Gazzyboy – Cowboy Escape

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Cowboy Escape is another Room Escape game from Gazzyboy, the author of Lover Escape, Dragon Castle Escape, Killer Room Escape, Drainage Escape, Biology Lab Escape, Speed V3 Train Escape, Pirate Ship Escape, Office Escape, Aeroplane Escape and many more. Have fun!

Cowboy Escape walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

Cowboy Escape video walkthrough!

By Eric

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7 Comments to Gazzyboy – Cowboy Escape

  1. Prid says:



    I hope you enjoy reading this Walkthrough, and find it very helpful. Please let me know your thoughts, and I hope this Walkthrough really helps anyone in need!

    Type: Ultimately High-Detailed Walkthrough | 10-Steps
    Time Used: 35 Minutes
    Written Date: 17th February 2010
    Written By: Prid

  2. j says:

    so far i have a
    gun (used)
    2 keys (used)
    hammer (used)
    bottle of wine
    kinda stuck now.

  3. Em says:

    Thanks Prid! Really like your WT´s!!! And that you wrote “new items” on every scene. Cause that is so boring otherwise,if you are missing an item then you have to read the whole WT to see where the item is,here it was easy to see!

  4. goldie says:

    Welldone, thnx Prid for the W.T.

  5. j says:

    i cannot seem to pull up the walkthrough. can someone post the link.
    thank you

  6. fred says:

    i am not a fan of gazzy boy games, there seems to be wild jumps in the logic. Why hit the light with a bottle when you have a hammer? Most of the gazzy boy games are like this. I think this is my last.