Rubble Trouble

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Rubble Trouble is the latest physics puzzle game released by Nitrome.

Your goal is to destroy building and collect money while avoiding hitting protected buildings and workmen.

You have several tools of destruction at your disposal at the bottom of the game window: some tools are limited while others are infinite.

Rubble Trouble features 30 levels of various complexity with no particular order.

Have fun!

Update: now with two extra-levels!

By Eric

current rating 4.27


7 Comments to Rubble Trouble

  1. Unowninator says:

    Thanks for accepting my e-mail Eric. ;)

    Also, I noticed this game has some aspects & characteristics from other games.

    For example, part of the song has the same rhythm from the Nebula game.

    And the helicopter wrecking ball uses the same controls from Snot Putt.

    And the drill tool is pretty similar to Toxic 2’s drill.

    What else is there?

  2. Kingsy says:

    can someone post a walkthrough?? stuck on level 25 or something…

    • Lippshitz says:


  3. Liam says:

    help me with job 23!!!!!!

  4. daniel gibson says:

    how do u do level 17 really hard somebody help me