Escape Game Sasaesan (Nursery)

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Escape Game Sasaesan (Nursery) is a Room Escape game from Kagiana, the author of Captain Duck, Old Hotel, Escape the Nursery and Monster 2. In this one, you find yourself locked in a room with no idea what you are doing here Try to find some useful items and escape! Have fun!

By Eric

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11 Comments to Escape Game Sasaesan (Nursery)

  1. MiniTaurus says:

    code for cellphone?

  2. Lizzy says:

    What to do with the Show

    No luck with cellphone either.

  3. adda says:



  4. eric says:

    cellphone – 1216

  5. eric says:

    finally did another game without help cute game

  6. juice says:

    ok I’m stuck and clearly stupid lol do not understand arrow on cellphone got father key and note about stones and birds now What?

    • eric says:

      go to desk drawers pink 1st click the line on cellphone when done you will get a ball in bottom drawer

  7. anna says:

    i am as far as juice, found sissors don’t know what to do with them.