Rebubbled (Bubble Struggle II)

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RebubbledRebubbledDo you remember the popular Bubble Struggle (also know as Bubble Trouble) created in 2002 by the Croatian Krešimir Cvitanović. The good news is that the (very) long awaited sequel to this game was released in an alpha version two days ago!

Our little devil is back in Rebubbled, and once again, your goal here is to pop all the bubbles in a limited time to progress to the next level.

If the gameplay is close to the original game, the author put a lot of effort to improve this second version of Bubble Struggle: better graphics, smoother animations, tons of levels, tons of new power-ups (the flower and the freeze are my favorite ones), several bubble types, ladders, trampolines and more!

Use the arrow keys to move your character and press the spacebar to shoot the bubbles bouncing in the air.

Difficulty is well managed and increases gradually as you make progress through the game. Later levels are very difficult: fortunately, Rebubbled allows you to restart from the last level you played, so you won’t have to play the same level again and again.

As mentioned above, Rebubbled is not completely finished yet and some extra features should be added soon (sound, level editor and a 2 player mode).

That being said, the single player is very addictive and a lot of fun and we can easily say that Rebubbled is much better than the original.

Have fun!

Bubble Struggle 2 video walkthrough!

By Eric

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1,296 Comments to Rebubbled (Bubble Struggle II)

  1. badonkadonk says:

    OMG! HELP ON LEVEL 45 PLEASE! i cant get past it, it is very irritating.

    • bubbles fan says:

      Hi, its really simple really i guess, i first hit the purple ball afew times, i then ran over to the far left side directly under the ladded in the middle off each side for instance where you step up a ladder, i directly stood under there and kept pressing the space butn FOREVER and got all the little time thingos then once there wasnt many bubble left i went out and shot them :) HOPE THAT HELPED!! if your having alot off torubles YOUTUBE IT! IT WORLS HAHAH

  2. demi says:

    i love bubble struggle, but everytime i load a game, it moves itself to one end, and wont move HELP!

  3. Jalen canoon says:

    i need help on level 68 damn

  4. selena says:

    i love this game i got pased level 19 now im stuck on level 20 i need HELP!!!!

  5. Ximster says:

    Where can i download it… free? please gime link…

  6. petros93 says:

    Can someone tell me how to download this game…………??please…

  7. Vanessa says:

    I need HELP on level 83. I can’t. It is too hard. please someone help me.

  8. Andy says:

    I just can’t get past level 45. Can someone help me??

    • Ruth says:

      Did you get help?? Because I have been stuck on this level for weeks!!! Very irritating!!

      • hello says:

        I know doesn’t it annoy you when you try constantly but always die !!

        sometimes i feel like braking my computer, because i am very impatient

        my friend gave me a tip , since she beat it, i don’t know if it works, but i know it helps, cause i tried it, and i got a lot further then i usually get heres the tip:Show

        HOPE I HELPED YOU !! :D

      • ashle!gh says:

        OMG this helps heaps tnx :P

    • Hope it Helps! says:

      Hi. I was stuck on this level for ages too! The most important thing is to never stop moving. u have to be constantly running. when u get to the long ladder slide down it by pressing the left or right button key. i find its easiest to press the way u r going at the end. when u get under the box double shoot. this gets rid of the brown thing, gives u a time boost and pops the bubble. do this for all of them. when u get to the purple ball, kinda follow it. this way u r close if u r running out of time. if possible keep it full and go over to the left habd corner infront of the long ladder. shoot it now. all the powerups will come down on u and u shld be ok. stay in this corner but move slightlly just dodging the balls. when u have only a few left go out and shoot them. Hope this helped!

  9. alec says:

    how do you get two players?

  10. :) STAR:) says:

    : ) i need hellp on level 27 its soo hard i alwayss run out of time :( PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPPPP

  11. jeetu says:

    see in youtube…………:)

  12. Emily says:

    Please, i seriously cant do level 45. I have tried everything, gooing to the left and hiding. Its too frustrating. It takes too long to get to the purple ball and when i get there i die. The closest i have gotten is a few balls left but then time runs out. Please.

  13. ariana says:

    i can’t pass 45 level please can someone tell me how to pass it?? p.s. i’m from romania

  14. josh says:

    level 27 is hard i always run out of time ahhh!!!

  15. Adrian says:


  16. maddie says:

    OMG! I just got past level 45.
    You just need to like stay in the left corner hiding under the jump pad thing and coming out and hitting them but like make sure you get all the time things otherwise you’ll run out.
    SOO addicting!

  17. AdamLarosa says:

    Hey rebubbled fans,

    I really cant get past 43 does any one know any tips or how to actually pass it.


  18. MAgnus says:

    Level 45 was easy!! I beat it in 1 hour and 35 minutes :) LOL LOL LOL

  19. mohamad says:

    how do we download please answer xxxx

  20. Liv says:

    I CAN’T GET PAST LEVEL 25!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

  21. Teagy says:

    anyone know how to pass level 61?
    please i really need help

    • BT2ammu says:

      first, Go up the ladder and at the middle,at the top, there should be a brown box like thing. Shoot it and you will get a Freezer which stops all the bubbles. You can then clear all of the purple bubbles and then come down and there should be another box like thingy which completes the yellow rectangle which will also release a freezer. While you are clearing the red bubbles another freezer will pop up. Most of the time you will get a blue shield after so you can get rid of the remaining few bubbles. Hope this helped! I know this is a bit confusing so feel free to ask me questions. I wouldn’t be surprised if you do!

  22. Jaz says:

    i finally got past level 29!!
    you just have to get past the red balls then shoot the brown bar and the yellow bubble then use the red shield and run past all the green balls and in the top right hand side cornor there is a secret brown bar and if you hit that you get a star badge and it pops all the bubbles!!!

  23. MEGAN says:


  24. Brittc says:

    How do u get past 2P lvl 49???

  25. Natasha says:

    how o you get thru level 25??

  26. alyssa says:

    anyone know how to beat level 65???? i have been stuck on it for days!!!!!