Magic Farm

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Magic Farm is a new role-playing game (RPG) in which you take on the role of a savvy young entrepreneur with a magical green thumb. Make exciting voyages with your new pirates and vegetarian cannibal friends. While you are traveling, grow beautiful exotic plants and protect them from different funny and sly insects and creatures.

During the game you get an opportunity to work on some farms which you purchase. Grow different flowers and fruits. You must water them and protect from beetles, snails and bees that are always ready to taste the fruits of your labor.

Sell your flowers separately or make beautiful bouquets for maximum profits! It’s up to you to water, protect, and sell your cash crop in order to save your beloved parents.

  • Deep involving story.
  • Get help from an adorable dragon.
  • Save your beloved parents.
  • Fine graphics.
  • Advancing skills.
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Mac OsNot available

By Eric

current rating 4.97


153 Comments to Magic Farm

  1. K8 says:

    Hello everyone,

    I am also stuck on the 30 pineapple task. I have 38 basic pineapples in my basket, and when I go back to the chief I get the original message of him asking me to get the pineapples. There is no option to give him the pineapples.

    I see so many people having this problem. Maybe it is just a glitch in the game. I don’t know what else to make of it.

    Any tips/tricks much appreciated.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Can anyone lease tell me what to do after the pirate invites to the dinner with the crab stew. I went to the global map and have gone back and forth between the 4 towns and I can’t find anyone. I have got through the game so far without any help, but now I need some. So please I’m begging you anyone tell me what I need to do!!!

  3. Mya says:

    Help farmer Dell want me to bring 2 unique Strawberry plants,2Huge heart,2 unique bellflower plant. How do I find the plants or grow them I am at port Arrowhead? please help me.

    • bem says:

      just grow the 2 unique Strawberry plants,2Huge heart,2 unique bellflower plant untill it grow golden strwberry,diamond&fiery heart flower,but you must move quikly when you pick the flower or watering the plant

      • mano says:

        but water barrel is one only na……….. then we cant collect water from that well also how is it possible to grow those plants i helpless please help me…………

      • asip says:

        Hi friend I help u . first u bought water fall .and when dry ur water and u take water from fall.OK enjoy

  4. Lefty1219 says:

    Hi, I am stuck at the exam in Shadow Glen. I think there is a glitch in my game. I accepted the first test in Shadow Glen of getting the 5000 coin exam fee but I can’t collect anything since I have no baskets and it won’t let me buy anything? Does anyone else have this problem? I think i have version 1.023 if that helps anyone..Thanks!

  5. stephani says:

    on the shadow glen thing, you have to evolve your plants to the highest stage then sell them until you make 5000 coins

  6. swimgal23 says:

    Lefty1219 i am having that same problems and it very frusterating idont know what to do… u get points for killing the people as long as u have no plants planted but that is all i know how to do….

  7. dalia says:

    your suppose to kill the gosts and the other beasts to collect money its very hard i gave up Show

  8. Stacy h says:

    im stuck on the 1 just after you find the parents. Where the father asks you to get “3 flowers of earth, and 5 flowers of bewitching ice.” and someone else asks for “9 snake flowers, 5 glow worm flowers, and 2 flowers of everlasting ice”

    I no where to get the everlasting ice and glowworm flowers from, But i dont no where i get the others? Can someone help me please?

  9. sahar windawi says:


    hello everyone i’m stuck in shadow glen as well…. i need to collect the exam fee, but i have no basket…
    so please tell me what to do..

  10. susy says:

    how do you get silver strawberries? gold are easy but silver is impossible

  11. madiha says:

    hi everyone, i finished almost every task in the game. i rescued the girls parents and now i have to take a test in port arrowhead. i have to get 6 red hearts flower, 3 incarnadine hearts and 1 fiery red heart. my plants keep dying because they wont let me buy water can anyone help me?

  12. brittany says:

    hey i am stuck on the exams i dont know what to do one the fith of the first set of exams he is taking away all my money so i cant buy any plants so it is inposible to do right or is there a trick

  13. brittany says:

    madiha just leave the dragion to watering and sell a plant to buy water if u can

  14. brittany says:

    i need help what r silver strawberrys r they those blueish ones and what r cup bellflowers and incarndine hearts

  15. Ameet says:

    brittany says:
    August 9, 2009 at 4:40 pm
    i need help what r silver strawberrys r they those blueish ones and what r cup bellflowers and incarndine hearts

    Answer : Click on sell harvest, c on the top line all the flowers tht u hav plucked clicking on each flowers u shall hav their details.

  16. Ameet says:

    madiha says:
    August 7, 2009 at 8:42 pm
    hi everyone, i finished almost every task in the game. i rescued the girls parents and now i have to take a test in port arrowhead. i have to get 6 red hearts flower, 3 incarnadine hearts and 1 fiery red heart. my plants keep dying because they wont let me buy water can anyone help me?

    Answer : Gradually start plucking flowers from 2 plants,then increase the plants. u’ll njoy…!

  17. Tonya says:

    I am stuck on May Island, I can not figure out what the fruits of earth are and I have been on this part forever. only one of the plants have grown in the statue and I am assuming that I am waiting for more to grow for my fruits of earth but it seems to be taking an eternity. Please help.

  18. Melissa says:

    i can not get the yeti’s club?? where do i find or how do i get it

    • anonymous says:

      i know right?! uurrgghh…but where is the answer??I WANT THE ANSWERS!!!someone please give me the answer!

  19. jeny says:

    I am on the 5th farm and do not know what th “flowers of Earth” are. Where can I find tham and what plant do they come from?? HELP!

  20. Cheatr says:


  21. bev says:

    please help me.. im super stuck! where can i get blossomed snake flowers?

  22. kajal says:

    hey i need 30 fiery red heart flowers and 10 each kind of flowers so where i get them tell me plzzzz :(

  23. Ramya says:

    hey i need 30 fiery red heart flowers where i get them tell me plzzzz :(

    • Tasch says:

      Did yo get the answer? Coz im stuck too!!! Everyone is talking about how far they have come in this game but i think its the end for me!! I have no clue how to get that feiry red heart flowers….

  24. ghel says:

    i cant get water from the well that looks like a human or animal..pls. said click here to get water, but everytime i do that it doesnt work..I dont know whats wrong.. pls, help me..

    • Cris says:

      I have the same issue.

    • Sascha says:

      I just figured that one out myself. Go to the left side of the fountain, close to where the small stone indentation is. Slowly hover around that area untill your curser turns into a hand. That is where you click to get the water. It took me forever to figure it out, and the area is quite small. It may take some time to see.

  25. ghel says:

    pls help me, i cant get water from the well that looks like a says click here to get water, but evrytime i do that it doesnt work! i dont know whats wrong, i always click the well and it doesnt give water..pls, somebody help Show

  26. Jenifer says:

    I have found the girls parents but after that i am stuck with a round where we have to collect 30 fiery heart flowers so Can anyone please tell me how to grow FIERY HEART FLOWER in this game……. I am trying from more than 20 days but still i am not able to grow even one… Please help me……………………………

  27. Lance gill says:

    Hello! I need help. I’ve finished the campaign part of the game where the player should rescue her parents. However, I’ve got some really irritating problems in the bonus levels particularly in the exams. I’m on the second farm (Port Arrowhead) taking the second exam and I’m stuck with the fourth one. The farmer wants 6 red hearts, 3 incardine red hearts and 1 fiery red heart. I’ve tried many strategies such as selling two of the given plants and growing the remaining plant ,but my plant died because the level doesn’t permit the player to buy water or even a well. I believe there are some advanced players here and I really need your help. Please reply immediately to my petition and to the others above and maybe below as well. Thanks!

    • Sascha says:

      Have you figured out the answer yet? I am stuck there as well, and everyone keeps saying to let Robyn water, but apparently they dont know what they are talking about since Robyn is not there to help for it. I am soooo confused.

    • Echo says:

      I’m stuck here, too. Somewhere I read to let the plant get down to the last drop of water, but that doesn’t stretch your water out at all – whether you water at full or at a single drop, it uses one unit of water.

      I’m going to try it once more and make sure I water the plant immediately each time… if that doesn’t work, I guess I’ll have to start the whole thing over since you can’t back up and go elsewhere. Really frustrating!

  28. sweetie.... says:

    how do i get the 10 kinds of heart flowers…???
    im stuck at the fiery red heart..omg tired of trying

  29. nawty angel says:

    how do i get the 10 kinds of heart flower… so stuck @ the fiery red heart. please help

  30. Lian says:

    how do i to get Fiery Red heart flower??!
    please answer :)

  31. dorbilas says:

    please !! i need to know where i will find 30 fiery red heart flowers xD !!

  32. Jamie S says:

    Still can’t get fiery hearts. Been trying for days… Water- Incarnadine Heart – Water – STILL INCARNADINE DARN HEART!!! What do I do?:'(

  33. Dorbilas Vika says:

    guys pls … i dont know where t find fiery red heart flowers ;/

  34. Roshni says:

    How can i harvest precious crystal and red crystal as there no such type of crystal available in that part of game.
    please help me

  35. Gladys says:

    Hey guys! I stuck on 30 hearts flower, 10 of each kind. I’ve collected 20 of each kind. But dunno how to get another kind of heart flower :(

    • kelly says:

      Its simle all you have to do is plant 2 of the same kind of the plants they give you (6) play on that on the 2nd farm and play for 30 – 1 hour and you will get your third kind of heart flower

  36. priyank solanki says:

    I m unable 2 find red heart fiery flowers in d game where’s it?????plzzz guide me where can i get it…….

  37. James says:

    IT IS EASY TO GET FIERY RED HEART…. Please read my walkthrough carefully!
    1) Plant 2 each of the given plant (total 6 plants) and play for 30mins to 1hr..very fastly….then, lastly plant! Right?