Vision Museum

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Vision MuseumVision MuseumFour days only after the release of The Scrapper and almost three weeks only after the release of The White Day, IDAC should release tomorrow its third Room Escape game in 2007, Vision Museum!

The game coincides with the release of “Funky Town”, the new single of the Japanese pop singer Namie Amuro.

If I understand the story right (I might be wrong since I can’t read Japanese!), you are invited at a party in a museum to celebrate the release of the new artist CD, and you will get trapped in a branch of this museum. You can easily imagine what kind of challenge you can expect from IDAC…

Have fun!

Update: walkthrough in comments #23, #27 and #28 (thanks bleahz!)

By Eric

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80 Comments to Vision Museum

  1. BIBI says:


  2. Eric says:

    Bibi – As mentioned in the post, you will have to wait until… April 4 ;-)

  3. BIBI says:


  4. escape artist says:

    oh, thats why… tomorrow, same bat station, same bat time…..

  5. mammy says:

    the date is the 4. in norway. Cant get the game…

  6. agne says:

    ei guys am I first who is playing this game? please start to play someone else too because I’m stuck!! I need help!!

  7. BIBI says:


  8. escape artist says:

    ok, well im back and it wont work… . . .

  9. treyeme says:

    I finally won one yeah!

  10. dragonbreath says:

    managed to get headphones, listen to music, buy CD, get bar code reader. Now I’m stuck

  11. finlandaise says:

    How did you listen to the music? Got the headphones where they belong but don’t know how to listen to the music..

  12. finlandaise says:

    now I understood how to buy a CD, but I’m stuck now..

  13. Ana says:

    I have a book, screwdriver with a key, phone and something like a record-player. on top hang a microphone and I have to open safe but how?

  14. italiana says:

    today doesn’t work for me!
    It’s stuck in first page!!!!

  15. GueSs AppeArAnce says:

    im stuck where the whole floor collapse ( i love the cool boxing machine thing) anyway, im stuck on that level can anyone help me(already unscrewed the floor)

  16. Lenou says:

    I’m blocked with the keyword can someone help me ? PLEASE !

  17. Karl says:

    Ive got the cell phone, now what?

  18. Lenou says:

    I’m blocked wit the keyword that I’ve to find on the web. I need help PLEASE.

  19. lebrasil says:

    There is a code on the CD. Put de bar code reader inside the machine (which has a red button) and use the CD on it.

  20. bleahz says:

    for the bar scanner,


  21. BB says:

    Got the floor to fall, but what do you put up to the sensor?

  22. Chivalry says:

    After you put the bar code reader in the locked area, use the cd and it will open. Get the cell phone and place it on the other locked door. Examine the screwdriver you get, notice it is a key.

  23. bleahz says:




    for the bar scanner,


    then Show

    for hp



    im stuck here. =(

  24. BB says:

    Yeah, that’s where I’m stuck as well. Tried the book (the funny design in it), everytime opens new web page when you click it, phone, pda, nada. Someone has to have figured this out by now.

  25. BB says:

    BTW, what’s that thing hanging from the ceiling after the floor drops. Go back to the two key holes and look up.

  26. bleahz says:

    yay i got it

  27. bleahz says:

    ok. go take the hp. u should know where.

    i shall say it briefly cos i 4got some of the things and u ppl should be smart.

  28. bleahz says:





    thanks to whoever that translated the game to english. i do not understand what theyre saying. they may be scolding me =(

  29. BB says:

    All that and I can’t get the website to come up for the Key word.

  30. BB says:

    nvm, figured it out. I would love to know what they are saying. Probably something similar to congrats for wasting more of your time playing games on line!!

  31. SEA says:

    Does anyone know the password that you are supposed to find on vision factory’s website? My browser won’t convert all the characters to english.

  32. Phil says:

    Done, good job

  33. nicky says:

    click on white door with the locked sign. use hp with the circle i can’t do it. Help me

  34. pal says:

    i got the password, little hit n trial..

  35. Seth says:

    where is the hp!!!

  36. pal says:

    password doesn’t work?

  37. DaDewd says:


  38. gui says:

    didn’t funky town worked?


    and japanese is tooo weird! it’s kinda funny

  39. yo says:

    when the floor drop what should i do next?

  40. mazemasher says:

    i have the book, a cd, and pda, i put the scanner in the slot and it wont open or anything and the cd is out of the case so im kinda stuck, please help

  41. Amy says:

    I finally managed to finish one without help…GO ME!!!!

  42. DJ HAMSTER says:

    This is a really crap game and what a stupid ending


  43. maty says:

    im stuck im locked in yokos room please someone give me a walkthrough

  44. maty says:

    whats a hp????????????????

  45. bleahz says:

    hp= mobile phone/celluar phone whatever u call it.

  46. bleahz says:

    hp=handphone too. we call it handphone here in singapore, common term.

  47. orel says:

    heeeello…I’m french And I’m playing this stupid game lol AND I’M LOCKED, pleaaase what is the password I’m supposed to find on the website vision factory? please answer me in a way I can understand lol…

  48. jun says:

    They saying something like “good job!” and “well done!” So cute…

  49. Katie says:

    Um… I am stuck with the closest thing? electronic closet? and the white door

  50. debi says:

    wahoo were out thank god 4 that sick of hearin that bloody funky town song hehe my boyf keeps on singing it how annoyin lol