Aveyond: The Lost Orb

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Great news for all Aveyond Adventure series, the next installment is now available at BigFishGames!

Mel’s wedding day isn’t going according to plan.

Her worst enemy has stolen her man, and a mysterious ghost has appeared to inform Mel that her evil ancestor, Mordred Darkthrop, has passed down his most precious possession to her: a magical orb with the power of death!

Wanting nothing to do with her wicked ancestor, Mel must now seek out the orb and destroy it, before someone else with the power to use it discovers its location in Aveyond: The Lost Orb.

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By Eric

current rating 4.08


90 Comments to Aveyond: The Lost Orb

  1. Jessy says:

    I am surprised that an Aveyond game received so few stars on this website. It’s true it is not 100% free. But I’ve been a longstanding fan of the Aveyond games. And have found all of them to be well-thought out and rather charming.

  2. tuckerbaby16 says:

    I guess I will say I enjoyed this game. The story is still good, and the side quests were interesting; I just can’t believe how short it is. This game took very little effort to complete; with no guides or help.
    I almost want to say it is not worth it.
    Make your own choice, but be ready for a quick journey.

    • bgaboi says:

      The game is short because its only part of the story. You can play Aveyond Lord Of Twilight and gates of night to get the beginning of the story. I have played all the aveyond games and this is by far the best way for the developers to make money. I pay 7.50 a game at big fish. I love these games and for the price its worth it. I believe there will be 5 or 6 parts in this storyline.

      • Acropolis???? says:

        @bgaboi Iget my aveyond games for free with shockwave unlimited of course Shockwave unlimited has a price to it but if you play games a lot its much cheaper than paying for every game on big fish!!! And does anyone know how to get to acropolis???? I have been looking around but can’t seem to find it!!!!!!!! Is it on Eldirion or the Mainland??????

  3. Jackie says:

    Wonderful game, I’ve been playing all sorts of rpg games and the Aveyond series is my FAVORITE. I’m actually still in the middle of the game and I’m doing pretty well without a guide. Definitely worth the money.. I’ve tried my hand at making games and it’s not a piece of cake. Everything here was well polished and neatly tied up. The story is unique, the characters are… character like! So many plot twists and a LOT of humor. It’s really quite a game.

  4. liz says:

    how do you get a bueleaf sap in aveyond i don’t find it….
    please help……so soon as possible

  5. logan says:

    anyone know a good guide, im a little stuck and need some help, thanks

    • logan says:

      im mainly stuck at the part where u have to find a pie for the empress, anyone know where i can get the pie?

    • issy says:

      Help pleazzz, am stuck…..just cant find anything to open the rusty chests and the hammer and nails…..Thanks all

      • tuckerbaby16 says:

        There is a crowbar in the queens treasure room in Tyobi.
        Not in a treasure chest, it’s kinda just lying on the floor in the corner.

  6. Ingrid says:

    where is the hidden door in darkthrop keep? I cant find it anywhere!

    • Spirale says:

      Do not enter the castle. Just walk behind the Darktrop building and you should be able to locate the door.

    • Kyle says:

      It’s behind the vines on the third floor between the knight on the right and the shackles.

  7. adreena says:

    Does anyone know where I should learn how to climb the rock? Im stuck at granite mountain..~

    • logan says:

      how do u get the empress to let you pass?

      • Kyle says:

        You first find the rooster for the chef, if you go south around the water, you should find it wandering around. You then give it to the chef, but the rooster talks! Yvette remembers that talking animals belong only to Harakauna, go to Harakauna and talk to the chicken wife in the house, the rooster’s name is Karl, and he is the chicken’s husband! Go to the chef and ask him for the Rooster back, he will say no. Go to the royal treasury and pick up the crowbar, then use the crowbar to open the pantry in the chef’s kitchen. Go in the pantry and get Karl and open the chest, which will give you nails and a hammer. On the way to Harakauna, talk to the axeman and take the boards of wood. In Harakauna, go to Willoby’s house and board up his window so that he can grow his mushrooms. Go back to Tyobi and talk to the Empress, then go back to Harakauna and vote for Willoby’s mushroom pie in the cooking competition. After the competition, Willoby will give you the pie, take it to the Empress. She will give you a summon for Willoby. Go back to Harakauna and give Willoby the summon. Then go back to the Empress of Tyobi and ask for passage to Granite Mountains, that should do it! Happy to help:)

    • Ganymedes says:

      You learn that skill at Shoal Leiu.

  8. Minnie says:

    Can anyone tell me how to defeat Gyendal to take the orb???I cant win at all!! ;'(

  9. Jennie says:

    can anyone tell me where the 5 empty bottles can be found please ?

    • logan says:

      im pretty sure u have to collect them over time, so they are probably sitting in 5 different chests

    • logan says:

      now that i helped u could u tell me how to get the empress to let me pass

      • hanghung says:

        you have to get the empress a new chef whom you can find at the town with talking animals.theres going to be a cooking contest there and you will find the rat chef wholl give you a pie bring it to the empress and shell ask for the chef now go back and fetch the rat and after that you can ask for permission from her to open the pass

    • Jenn says:

      There is one bottle in each of the five caves
      1. crystal caverns (granite mountain)
      2. ashtera’s tomb (acropolis)
      3. Mana Cave (acropolis)
      4. Blueleaf Forest
      5. Circus

  10. M says:

    where is the post office in Thais? I’ve wandered all over the town and do not find it.

  11. low says:

    Can anyone tell me where to find a thindle root???

    • NekoChan23 says:

      hi there u can find it, if u do the side quest or already finished the side quest of the blacksmit be sure to buy more pots because u will be in danger if u ran out and get lost around the dungeon!
      The thindle root is a rotten carrot, ew what a gross description and u can definitely spot it somewhere

    • FeehilyForever says:

      There are loads in the Root System..which is inside the Great Tree.

  12. heather says:

    I need help! can anyone tell me where to find th bomber bird, i have found the others, but i can’t find this one.

  13. NekoChan23 says:

    Hi! Im stuck on finishing the side quest of the four shield becoz i only need one which is the hard part.

    To find it i must encounter each floor levels with those green and gray giant spider who can turned ur characters in stone and with one more shield missing; and ryt now im out of fresh milk with 150 hp i must know my way out of the dungeon and that is the only place i must get out now!!

    Another thing, be sure to buy more hp pots becoz u will be needing it in case you try to do the side quest in the tyobi for the blacksmith. Also be aware that the monster in the tyobi desert are tough to beat and u can find the chicken somewhere in the tyobi desert.

    In the harakuna village, talk to the lamb be sure to buy all the lamb equips and it will make ur character strong and buy more fresh milk and the tea leef bcoz some monsters are poisonous and mana pots and reviving pots *forgot what the names are*.

    And be sure to buy the other bird form it costs around 20k

    To darktrops tower u will be needing a shovel u can get in the piliad just find it and before going to the harakuna village be sure to equip ur characters with powerful equipments and make them stronger as u encounter tough monster on the way of the quest, that is all!

    Actually, right now i am planning to restart everything coz i’m completely lost my way back to thet blacksmith side quest and planning to make a sketch map of it and do it becoz it is very helpful!

    • Alice says:

      The shields are in different chests scattered throughout the caves beneath the shop….and the bird form for Yvette is 11K

  14. Ftroop says:

    Need help finding candy to lure the pixies over the bridge. Any idea of where to find it. Gone back and forth repeatedly, getting very tired.

    • Spirale says:

      In Shona Lieu there’s a certain old man who’s cursed by Hepitus. YOU MUST FIRST TALK TO HIS NIECE TO ACTIVATE THE QUEST. After you find the source of his curse,, talk to his niece again and she’ll give you the candy to lure the pixies away and obtain the starbell flower, which is the remedy for the old man.

  15. Alice says:

    Where do i find the new act for the circus?

  16. logan says:

    anyone know where any of the cookie caves are, i just won the game and want to replay it

  17. Linh says:

    Hey, do any of you guys know where the last bottle is to trap the pixies? I got one from the Circus, one from the Blueleaf Forest, but can’t find the last one.

  18. Megan says:

    I can’t find the hammer and nails. Can anyone please tell me where they are?

    • bgaboi says:

      The hammer and nails are in a chest inside the pantry of the kitchen of the empress palace in tyobi. You must complete the rooster quest.

      • Megan says:

        Thank you. I would have found them, I should have been more patient. I already had the rooster and was going to take him to the chef so It would have played out and I would have found them. Thanks for your help though.

  19. Jen says:

    I caught 1 rat and then lost my trap! I think I set it down in the restaurant but now can’t get it. CAn I get another?

    • Megan says:

      When you set your trap down somewhere all you have to do is go up to it and click it to pick it up. If you left it in the restaurant then go back there to get it. Are you sure you haven’t already picked it up and didn’t realize. Check your items to see if it is there.

      • Moemoe says:

        Are you allowed back in the restaurant after you close it down? Cause i didn’t think to pick the cage up from inside there either :(

  20. Kahlan says:

    where do you go after you fight Gyendal and the others leave you? I missed where they said they would wait for me and I cant find them anywhere

  21. sallyryde says:

    Trying to find Asher’s tomb, can anyone help me?

    • DIDABOOBOO says:

      if you have completed the beanstalk quest, then climb the beanstalk in stonetooth caves, and retrieve the mermaid key from the chest next to the stairs going downward. Then, make your way to the granite mountains. From there, go east until you see two godess statues posing by a door. Use the mermaid key on the door and you reach ashera’s tomb. Go right, like Nox tells the characters, then go upwards. then go left and in between the two bridges go upward and don’t stop until you see a life crystal. Heal up if needed, and the fight the giant crab. Then go upward, and right until you see a door. You reached Acropolis.

      Hope this helps!

  22. emma says:

    where can you find the rooster! i know it’s supposed to be in the desert somewhere, but where? do i have to go back through the worm caves to get it? please tell me i don’t have to go back in there.

  23. Megan says:

    I cought all three pixies and Hercules released them across the bridge. Now how do I lure the others to the same spot? I’m assuming Candy, but where do I get it? My people say talk to the people in town and one lady says they like candy but that is it. Usually Mel and them say something like “lets try and find some candy to buy” Or something. So I’m a little confused on that part. I know I have to go back to Stonetooth Cave system now with my beanstalk seed but I want to complete the side stuff here first. Thanks.

    • Megan says:

      NEVERMIND. I just noticed that someone else already asked this question and I read the answer. I try not to read the posts because I want to play the game without help unless I feel I really need it. But I was looking to see if I could help anyone else out. Thanks anyway. Sorry to have wasted a spot.

  24. Megan says:

    Ok so where do I find 5 bottles at? I have three. One I found in the Crystal Cavern but I dont’ remember where I found the other two.

    • Kyle says:

      Umm, I think one you find in Ashera’s tomb, I’m sorry I can’t remember where the second is.

  25. Wendy Hill says:

    I have all ingredients and recipe needed for acid but when i try to get alchemist to make acid for me, he just tells Ulf he expects him back tomorrow morning. Ulf has already joined my party, so I cant give him the ingredients directly. Any help?

    • Kyle says:

      You go to the bowl on the counter in the Alchemist’s lab and just put in the ingredients, then mix them together, and….viola! ACID!! =^.^=

      • Wendy Hill says:

        I tried that but I guess I cant do this by myself. In my recipes (from items list) states that this recipe(acid) must be mixed by an alchemist. When I do click on bowl it just gives me options of ice bomb, moth powder, and love potion and I dont have the required items shown to make acid, although I do have these things in my item list. Any other suggestions?

      • Wendy Hill says:

        Nevermind!! I finally looked in my items list and found out that I already have the stupid acid. I guess he made it so fast that I didnt realize that it was already done. Now I can finish my tasks since I think I am almost done.

  26. heather says:

    How do you get the golden frog from the guy in tyobi, I have the ugly bust of Hercules, but this guy won’t sell the frog. It is the only side quest I have left and just can’t figure it out. Please help! Thank you much in advance.

  27. fatma says:

    hi guys i need help im stuck in cave and there is a table which have a 4 colors ?its a puzzle but i dont no how to solve it so plz help me

    • RapidRedneck says:

      hey im stuck here in the cave (STONETOOTH) i think. its where the table with the 4 color tiles are that you have to change the color of i have tried every combination i can think of but nothing happens the riddle that ULF wrote down isnt much help can anyone tell me how to get past this? please help.

    • Mistie Ann says:

      The riddle tells you exactly what color goes in each spot on the table. From left to right on the table, you pick the color of the subject of each line from the riddle. For instance, the first line mentions the sun. The color associated with the sun is yellow. Grass and leaves are green and so on.

  28. a says:

    How do i open the gates to the remeberance clifs

  29. paris says:

    one of my characters has been turned to stone. does anyone know how to change her back?

    • didabooboo says:

      if you need to turn a character back to normal, you can buy skin cream at towns like tyobi. if you have a lot of gold, this is what i do. i stock up on as many as i can get, and use it during battle/adventure. Hope i helped!

  30. gagu says:

    u dont need to buy any grat game i got every aveyond from rapidshare

  31. LilP2010 says:

    What places do you find the bottles to catch the pixes? 3 places!!

  32. Asako says:

    how can i get the bomber bird?
    i aooready go to the west of the great tree and i can find the nectar.
    but i can’t find the bomber bird?

  33. Megan says:

    I really need help. I can’t find anywhere online to help me with my problem. I have all the aveyond games, I bought them from Bigfishgames. When I played Lord of Twilight I had no troubles saving my game at the end to The Gates of Night game. I just beat Gates of Night and I save it to The Lost Orb and when I go to play TLO my game is not there. I don’t understand why it’s doing this and I’m extremely frustrated. Some help would be greatly appreciated.

    • double lettle says:

      you just go to new game, and they will ask you whether you want to continue your previous game or not, so you just said yes.

  34. ElnaorHope says:


  35. Dragon Girl says:

    Some one help i cant find my way out of the worm cave

  36. Christa Hamilton says:

    I’m in Stonetooth cave. Solved the last riddle. Entered through the door to the final battle. Killed all the baddies. Picked up all the best equipment, but no final battle is triggered. Where is it? Am I missing something? Some help is appreciated. Thanks

  37. rilo says:

    what do you do in ghed’ahre oter than deliver the note to marcello

  38. Disney Mark says:

    hi .. what is MME ? can anyone answer this ? need help ..