Virtual Families

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Virtual Families is the latest virtual life simulation game released by Last Day of Work, the team behind the very popular Virtual Villagers series,  Plant Tycoon and Fish Tycoon.

In the game, players adopt a character who then begins a life: choosing if they want to marry, deciding whether to have children, furthering their career, all with the help and guidance of the player.

Virtual Families focuses on the true aspects that make a family unique, from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, displaying life in all its drama and glory.

Virtual Families runs in true real-time, meaning that when the player’s computer is shut off, the game continues to progress, with the family members evolving and growing, based on what the player has taught them, even when no one is interacting with them. The game is set in bucolic suburbia and features a gorgeous hand-drawn scrolling map with a house and garden. It employs sophisticated artificial-intelligence and a varied selection of characters with quirky personalities to adopt and take care of.

There are various hurdles that appear throughout Virtual Families, from moral dilemmas – including whether or not to keep a package that was inadvertently delivered to your home, or if you should send your daughter to Paris for a modeling contract – to real-life situations such as illness, allergies, promotions and chores. Also included along the way are mini-puzzles, where family members have to find hidden objects throughout their home and garden, and trophies that can be acquired after reaching various goals throughout their journey.

  • Runs in true real-time.
  • Unique and fascinating adoptees from 1000’s of combinations.
  • Fully trainable people: shape/adapt their personalities through praising and scolding!
  • Dynamic illness system. Play doctor!
  • Over 100 trophies.
  • Hidden puzzles around the house.
  • Email ‘events’ and other random, unpredictable occurrences.
  • Weather, day/night cycles (synchronized to the player’s system clock, so it is nighttime in the game when it is nighttime where you are).
WindowsPlay FREE for an hour or Order the FULL version
Mac OsPlay FREE for an hour or Order the FULL version

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238 Comments to Virtual Families

  1. sophie! :D says:

    how do you stop them coffing??

  2. Callie says:

    Youou buy them cough lozenges at the store

  3. Brittany says:

    How long does the mom hold the baby in her hands?

  4. Jess says:

    Whenever i go to play from were i left off it starts me from the beginning everytime and its really annoying. Does anyone know why and how to stop it?

  5. Erin says:

    the person i adopted died. can i pick my 14 year old or does it have to be the 1 that went of to colladge? if i picked the 14 year old will she grow up and get married and have kids?

  6. Sweet says:

    I saw someone talking about a dog How do you get a dog?

  7. MiKaLLah4eVr says:

    how do i get a email from them because whenever i put a person on a computer it always says browse the internet or something

  8. Ash says:

    My store items dont change, even when i buy stuff it just stays an empty slot is there a way to fix that?

  9. coolchick101 says:

    How do i stop the dryer lint from burning????? please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Seeds says:

      I think you should open the tool shed first put a person there and they will fix the fire

  10. coolchick101 says:

    How do you stop the dryer lint from burning?????????? please help!!!!!!!!

    • GRR says:

      you have to open up the tool shed by dragging a member of the family to the sandbox–there’s a doorknob there.that member will return it to the shed doors.then wait until that member is done inserting the doorknob to the shed.use the same member to drag to the doormat on the floor right where they first came after you adopted them–the opening before they come into the house.then they’ll use the key under the doormat to open the shed door.finally you use the same member to drag them to the fire extinguisher and they’ll use it for the fire.

  11. debbie says:

    how do i get the rocket scientist to work?

    • Lucy says:

      You give the child 2-3 encyclopedias to read as a child. So make sure to check the store often for them!

  12. jill says:

    I have the mobile version from the droid market place. When I go to the store it will only let me have food. When I click on anything else it says I can only get these other items if I use the full pc version. Thus, the game, I assume can not actually be played on my droid.
    Is this correct? Please correct me if this is wrong. Why would they place the game on the droid marketplace if it can not be played on mobile? The player needs to be able to buy things other than food or you can not expect real game play.
    Looks like a fun game, I’d like to play. Am I doing something wrong? Is anyone out their playing mobile on droid? If so can you suggest a solution to my problem?
    Thank you

    • tina says:

      Jill there is a trick in the mobile one. you have to click on the food hit cancel. then click on the item you want when it says you cant buy it click ok and click on it again. keep doing this and you will buy what you want in the end sometimes it takes a while other times its one the first few times.

  13. KB62078 says:

    How do I open the path to the neighbors? I read its behind the tree by the pool but where exactly and how long do I have to keep clicking? should I be dragging somebody there? do I just keep clicking? Any help would be very appreciated!!!

    • GrannieGamer says:

      I really would like to know this as well, can anyone please tell me how to find that path?

  14. ADMIN says:

    If you want to have a baby (triplets) give 3 baby boosts at the mother and father 3 of each, sometimes if gave 2 baby boosts it will become triplets…………..
    If you want to have (twins) give 2 baby boosts, the same as the triplets

  15. Icce23 says:

    Please help me someone because I need to know an easier way to get passed the path If u don’t mind plz help me 😊

  16. Icce23 says:

    I think it’s the neighbors path plz. Help me

  17. Merry says:

    How come I don’t have shed and sandbox? Someone please help me. I’m playing on iPad. Thanks!

  18. Olivia says:

    My family has died and I haven’t gotten new people for days what has happend?

  19. Nelly says:

    WHERES THE PATH TO THE NEIGHBOURS!!! im desperate can someone please help me?? please answer :)

  20. QTK8 says:

    It seems like the game doesn’t have many directions…

  21. Tori says:

    How do you open the path to neighbors??????

  22. Maline says:

    Do the child take over in the free version of virtual families lite and if so, how long do u have to wait?

  23. Tammy says:

    Pls help shed door is fixed but my little person won’t pick up the key it says
    Confused-sees key

  24. Johanna says:

    Where do you find the Christmas dinner food?