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Boom Escape is a Room Escape game by EscapeFever the author of Dark Room Escape, Smallest Room Escape, Mystery Island Escape, Nut hunter and many more. “There are no doors in this room and the room contains explosives. Escape the room with a boom – no boring keys!” Good Luck!

Boom Escape walkthrough (thanks monte!)

By Eric

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10 Comments to Escape Fever – Boom Escape

  1. monte says:

    games keep disappearing on this site. i was playing two other games and they were both removed all of a sudden. well guess i will try this one

    • Eric says:

      They don’t disappear, Monte, they go in the latest Games list on the right.

      I post them but then when people say they are buggy or present no real interest (that’s why the rating system is for), they are removed from the front page.

      This way, the home page features only the best latest games, the games that people enjoy the most, and those games get more hits.

      • monte says:

        Wow. that is cool. I was confused but for the right reasons. thanks for the input. i love these games.

  2. monte says:

    I am out. pretty easy. I will write a walkthrough if you need it.

  3. nokra says:

    I can’t figure out how to look at the demolition plans…or if I need to

  4. nokra says:

    I have Show

    don’t know what is next…

  5. nokra says:


    Still stuck

  6. monte says:





  7. monte says:

    you dont need cable, it is automatic. you just need to get the code from the radio. then use marker on wall and blow yourself right the hell out of there…

  8. nokra says:

    well, with that explosion, it is a wonder I survived…LOL Thanks. Monte!!!