10 Doors 2

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10 Doors 2 is the second installment in the 10 Doors Room Escape series. Your goal remains the same:  find a way to open the door, get in another room; again, find a way to open the next door, open it, get in another room. Repeat until you you have opened 10 doors! Have fun!

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10 Doors 2 video walkthrough!

By Eric

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16 Comments to 10 Doors 2

  1. Beconaze says:

    first, and stuck on door 4

  2. Urbek says:

    4th room

  3. Anemic says:

    Simply can’t get past the cat, even with the spoilers.

  4. Urbek says:



  5. Idotry says:

    Door 5 had me fooled for a while, patience is a virtue

  6. Andy says:

    How do you get into Door 5?

  7. ubub says:

    Door 7 – how does that work? Show

  8. goldie says:

    Thnx People!!.

  9. iks says:

    how do u do door 9

  10. ace indy says:

    how do you do door 9

  11. wendydarling says:

    It’s rev 1 now…level 9 is different than the video walkthrough. I am STUCK!

  12. aaron says:

    Number 9 u got to put the door under head