StoneAgeGames – Theft At The Museum

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Theft At The Museum is a Room Escape game from StoneAgeGames (No Name Room Escape, Pharaoh’s Tomb, Bond Escape and many more).“As a professional thief you are here for the jackbot – The Golden Buddha Statue! Cancel the alarm, steal the statue and escape before it’s too late!” Have fun!

Theft At The Museum video walkthrough!
Theft At The Museum walkthrough (thanks Aliceboy!)

By Eric

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11 Comments to StoneAgeGames – Theft At The Museum

  1. monte says:

    just starting out…

  2. monte says:

    out. pretty cool, although i was just clicking around and geting a bunch of stuff, they just used it all together and your out.

  3. Elaine says:

    nice game. quite short though

  4. flossy says:

    easy game, out real quick

  5. bosco says:

    i dont think you guys are even playing anymore…i think you just say “out fast” to look soooooooo smart…. people used to talk about games in here…get and give clues… I’m missing one thing to finish this game and just wish you would all start talking about the games again

    • bosco says:

      nm…got my answer from escapegames24…all I needed was the diamond from the chest… i got in the chest once and left without the diamond and couldnt get back in

  6. monte says:

    sounds like your not smart enough for these games. missing the diamond from the chest that you already opened. no need to talk about a game that is easy and can only be tough if you miss something obvious

    • bosco says:

      most of the time it isnt an obvious item… and it is usually just one thing missing to tie it altogether… my point was that, unlike freegamesnews24, you guys dont even discuss the game… you all just say OUT, EASY, etc. go look at the chat on escapegames24, they all talk about how they found something or what they did with it…they work together to finish the puzzle… maybe thats whats missing here.

  7. goldie says:

    You win, thnx all.

  8. aliceboy says:

    Another nice and easy, but lovely to look at, one from StoneAge. It’s not really necessary, but here’s a text walkthrough for those (like me) who would rather it than a video.