disappears why?

      • Angela says:

        the rocks will disappear over time. to solve this, before you start set the time in options to may take some time to get all 4 but this will help

    • Izfiz says:

      I dont get how to get the vines. So I cant get the pulp! Can you tell me how to???

      • mandii says:

        i think u need lvl 2 science to cut the vines :( took me forever to search that, hope it works :D

      • jennifer says:

        i put my master farmer on the vines by the fire wood and they go get a cutting tool to cut the vines u need to have salt water in the pot the villager will thn cook the vines in the salt water after that is cooked take a person and drop on to pot they will take the cloth to the rocks by the docs and you need to drop a person on the cloth 6 times to make cloth hope this helps

      • Angie says:

        I have a master farmer, and lvl 2 science, and still cannot cut the pulpy vines left of the large staircase.. should I just wait till tmrw and hope it is a glitch?

      • xtina says:

        Same here Angie .. maybe you have to have clothing hut completely built? Mine didn’t show up until I had 1 master farmer.

    • picasso says:

      what is the other food source

      • Angela says:

        the food sources are fish (requires fishing net to harvest), blackberries and the hard fruit on the tree (requires cooking pit to harvest)..

  3. laura says:

    how take venis??? they dont take them…they dont know what to do

    • Sarita says:

      you have to wait untill its healty

      • IchigoMait says:

        lol you don’t even know what veins are the healthy one was the stalk and it was with the butterfly puzzles

      • laura says:

        mmm….and when they become healthy?…maybe have i to taka some tech???

      • IchigoMait says:

        I’m not sure when exactly stalk becomes healthy but mine was healthy after the debris had blocked my river again, or it just takes time, oh and one thing with the virtual villagers is funny that the game responds to real time and you can exploit it like pause the game leave the game, turn your time back in windows go back into game, then unpause and leave the game and but your time back to normal then you time traveled that much ahead depending on speed of game

      • Sarita says:

        I was wrong. Do you have cutting tools? They need them to cut the veins

    • IchigoMait says:

      you need to have level 2 science tech and after that have built a cloth building and you need to have some cutting tools already made next to the research lab then just drag a a teen/adult villager onto the vines above the fireplace

      • laura says:

        thank you ….this is more clear…
        sorry but english is not my language :-)
        another question… i have some problems with The Butterflies puzzle… i dont understand where i have to take the water… i tried to take salt a fresh too but all time ppl went to the pot …and i dont see butterfiles… please help…
        ..some problems with the frogs too… i heve the lake around the tree… i can hear the frogs but i dont find them…..mmmmmm

      • IchigoMait says:

        the butterflies: you need a healthy stalk at end of the river (explained before) then click on it with a villager when butterflies are surrounding it then your villager starts to smell with an odour that butterflies like then drag slowly the vilager to the tree (on the hole or on the side of tree then the villager will rub his scent on the tree and all the butterflies come to the tree
        the frogs are in a puddle the right side of the staircase after it has rained then just drop villagers on that place and they will carry frogs into the lake

    • Kim says:

      Actually, to cut the vines, your villagers need to know “what to do with them.” If you try to cut them before Show

      that’s what they’ll tell you. You have to Show

      first. :)

      • Jino says:

        i made the clothing hut and still the pulpy vines haven’t bloomed yet..what else do i have to do????

      • Kim says:

        It sounds like you’re dropping your villager on a “beautiful flower.” Those you have to wait until they’re “fully bloomed.” Behind the fire, there are some vines growing on the cliff face. Drag your villager over them until the message at the bottom says “he/she sees pulpy vines.” Drop the villager on them, and if you’ve gotten them on the vines and not the flower, they should head off to get a cutting instrument for the vines. Hope this helps! Good luck. :)

      • kalya says:

        how do i make the clothes hut

  4. Lll says:

    You can make a nice stew by using 2 x sweet herb one spicy with fresh water and food from the bin

    • booooooooop says:

      dunno where the spicey herb and sweet herbs are…

      • Gr8horse says:

        the spicy herb is by the cave beside the tree… is orange at the top, yellow at the bottom and has red spots. it sota looks like a tar at the top. it is by the plants growing around the top of the screen when you are looking at the cave.

        the soapy one is beside the bridge leading to the sintists lab and is white.

        errrrr i forget the other one srry….

        p.s. i suck at spelling ;P

    • mommayonna says:


  5. IchigoMait says:

    this is getting kinda annoying that you can’t understand as simple as the explanations from the guide you should download “FoxLingo” addon and just with 1 click it translates to your language what ever you chose
    by the way this my second language

  6. laura says:

    hey i found the frogs… but if i try to put a villager there the only thing that apper is ” the frog dont look happy” what i have to do???….

    • IchigoMait says:

      I’m not exactly sure, but do you have a full flowing river through the village or you just need water flowing around the tree. you better try doing every puzzle in a row what I’ve shown because some newer puzzles can’t be completed if you didn’t know how to make the previous puzzle.

      • Lacy says:

        You have to invent soap, three soapy herbs and salt water. then place a bar in the pond then place a person or multiple people in the pond after it’s suddzy. they will come out sparkling, pick them up and drop them where the frogs are. you need at least 6 frogs.

    • super_hacker says:

      U have 2 wait after the rain comes. There’ll be a pond. Drag 5 villagers to the pond to rescue 5 frogs and you’ll solve the puzzle!!

  7. melodyrose27 says:

    9th Show

    5,13,14,15 I don’t remember what dendrology level I had at each stage or the skills of the villager I used, but this is how to get them:
    15 = Show

    13 = Show

    5 = Show

    14 = Show

    Also I think 11 has something to do with Show

    • melodyrose27 says:

      puzzle 11 Show

    • laura says:

      Puzzle 11:


      • Ana says:

        Thank you so much for the istructions for puzzle 11

      • shanice says:

        i did the stew it stoped boiling but i got another hot stone untill complete even if the pot stops boiling the stew can still be made

      • Icewisker says:

        Thanks Shanice, you helped me tons i mean tons …. i have tried to get the ingredients in all at once before the water stops boiling : /
        Thanks again :D

    • Kim says:

      A note for puzzle 15: It appears you must have Dendrology at level three to perform this puzzle (at least, I did.)

    • blueyez says:

      For the feast you need one of everything-fresh water, 1 of each herb, 1 blueberry, 1 fruit, 1 fish, 1 food bin, and a mushroom-not sure which kind of mushroom…but I used the red mushroom-hope this helps

  8. melodyrose27 says:

    Pot recipes worth making:






    Extra tips for first time players:

    1 – you can take 2 children to collect the same item
    2 – time travel Show

    • IchigoMait says:

      the tip about collecting items with 2 children I know also that you can collect 3 cloth at the same time from 1 cloth pulp on the stone though don’t remember if there was difference between that , if 1 or more villagers stored it to the cloth building (1 finished cloth and brought 3 at the time or 3 finished and it multiplies with 3 or it will just divide by 3)

    • xtina says:

      To have 2 children collect the same item, you need to Show

  9. melodyrose27 says:

    16 = Show

  10. laura says:

    8th: Cloth invented:
    I had cloth pulp on the stone near the beach, if i drag a villager there it told me that he is making cloth… but then i dont see nothing and alwyas 0 cloths in the cloth bolts…. what i have to do?? what i need???

  11. MomaKat says:

    The first kid that I made (putting the two people together) in the tutorial part of the game, is running around “playing a joke on the adults” and putting frogs all in the Love Shack! LOL…sooooo funny!

  12. a virtual village failure says:

    anyone knows what the fruit tree (the one in front of the berry bush) is for?

    • MomaKat says:

      The little tree that looks like a palm tree, and the two trees with big fruit on them, are both used in the “cooking pit” (7th) puzzle listed at the beginning of this page.

  13. laura says:

    Strategy Guide

    Puzzle 1


    Puzzle 2


    Puzzles 3 and 4


    Puzzle 5


    Puzzle 6


    Puzzle 7


    Puzzle 8


    Puzzle 9


    Puzzle 10


    Puzzle 11


    Puzzle 12


    Puzzle 13


    Puzzle 14


    Puzzle 15


    Puzzle 16


    • Cindy says:

      i can’t get the feast to work…. did everything…. it keeps saying the stew is unfinished ??? anything missing?

      • joni says:

        mine kept saying that as well so i added food from storage bin once or twice untill the pot was happy but yea that should help you it did it for me.

      • nikkiblu says:

        i kept dropping a child on the mushroom and an adult on the fruit,the fish,the berrys and the food bin over and over and it worked

      • paige says:

        You have to make sure that they adult or child is bringing the object to the stew there action should say “adding to the stew”. Otherwise you may have to put the ingredient in twice.

    • armandux says:

      please help me i dont know where sweet is i only know where spicy and soapy is

    • armandux says:

      puzzle 12 doesnt require level 3 construction i had level 2 and it repaired for me

    • taurusduck says:

      Clarification: Puzzle 15: NOT just rainbows over the head, but 3 gold, glowing orbs… Takes a few minutes…

      • taurusduck says:

        Puzzle 16: Interesting note: adults will NOT touch the old braids in the crates while it is raining; you have to wait for the rain to stop…

    • Star says:

      I cant solve puzzle 15,
      I have level 3 of dendrology and nursery. just , I cant bring children by dragging adult to nursery.
      can you guide me please.
      I NEED HELP …

      • Venita Gallagher says:

        The nursery school teacher needs to have mastered at least one skill.

      • Jax says:

        More than one skill…I have several villagers with mastery in 2 skills, still refusing..

    • xtina says:

      On Puzzle 11: If the pot stops boiling & the stew becomes cold, you do not have to start all over again. Just heat another rock & add it to pot, it will start boiling again, well, it did for me :) Also, I just kept adding food, fish, & mushrooms until it was finished… Had to add a couple of times.

    • Rebecca says:

      For the feast, you have to put in SLOW mode and keep all the villagers away from the berry bush. (If there are no berries, the villagers cannot harvest them with cutting tool for the feast – one has to be dropped on it once the water and 3 herbs are together.) I put fresh water in pot, add hot rock, add 3 herbs, add food from the food bin, add another hot rot, have a child add a mushroom, then drop a villager on berry bush, fruit tree and gather a fish at the same time. It’s best to drop at least two villagers on each food source you need. Don’t forget to keep the water boiling, or you will have to begin again.

  14. dexter says:

    whenever i mate female and male always shows this message,”The love shack has not been completed”? i cant make baby

  15. Anna says:

    im struggling with one of the trophies getting 25 people in the pond ive done this many times but it not saying its completed do i have to do with the soapin or what help please

    • Megan says:

      This one is more speed than anything. The pond should not have soap in it. Kids cannot be dragged into the pool. You nedd to get as many adults near the pond area first. Then start dragging them into the pool. They will only stay in the pool for about 25 seconds, so you will have to watch for people getting out and re-drag them in. This took me a few trys.

      • amanda says:

        or you can press space bar to pause the game and add the people so they dont leave :)

    • i♥wiggles says:

      go to menu and then go to options and put pause get 25 adults to the pond and it will say “going swimming” and when your finish go to menu again and then put the speed and you will get a trophy when you get back to your village

    • Terri says:

      pause your game. put adults into the pool. it should say-going for a swim. children and pregnant woem do not count. once you have the 25 adults in the pool, unpause the game and you should get your trophy.

  16. Saskia says:

    I got a ‘bug’ when i try to get the crab :(

  17. Robin says:

    hi just got the game and i like to try and solve the puzzles myself but i cant find an alternative food source after the berries have run out any ideas??? ive got the river and tools and boiling water so far
    :) any help would be appreciated thanks

  18. Isabell says:

    I can’t see any crab
    where is the pier?
    I’m from Norway so I don’t know the name on everything..
    Please help, It would also help me a lot if I could get some recipes (easy recipes which I understand). Thank you :)

    • henry says:

      the crab isnt on my screen either and a pier is a dock

      • Ally says:

        The crab takes a while to appear and disappears quite quickly. Just watch over the area that was once a waterfall

      • mommayonna says:

        The crabs show up once you have started fishing. The appear on the beach, between the bowls and the pier/dock. They appear and disappear very quickly, usually twice in a row. To catch them, you can sit and watch for them, and when they show up, hit the space bar to pause the screen…then go looking for 2 kids to distract them. Also, grab an adult (anyone who is at least adept in any skill works, Ive found) and drop them on the same spot…then hit space bar again to unpause. If the adult says no, just drop him on the spot again, and he should bend down and pick up the crab.

    • i♥wiggles says:

      it is on the sand

  19. laura says:

    puzzle 9
    if i drop an adult into the nursery it says that dont have enough skills to teach… wich kind adult i have to drop?

  20. Cayla says:

    I have finished all the puzzles, now im just trying to get all of the trophies.
    one of the trophies is to get 100 population, im at 90 and it says i cant support any more population, but i have already researched construction all of the way, built all of the stuff it gave me, how do i build more huts or get more population?


    • MomaKat says:

      Have you done all of your collections? They give you 5 more people for each one you complete.

  21. nda says:

    please,,,,,,another food source

    • MomaKat says:

      do puzzle 7 to get the fruit from the fruit trees to cook in the pit. Also, puzzle 12 lets you have unlimited fish.

  22. nda says:

    thank you guys

  23. Danielle says:

    Ok… when I clear the water it goes fine until it gets to the other side of the tree and there’s a hole… is there supposed to be a hole there cause there’s no hole when its blocked and when its cleared there’s a hole. is it supposed to be there and im supposed to find a way for it to continue down the stream… or am I supposed to fix the hole?

    • armandux says:

      you have to fix it theres a rock where the water falled but you need an adept cientist but at the same time he has to be an adept builder then he or she will take the rock to block the hole

      • Muffin says:

        Hey… I’m a complete idiot, apparently, because I can’t seem to find THE STUPID ROCK THAT FITS INTO THE HOLE. Any chance you can tell me EXACLTY where it is? Don’t say ‘at the base of the cliff’ , please.

  24. Villager Lover says:

    I need help please, first can’t find the treasure and where abouts in the lagoon do you drop the lady with the baby to get the goldern child? And where are you supposed to be able to water for more crops can’t find that either

    • henry says:

      srry but thats virtual villagers 1 not 4

    • Icewisker says:

      (virtual villagers 1) well my little sister has finished the game with me…. you drop a mother into the pond/lake to get the golden child. the treasure is in the left LOWER corner of the food bin try around there.good luck! :)

  25. henry says:

    which vine do i cut there ones growing off the tree a couple by the pond(next 2 the lab)som by the salt water pots

    • Jude says:

      The vine behind the wood pile

      • Bella says:

        Um, Jude? I don’t really want to burst your bubble, but the pulpy vines are actually to the RIGHT of the pile of firewood.


        Bella Trista-Kate

      • tina says:

        ummmm, bella, hate to burst YOUR bubble, but I’m looking at the screen now and the vines are DIRECTLY BEHIND the firewood…

      • Multi says:

        Play nice guys…lol. You are both right.

      • amber says:

        how do u cut it ? if i put an adult there it says “don’t know what to do with these tough vines” pls help

  26. Robbie says:

    how do you get them to fish? do u need a tool or a skill?

  27. macey says:

    how do you warm the water??

    • karin says:

      if you have restored the waterline, you have a bridge over the water… beneath the bridge it says “blackened stones”. put them in the fire, after a minute they will be red hot, now you can put them into the pot, now the water will boil.

      good luck!

  28. rose says:

    how do you make more huts? like after the love shack and the first hut, can you make more? and how do you do that

  29. Robbie says:

    Where do you find the fish scales pretty far in the game and haven’t picked up a one?

    • taurusduck says:

      Me neither! All other collections coming along fine, but have never seen one fish scale! I’m thinking because they are so small, they belnd in with the background, so I’m keeping a sharp watch for them, but have yet to ever see one…

      • taurusduck says:

        OK, ammended!:
        I finally found ONE scale! In the general vicinity of the fish statue/ lagoon area, it was blue-ish gray, (the “common” variety, so maybe the “umcommon” and “rare” ones are other colors) about the size of the scales on the statue, so YES, you’ll have to look hard…

        (I also found another one about 20 minutes later, in the exact same spot, but it was the same scale, so it converted to tech points…)

      • Robbie says:

        Thanks I guess Ill just look harder!

      • kelly says:

        heya all fish scales ae different colours and are all found in the tide pool area

    • Bella says:

      It’s really easy, all you do is go to the lower right corner of your island, Isola, then wait for 2 minutes in real life (2 hours in VV4) and then one will show up. They are always in the same place by the way. They call it ‘low tide’. That’s when you will find a scale.

      Hope this helps,
      -Bella :)

  30. brodie says:

    what can I do to make sure the villagers stay healthy overnight?
    I’ve been fairly successful playing the game- doing the puzzles, and am just trying to complete the clothing hut. Last night I finished with 300+ food and all 9 healthy villagers, this morning 3 were dead and all the food was gone their health was right down too although there were new children.
    the night before 6/10 died and I was left with all females so I had to start again

    • taurusduck says:

      Recipe for “health” stew:

      Fresh water, two white “soapy-smelling” herbs, one yellow “sweet-smelling” herb, boil together in pot, then add food from food bin when it says you need something “nutritious”.

      This will make a “health” stew… Once my villagers ate it, they haven’t been sick again yet!

    • Stacia says:

      Make sure you have villagers set to farm before you close down. Also you can change the speed of the game to slow over night, or pause it.

  31. Robbie says:

    ok I have a village of 35 and cant make anymore babies because of not enough housing I have level 2 construction and 2 huts the love shack cloth hut and a nursery how do you get more huts? level 3 construction? I want more babies!

    • taurusduck says:

      Yes, level 3 construction is the next step to more huts; you’ll just have to get more tech points…

      Also, once you complete each collection, you are supposed to get 5 more villagers for each one completed…

      • taurusduck says:

        P.S. one more scale found, kind of pink: EXACTLY the same place… I think they will only appear RIGHT there! There is a tiny piece of rock sticking up out of the lagoon water shaped like a scale, and they sit right on top of it. Keep watch! :)

  32. nuk says:

    I make a mistake with soap. I use water instead of salt water and I can’t fixed it out. help me please!!!

    • taurusduck says:

      Place someone over the spot next to the cooking pot that says “low well”; this will make them dump out the pot, and you can start over with salt water…

  33. melissa says:

    i want to know the 9th,12th and 13th puzzles i cant figure it out . please help me

    • taurusduck says:

      Look about halfway up this page, “laura” somebody posted a walkthru of every puzzle; very detailed, helped me out a ton! :)

      (You’ll see her post because they are all numbered Puzzle 1, Puzzle 2, etc…)

  34. mommayonna says:

    Does anyone else have a problem with the game shutting down when you are trying to catch the crab? Everytime I try to do it, I drop the child on the crab, then pause the game to go grab another child…when I hit to unpause the game shuts down (and I am wasting wild coins)…I have caught one crab, but everytime I try after that, I lose my game and progress. Could this be a glitch?

    • taurusduck says:

      Don’t bother pausing; I did it without pausing once… The two kids you choose will tend to stay in that area while you are colleting all the crabs. Just try to make sure you keep an adult near – they are the ones who will try to walk away. :)
      Good luck!

  35. maria says:

    hi! i can’t put the rock unter the waterfall to the hole. how i make an adept scientist?

    • taurusduck says:

      The only person who can do that is someone who is a master at science AND at building… You’ll need to train someone for a while in both those areas, and then they can move the rock.

  36. taurusduck says:

    Anyone know at what age women will no longer have babies?? It seems to be at 50; whenever I try to have a woman over 50 go indoors, they never have a baby, no matter how many times it says, “Improved at parenting…”

    Anybody able to confirm that? Thanks!

    • Lacey says:

      Confirmed over here. Same thing happened with me and my 53 year old master parent. :)

      • Aleena says:

        Not sure why, but I have had two women over 70 with babies. I think it’s because I had the max population, the women set as adept parents, and someone dies as they are embracing someone.

    • dan says:

      no i had a parent with the age of 72! she had three babies at the age above that then she died

    • carolyn says:

      I think it is 50

  37. naynay says:

    i cant plug the hole how do you do it?

    • schembri says:

      to plug the hole u need someone to be an adept scientist and builder to move the stone from under the cliff

  38. naynay says:

    you know how it says tio sees. . . when i drag it by the rocks it says ”nothing”!which rock is it and why wont they do it???

  39. naynay says:

    umm. my person says it is confused and does not know how to cut the vines for the cloth . . .i finished all the previous steps but i cant do this one. . .HELP ME. . .

    • taurusduck says:

      The person who moves the rock must be a master at building AND and at science… You have to train one person in both areas first…

      Then, it is the rock that is at the bottom of the waterfall (or else where the waterfall used to be before you cleared the debris…) At the very right-hand edge of the screen at the bottom of the cliff…

      You cannot cut the cloth unless you have cutting tools. Go check out halfway up this page, in February “laura” posted a walkthru of all puzzles, 1 – 16, and she can tell you what levels of tech you need to cut the vines.

  40. Kannivin says:

    How long does it take for #9 to be complete? I have 25 ppl in my village, I follow the recipe and The pot keeps going cold!

    • Kannivin says:

      Oops! I meant Puzzle 14.

      • Cookie says:

        after you make the stew, you pause the game and drag all of your villagers to the pot to eat the stew. They will go to the tree and you will have completed the puzzle. :)

        P.S. you need at least 20 villagers for it to work

  41. Vicky says:

    wheres the stone pile? plz i need help!

  42. ayca says:

    I can hear the frogs sound..but it doesn’t rain any I can’t find the frogs.will it rain?

  43. delosha says:

    so how can i have 100 population
    i have 95 already
    can i build more hut
    i almost finish them all excepts the tropies

  44. Random says:

    The virtual villagers site says that a female can have babies until she is 50… One of my villagers is 64 and has one x)

  45. Joey says:

    Is there a fast way to get your healer high so that he or she is a master

  46. emg says:

    i have a very basic question.
    where is the dry grass to the fire?
    i can´t seem to find it.
    thank you

  47. Krysta says:

    PUZZLE 16
    I need advice! I have all the requirements to complete level 16:Show

    What am I doing wrong???

    • Krysta says:

      Never mind! Figured it out!

      • hklbry says:

        That’s the same problem I’m having! Show

        How did you solve it?

  48. Jade says:

    I have level 2 construction but every time i drop my builder onto the pile of rocks for number 7 it just says hes confused…

  49. Vex says:

    Hi all. How and where goasts appear?

  50. Ashley says:

    Okay, I know how to get all my people leveled-up (trainer, adept, master etc) except my Doctor. Where do I put them to work so they can become a higher level?