Escape from the THK 58

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Escape from the THK 58Escape from the THK 5-8“Commander: this is not a drill! Evacuate the THK 58 NOW! There was a power surge in your sector you have to re-calibrate the power to unlock the door to the escape pods. Just look for the access…..”

Escape from the THK 58 is a very short and very nice Room Escape game with lovely 3D graphics created by Alexandre Timbro. All I can say is that you need to escape the spaceship as soon as possible.

A sequel with better navigation controls and more items to find / puzzles to solve would probably be much more successful!

Please be patient while the game is loading (5.7 MB).

Have fun!

Alternative link

Escape from the THK 58 walkthrough (thanks Usman!)

By Eric

current rating 1.80


32 Comments to Escape from the THK 58

  1. Da Revolver says:

    quick and easy.

  2. vdub says:

    Great graphics. Good game.
    If you can’t figure out the console code, you shouldn’t be playing these games.
    Mines was Show

  3. mammy says:

    too easy

  4. Joe says:

    What am I missing? I’m stuck but this seems so easy. Somebody post a walkthrough!!!

  5. Joe says:

    Got it, nevermind… what a horrible game by the way.

  6. Karnov says:

    This game was great for a pilot. The animations and graphics were awesome. The sequel should definitely be longer and have more difficult puzzles, but I actually liked the fact that you didn’t have to pixel hunt so much. Great interface, too.

    Looking forward to the next one.

  7. Buzz says:

    This was the easiest one of the escape games….but should be a great game for beginners. I can see where this one could become a great game to play….I did not like the L, R back and front screen that you had to click instead of just clicking on the screen….but again…Great start

  8. tyler says:

    I don’t get it

  9. dfgg says:

    where is the access card?

  10. john locke says:

    how do you say something like “Combine this with this?” or put the key cad in the door?

  11. john locke says:

    the code is Show

  12. Alicia says:

    good game

  13. MaDi says:


  14. usman says:

    here is a walkthrough

  15. usman says:

    Escape from the THK 58 walkthrough:

  16. Natalee says:

    there are a few things you got wrong Show

    but how do you open the door?

  17. SAMO says:


  18. Emily says:



    You’re Done!

  19. *haRisOn() says:

    that was a dumb game and WAY too short, but it had awesome graphics and can’t wait till the next one

  20. Alex says:

    That was just my test game, but I am working on a sequel which will be much longer and more detailed.

  21. usman says:

    you welcome samo you are the bestist of this game

  22. Ash says:

    Test [d/spoiler]

  23. Babieruth says:

    I love this game is was sweet and short sometime this is all you want.

  24. neopet says:

    That is easy but at first i thought it was hard

  25. fff says:

    omg that was like totally way too easy. those of you hoo r havin trubal

  26. somebody knows says:

    hey! if eric made this game why dosen’t he put a video walkthrough

  27. jay says:

    can`t get into the pod although it is unlocked?

  28. Susan says:

    played the sequel first, but enjoyed this one as well… way too short but still fun!

  29. Emrod says:

    I can do all of the game but when I get to the escape pod, I can’t get inside. It’s open but when I pull the left hand lever, it launches an empty pod.

    How do I get into it?

  30. TriforceofGames says:

    Good game and good details…espceally for someone out of their home/garage.etc but very very short, More like a demo then an actual game. :(

    Hope the sequal gets done soon and it does not become an AWOL game. (Abesense WithOut Leave) which a lot of games tend to do.

  31. Josh Mayhew says:

    This game was so easy although at first i thought it was hard then i looked at somebodies walkthrough and it turned out really easy and for getting into the pod u need to click the right lever and then the left lever and the door should be open and then after that, click on the door and u should be able to get out.

  32. usman says:

    hi everyone im back!!!!!!!!!!