Isoball 2

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Isoball 2 is a puzzle game from CandyFlame that will test your “spatial awareness and logic skills to the limit. Build structures using blocks, ramps, conveyor belts, bridges and more, to make a path for the ball to reach the hole.” With 50 levels, Isoball 2 should keep you busy for a while! Have fun!

Isoball 2 walkthrough!

By Eric

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47 Comments to Isoball 2

  1. first good game got stuck on level 15

  2. vanni_ogg says:

    stuck on 14, any help??

  3. Prid says:

    IMAGE WALKTHROUGH [By Sonoka – Marcus on EG24]:

    LEVELS 1-20
    LEVELS 21-40
    LEVELS 41-50

    Many thanks to Sonoka – Marcus for a Wonderful Picturethrough :D

    • matt says:

      25 doesnt work….. it doesnt have enough momentum to go in

    • loren says:

      For levels 49 and 50 you dont need to place the erased block just hold it there with your mouse then move it to the next spot.

  4. Sanguine says:

    Still stuck on Level 29. I built it just like the image (checked it a hundres times)
    but it doesn’t work … anyone else with this problem ?

    • YP says:

      Hey Sanguine!

      Had the same problem, but I found the solution. first put the smaller tile on the left side of the void. Now connect the bridge and put the biger tile on the other side. Now you can erase the smaller tile without eliminating the bridge, and complete the level!

  5. rose says:

    the solution for 14 doesn’t work for me. also, why is my ball for 14 yellow and the one there blue?

    • acrazi says:

      i’ve found out the level 14 with the yellow ball! i don’t know how to paste the screenshot on this though

  6. Vincent Tripi says:

    stuck on 30, anyone help!!??

  7. Vincent Tripi says:

    still stuck on level 30 if anyone wants to reply to this comment, its really hard and i cant figure it out, someone please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Vincent Tripi says:

    now i am stuck on isoball 2 level 33, anyone help please!

  9. Morgan says:

    I’m stuck on 19 any pointers?

  10. hfkshaf says:

    i dont even know how to start the damn game :(

    • Morgan says:

      Did you figure it out? Cause all you have to do is click the ramp a couple times to the best posotion and put it in place then press start.

  11. gamerboy says:

    important notice for level 50 – it’s almost impossible to actually place it (on a second position), erase, choose bridge again and place it on the third location, cause the ball is rolling really fast, we got 2 conveyor pieces!

    So the idea is – you erase the first bridge, than select the piece and without “placing” it, you merely point your mouse to the second gap – the “ghost” bridge will appear, but you don’t have to click, this virtual bridge is enough for ball to roll over! so you can simply move your mouse to the third gap just in time to get the same “ghost” bridge for the ball to roll over. So basically you’re placing and erasing the bridge only once, for the first position, and after that, you’re merely pointing your mouse with a selected bridge to other gaps. With that in mind, the last level is even easier than 49, where you have to erase the piece, select it again, rotate 3 times and place on the new location all in less than a sec!

  12. Peter says:

    lvl 16, anyone???

  13. q_man48 says:

    I’m stuck on level 39, I can’t figure out how to place a large ramp on the inside wall beside the conveyor belts…any hints?

  14. Mr.Death says:

    i cant figure out level 46

  15. meeeeeeeeee says:

    stuck on 3!

    • Live Laugh Love says:

      i’m sorry but that is one of the easiest ones! anyway, but the flat block near the ball entrance then put a ramp on top and in front. after that but the arrow facing south-east 2 blocks in front of the ramp. There u go!

  16. miki says:

    stuck on 14!!!

  17. booby says:

    i cant figure out 46 please help

  18. Todd says:

    Level 46:


  19. Todd says:

    Level 39:


  20. Todd says:

    Kind of sucks having a lap top and not being able to do level 49!

  21. lyssie says:

    Any help on level 33?

  22. .:Leslieeee:. says:

    stuck on 46 anyone go it??

  23. desiree says:

    stuck on 29!! cant get the bridge to work

    • Ashley says:

      I just had the same problem but I figured it out.
      First, you put something small on the right (far) side. Then, you put the bridge down next to it. Then, you put the big block on the other side. Once the big block is down you can remive whatever you put in place as the small block. And there ya have it!

  24. Thomas says:


  25. Thomas says:

    stuck on 29

  26. kayla daniel says:

    level 16? help?

  27. likeoin says:

    i cant pass level 30

  28. merr! says:

    i cant get past level 33, anyone know how?

  29. Cindy says:

    I have to start at the beginning every time I shut down my computer. I tried to join to see if it unlocked the levels, but addicting games says EVERY password that I use is not acceptable.

  30. bot 78 says:

    how do i beat level 30