Cannon Bods

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Cannon BodsCannon BodsHave you ever seen pirates jumping with parachute? In Cannon Bods, a new action game created by the team behind Morpheme, from England, you must use your mouse to aim your cannon at the matching parachuting pirates!

Hold the left mouse button for more power. Make good use of the angle and the power and choose your target wisely to create combos and get bonus points.

Easy to use and fun to play, Cannon Bods becomes quite challenging after the 10th level; perfect for a 10 minute break… if you like purple!

Have fun!

By Eric

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3 Comments to Cannon Bods

  1. lev says:

    um, what’s the trick to making the pirate hit the targets? Most of the time, it goes straight through them without doing anything. I can only get to level 3, and that takes a lot of luck.

  2. Darkfacimile says:

    I think you have to generally hit them at an angle…although the specific targeting location I wasn’t entirely clear on.

  3. Darkfacimile says:

    Addendum to the last post; I finally figured out (as it’s not clear on first play) that what you fire out of the cannon will hit pirates of THAT type. That explains why the shots were going through without hitting.