Bubble Tanks

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Bubble TanksBubble TanksBubble Tanks is a “relaxing” shooter created by Jared Riley, in which you have to explore an infinite world full of bubble tanks. Destroy them and absorb the bubbles they leave behind. The more bubbles you get, the larger your tank and the more powerful your weapons become.

Use the WASD keys or define your own settings if you don’t have a QWERTY keyboard to control your bubble tank and aim and click with your mouse to fire.

Similar to flOw in many ways and different at the same time, Bubble Tanks succeeds in keeping the player interested, at least for a while.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.50


17 Comments to Bubble Tanks

  1. Dustin says:

    the farthest ive gotten is a tank with one small blast and one big blast and a light covering how bout u

  2. nickw says:

    same here

  3. Xerox says:

    Yeah here too that’s the max so far the designer said so.

  4. edge rc says:

    iv got that far too but i wonder if there will be a bubble tank 2

  5. proztar says:

    Same i think there might be a number 2 soon

  6. ... says:

    big and small shoot tank is the last one?
    In no.2 there could be the option to chosse “ways”/”paths”, like if u want to shoot 1 big bubble or 3 at a time with the same power, or use the bubbles to buy new kinds of shooting

  7. Ben says:

    who made this game (the website would help to look for if there is a bubble tank 2)

  8. ? says:

    as you get your shield, it gets thicker and more blue

  9. al says:

    is there a bubble tanks 2???????????????????????????????????

  10. yohandinmapantz says:

    fathest ive got was the tank that looks ike a spider, it shoots three at atime.. any tips

  11. JOE says:

    bubble tanks two come out in july

  12. Fabio McFly says:

    Where did it say that it came out in july ive been looking forever and havent found a date yet.

  13. haha says:

    Indeed, there is a lot to explore…
    And so many upgrades to choose from.
    My favorite is heavy, normal gets you nowhere and fighter is too fast yet too weak.

    A good combination would be


    There are so many types of monsters, I’d say keep some weak bubble maps unexplored in case you need to top up your bubbles after heavy attacks.

    For your info, apart from the normal monsters that gets harder as you go by,

    and finally,


  14. Mahlok says:

    So far I have gotten the totally maxed out Fighter which can disassemble and reassemble itself and is invincible but can fire when disassembled

    I got the maxed out Tank which can send out swarms for fighters and has a bullet deflector gun

    I have yet to try combination and the middle type of balanced fighter tank

    I love this game to much :)

    note: if you are a beginner start by getting all the bubbles near the home base instead of going straigh out to the harder enemies

  15. steve 88 says:


  16. steve 88 says:

    i got the last upgrade on bubble tanks 1

  17. cj says:

    there is bubble tanks 3 where u can make ur own tank