Lost City of Z

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Uncover the mystery of the Lost City of the Amazon!

Explore rain forest scenes and follow the trail of a missing National Geographic researcher.

Using the tools and clues you find along the way, trace the paths of explorers who searched for an ancient civilization.

Decipher mysterious messages and uncover the trails of generations of explorers in your quest to find your sister.

Will you be able to find the elusive City of the Amazon as well?

  • Great puzzle mini-games.
  • Beautiful environments based from National Geographic imagery.
  • Based Compelling storyline.
  • Exotic atmosphere.
  • Find the Lost City of Z!
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By Eric

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6 Comments to Lost City of Z

  1. Annemarie Ingleton says:

    I have Lost City of Z, and I’m up to the helicoptor crash, ther is no way I can see the set of keys or the screw driver. I have used the hint button, but no way can you find them, can you help, as I cannot go on.

    • Liz says:

      I have a hard time too – I even try to use my camera to magnify the area – still stuck there any answer to this problem???

  2. Judy says:

    I’m Stuck on finding the Ant To Take A Picture. I Can’t continue until I find it. The clue is no help at all.

    • Lollo says:

      Judy, did u ever find the ant? I have not been able to find it and i think there is something wrong with the game. what do you think?

  3. Annemarie Ingleton says:

    OK Now I’m up to the jeep at the end of the game, I am suppose to click on the sparklie door on the jeep to get a closer look, but nothing is happening, what am I doing wrong??