The Secret of Margrave Manor

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Dusty drapes and ancient chandeliers dot the spooky Margrave Manor house.

As Edwina Margrave, you must find your grandfather who’s been missing for ten years.

Your only clue to his whereabouts is a strange door with an odd puzzle to unlock.

In each room, collect hidden objects and view your strange medley in the collection room.

Can you uncover The Secret of Margrave Manor and discover your family’s forgotten past?

  • An Eerie Hidden Object game.
  • Spooky searchable rooms.
  • Find the family secret!
  • Very long game.
WindowsPlay FREE for one hour or Order the FULL version
Mac OsNot available

By Eric

current rating 3.00


57 Comments to The Secret of Margrave Manor

  1. marko says:

    not bad it looks cool

  2. alison says:

    does anyone know of any cheats version about as im stuck with the light wiring, cheers, alison

  3. Diane says:


    I have gone through the entire game and it ends rather oddly, it just loops. What is the purpose of collecting all that stuff? Does it serve any purpose??? Has anyone completed the entire game?

  4. Lisa says:

    Alison, I can help, but I need you to be more specific as to where you’re stuck.

  5. marla jones says:

    i agree with diane, just loops back to the final door unlock. is there something else to be done to continue with the game??
    i ended with only 57% of objects collected, so leads me to believe there is more, but i am at a loss as to what to do now.
    tried redoing the final scene 3 times, (as in 3 times too smart) but to no avail…

  6. Kathy says:

    The first time I played through the ending I had the butler stuck in the vault and then there was what seemed like a technical problem/memory overload and it looped back to the beginning of the vault scene. The second time I played through the ending I was really careful about not clicking the ‘continue’ so quickly and instead of the butler coming back I ended up in another hidden object scene where it asked me to hunt for one more letter with 0 hints and no time limit. Any idea where the hidden letter is?

  7. Dee Smith says:

    The hidden letter is to the left of Edwina …on the lower portion of the wall .

    I too can’t get beyond … I got as far a the gravestone and am trying to figure the meaning of the three times comment.. also wound up at 57% of the collectibles..

  8. Tracy says:

    The game does have glitches. I got about half way through and it wouldn’t start. Had to reload a few times. Finally got all the way to the end (I think) at the vault door.

    Press the doornob three times

    Cut scene with Gerald Show

    and then the game glitched and I was back at only 50 something percent.

  9. Mick says:

    Is anyone else having a problem with Margrave Manor not saving? I have to start over EVERY TIME and it is getting annoying.

  10. Mick says:

    Got it figured out. Had to uninstall and reinstall the game to get it to work right.

  11. Sheleigh says:

    I have the same issues…loop ending at the last piece of the puzzle, fifty something percent collected. If that’s all there should be more game but three times around the ending doesn’t do anything. No problem starting or saving and pressing the door knob three times doesn’t change anything. If the game was over it should say so and not take you back to the last puzzle piece when you reopen to play. Reload and replay? Is it worth it?

  12. Patty says:

    I’m sorry to see that I am not the only one finding the glitches and abrupt endings to this game. The game is fun up to the ending, then it just quits, like they forgot what they were doing. I’ve tried to find the ‘collections’ room in the free play but it is not there either, been through the game three times.

  13. Rush says:

    hi all did anyone do the free play……..does that have anything to do with it…..????

  14. Rush says:

    well i went back and redid all of the free play rooms and go A+s on all of them but that didn’t do anything…..i have 68% of the items collected………don’t understand either…..

  15. Doug says:

    Has anyone exceeded 97% complete? You keep going through the six rooms which change on every reload but the only item you add is the steering wheel.
    It is a long journey from the finding of the Grandfather to 97%.

  16. sharon says:

    my problem is a bit different, every single time i quit the game my rooms all get lost, so i have to start at the begining!!!! Any cure? Getting good at finding the objects though lol

  17. Diane says:

    Hey Doug (#15),

    How did you get to 97%? The best I could get was 63% when I found grandpa. When you say reload, do you mean you uninstalled and re-installed the entire game??

  18. Kelly says:

    I only got to 55%! I have a feeling that it has something to do with using the hints. I kept thinking there was more to the game. I feel its kind of a rip off that we cant finish the game by finding the treasure.

  19. bamer says:

    I have got to 97%, past locking the butler in the room and collected about ~30% more since then. However, now I am looping with the stupid steering wheel as the only object I get at the end of a scene. I went through 3 full rounds of rooms @ 97%, because of the “3x” comment in the letter, but still nothing! Totally stuck now. Any suggestions?

  20. Teri says:

    Are you all saying that we have to play the game 3 times to finish?

  21. Kiki says:

    Can someone just tell me what happens in the story? I only had a free trial and there was no way I could finish that game in one go, but I was really into the story. I got as far as reading the journal entry her grandfather wrote about his cousin Robby and his wife. Someone fill me in please?

  22. Ann says:

    I got all the way to the end and past the tombstone. The next screen tells you that you have completed the story and that you may continue playing to finish your collection. There is nothing else. The game kept locking up and giving errors towards the end. I thought I would never get to the final part with the tombstone.

  23. Jnet says:

    I had some false starts with this game. I had to start from the beginning about 3 times as it did not recognise me. Eventually I completed the game to the tombstone then went to the Freeplay Section. My Collection was 62%. No matter how high a score I had in the Freeplay – A+ A or A- my collection stayed the same…. So I restarted the game. After repeating all of the above on completion I had 55% in my Collection. What is going on? How do I get 100% in my Collection, and what do I do with it then? I expected to have to tidy it up!

  24. Tamara says:

    I got through the whole story, then got my collection to 100%. It still lets you play the game even after 100%, but nothing gets added to your collection. It seems like there should be more to the game. I did really like that the objects move everytime you enter a room.

  25. Kathy says:

    Be carefull if you reload the game! I lost EVERYTHING out of my collection … but I was finally able to get to the Grandfathers grave stone and final newspaper article.

  26. BEVERLY V says:

    Can someone tell me what my problem could be. Every time I have tried to download this game – I open it and it comes up SIDEWAYS on my computer and won’t run at all -even to exit it.
    No one seems to have this problem.
    Please advise.

  27. Debbie says:

    Beverly V…I would contact whomever you purchased the game from. My problem is just like everyone else’s. It’s a good game while it lasts, and then it leaves you hanging when you have collected 50 – 60% of the items. Not such a good game after all, huh?

  28. jane says:

    the ending is a letter and i cant even click continue :S thats dumb

  29. Bozak Grundle says:

    Just an awful game. Repetetive, sloppily executed and it falls apart horribly at the end. A slapdash effort not worth the price of admission.

  30. Marie says:

    I enjoyed this game, the objects moving about in the rooms, it seemed a bit more challenging towards the end but the ending is a bit confusing. I see several comments that there is more than just the loop of the last scene in the secret room but what exactly do you click on to get a different outcome?

  31. M says:

    Marie wat did u do to end up in the rite place after finding grandpa mine took me to a grave and finished rit there????
    i just clicked through there conversation and found the letter and thats it…
    can u tell me wat u did

  32. leanne says:

    uhh… does anyone know how to get the lightswitch when you enter the manor? it’s just a big pitch black screen.

  33. Lysa says:

    I too am stuck at the 97% part where you just keep playing and getting a steering wheel. Does anyone know how to pass this bit?

  34. Colloc says:

    Need more hints? THe game automatically gives you a hint every 3 minutes. Pause the game by hitting escape and go away for a half hour, leaving it paused. The computer clock keeps running but the game clock does not. When you restart the game you may have 8 or 10 hints, depending on how long you are gone.

  35. Colloc says:

    Update on the extra hints. Apparently this only works on some levels and not on others. When you pause the game watch the game clock in the lower corner. If it continues running then you need to keep playing or you’ll run out of time.

  36. Carla says:

    What happens in the end???

  37. hala says:

    does anyone know how to get the lightswitch when you enter the manor
    i could not see it evern with the hint

  38. kirsty says:

    I think the three times as smart thing is to do with the fact that he only hid a third of the treasure in the room he perished in. how much further does the game go? when i go onto play mode have to do the searching again but it won’t let me go back to the family crested door. any help?

  39. Shaz Ney says:

    Like others I’m stuck at 97% and dozens of steering wheels. Can someone please explain what you have to do to get to the grave because I only saw the room and left the butler there (and the news report that followed it) so reading there’s a grave scene was news to me. Can’t the creators fix this one?

  40. David says:

    I am stuck with a piece of the crest unlike any other piece. The crest is almost filled in entirely. This piece is small and has ragged edges and doesn’t fit anywhere. I can’t continue the search for Margrave or continue. All I can do is reenter all the rooms for free play. Is the game stuck? Does that funny piece fit somewhere? Anyone have that problem? Please answer with any help you can offer by sending me an e-mail. Thanks. David

  41. ricky says:

    just got it.installed ok but it wont bloody play,just a blank screen aargh

  42. Joe says:

    can somone pleas just tell me what happenens in the game from the letter where Edwin sends the telegram. after that point the game keeps repeating from the beggining.

  43. Jon says:

    Okay so I finally got all the crests and got in the room and everything, now do I have to keep playing to get find 100% of the objects because it’s getting a bit annoying.

  44. Zoe says:

    I need help, I’m stuck on three rooms, the Taxidermy, Kitchen and the Celler. I’ve played them so many times it’s starting to frustrating me. What am I supposed to find, or how many times is it going to make me play those three rooms over and over again?

  45. Ellie says:

    i know this may sound REALLY REALLY REALLY stupid but (even my mom tried)
    i am completely stuck at the part were you have a stone and you go into a white room and with a (i think) door knob any one know how to get past that?

  46. Ellie says:

    i cant save my game!!!!!!! it makes me restart every time!!!i dont know why HELP(please)

  47. Tracey says:

    How do you get the pieces on the door? I have clicked everywhere and it doesn’t do anything. Any suggestions?

    • Carin says:

      Hey Tracey, I’m stuck at the same spot!!! I’ve done everything and looked everywhere!! I can not find a CHEAT CODE or Walkthrough ANYWHERE! If you find the answer, can you PLEASE let me know what the cheat is? Please!!!!!

      • Nikki M says:

        I’m stuck at the same thing. No matter what I do, or what I click, the pieces wont go in to stupid crest on the door.

    • Lori says:

      I am so glad to see that I am not the only one with this problem. If anyone has found a cheat or a walk through for the crest, please let me know. I am getting frustrated at being stuck for the last 2 days.

  48. Edward_Margrave says:

    I got to the end….it was the Butler, surprise, surprise, but I won’t tell you how it all came about. Or what happened to Mr. Margrave. I am replaying the game to get to the 100%, but I reckon that its just a challenge, kind of like free play where you can try to get the A+, but with no rewards. There are places in the crest for the all the little pieces, so keep trying. Good game and its kind of a past-time to try and go through as fast as possible while you have a few minutes to spare.

  49. bree says:

    i have found the second piece to the door but it want fit.. its drivingme crazy.. what do I do?? i cant go back or anything