Gazzyboy – Dragon Castle Escape

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Dragon Castle Escape is another Room Escape game from Gazzyboy, the author of Killer Room Escape, Drainage Escape, Biology Lab Escape, Speed V3 Train Escape, Pirate Ship Escape, Office Escape, Aeroplane Escape, Musical Rool Escape and many more. Good Luck!

By Eric

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3 Comments to Gazzyboy – Dragon Castle Escape

  1. pafm says:

    Little things to do… out.

  2. Prid says:

    Long Time no See, FreeGamesNews :)



    I know that I’ve been gone for so long, but I think I am done writing Walkthroughs daily/weekly. It’s mostly because of School, and because I don’t want to end up on my Laptop 24/7 – I want to spend my time, playing with my friends and doing other fun things while I still can. I am only 14 Years old, and I am still a kid/youth! I really had a fun time being here and I made alot of new friends. Even though I don’t comment anymore or write walkthroughs, I check FGN everyday, and I am still going to do that. Maybe I’ll write walkthroughs once in a while, when I am less tired!

    Type: Extremely High-Detailed Walkthrough | 8-Steps
    Time Used: 1 Hour
    Written By: Prid