Scramagram Bathroom Escape

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Scamagram Bathroom Escape is another Room Escape game from RogueJoker. “After a long day relaxing on the beach you return to your room to take a spa and get some room-service. Now you find yourself locked in the bathroom. You search around the room finding hidden letters which, once rearranged, will give you the password to the exit.” Easy. Have fun!

By Eric

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4 Comments to Scramagram Bathroom Escape

  1. merrytyme says:

    That was fun! First one I’ve ever finished without any help at all.

  2. nea says:

    the website the game is on brings on a advertising and when I click it away the game is white with icons on it and I can’t get it started any more

  3. Lindsii says:

    I didn’t know the word…so I gave up haha