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NevermoreNevermore is a very original creation from Adam Westerman. Your goal in this little platform game is to collect all the blue coins with your avatar; use the arrow keys to move and press space bar to jump. Hold spacebar to jump higher.

What makes Nevermore so unique is its very original graphic style and its amazing animations. However, the game engine is not perfect, and some of you could find the avatar a bit tricky to control at some points. That being said, this first opus is so fun and amazing that you can’t miss such a beautiful world for a 5 minutes break.

Have fun!


Nevermore 2Nevermore 2Nevermore 2 is a prequel to Nevermore. With this second platform game, Adam Westerman gives us a new aesthetically advanced game, with gorgeous graphics and animations, several scenes to complete, and always this incredible atmosphere!

Your mission here is to find an ancient mine full of treasure hidden somewhere at the top of a hill. Use the arrow keys and the space bar to control your avatar.Everything in Nevermore 2 looks relaxing: colors, music, sounds, animals and water, all together create a strange and peaceful feeling that you won’t be able to find in a lot of Flash games available today. With a longer journey than in the first opus, Nevermore 2 is a bit hard at time, but you should easily find your way to the end.

Overall, Nevermore 2 is one of my favorite games: with its unique and charming style, this one has won a place in my heart!

Have fun!

Nevermore 2 walkthrough in comment #31 (thanks Meshulam!)

By Eric

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  1. e2knukles says:

    k umm the ending was kinda bad gameplay was good

  2. dhoop says:

    It’s rare to find such beautiful graphics in a game. The only other game with such appealing animation I can think of is fancypants. People sometimes don’t like these sorts of games as it’s not violent enough. Eejits!
    I hope more of these are made.. really well created congrats!

  3. Black Ice says:

    Ok the part with the three stones. Yeah, ok. You know how there is kinda a wall there too. Well there is a really small stone you have to jump on. Then you can drop over the other stones.

  4. dog lover says:


  5. snap luver23 says:

    this game was a complete waste of my life…how lame…. how lame… sad now…i coulda been doin somthin important!! like playin other brainmelting games…lol….but seriously, i really didnt get that game…LAME

  6. Even though the storyline doesn’t really go nowhere, I still think West has brought forth an interesting platformer.

  7. emilyy says:

    loved the walkthrough meshulam. helped me a lot! i too thought the ending was very disappointing.. but then again its a prequel so whats to be expected.

    overall an okay game, though i enjoyed nevermore 3 the best.

    i felt really stupid when at the beginning: Show

    haha ツ