Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life

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Continue the story of the mysterious island of Isola, and the tribe of lost refugees in Virtual Villagers 4 – The Tree of Life.

The island’s chief is worried that life is slowly diminishing on the island and has selected a tribe of explorers to find the source of Isola’s troubles.

They discover, and inevitably populate, the hidden eastern shore of the island. Watch over a new group of villagers as they explore the eastern shore of the island, uncover fantastic mysteries, unravel the story of Isola, and save the Tree of Life!

  • Visit the oldest and most hidden part of the mysterious Island of Isola.
  • A new select-screen lets you start with a custom tribe. Try starting with only children, or instead with a tribe full of nursing mothers!
  • New updated user-interface, and our most detailed, vivid map yet full of exciting new puzzles.
  • Dozens of achievements for players to accomplish.
  • New puzzles, new collectibles, new Island Events!
  • Real- Time Weather! Clouds, fog and sudden down pours.
  • Real-Time Gameplay: new surprises every time you turn the game on!

Virtual Villagers 4 walkthrough (thanks Laura!)

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388 Comments to Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life

  1. Kyler says:

    How do I get rid oF the wasps!

  2. behrr1 says:

    I started my game off with 5 females only 2 were nursing, no males or kids.
    My tribe is now thriving and I have won the game.

  3. behrr1 says:

    What wasps???
    Are you talking about VV3?

  4. M Burford says:

    I’m stuck on the last puzzle. decorating the tree. I get an adult to start the lei by placing rope on rock then the hummingbird comes and the flower blooms but when I place a child over the flower, nothing happens. The child won’t pick the flower. I’ve searched the internet for the answer but can’t find anything. Is there something I’m not doing? It’s the last puzzle and it’s very frustrating!

  5. Sarrah says:

    My villagers will not go into my hut. even after it was done building when i drop them on the hut it says ”Fixing hut” does it still need to be built? i am confused
    Please reply back =Sarrah