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Dwarf CompleteDwarf CompleteOn, the famous Japanese creator of the Grow series has just released a new game, Dwarf Complete. Here is what On posted today on his Blog.

“I’ve just finished a puzzle or problem-solving game featuring dwarfs which appear in on-line RPG game (Lineage II). Of course officially.
As I made it with a vigorous effort, you can enjoy it especially for the people who like escaping game.
The challenge level is mid-high. I think it would be difficult to solve it by yourself. Please make good use of the community.
And it has the auto-save features, you can stop or start it as you like. You can play it step by step in your free time”.

Your main goal in Dwarf Complete is to collect 40 weapons and armors dispersed among several rooms of a dungeon in order to improve your character. Each new weapon or armor found opens a new door somewhere in the dungeon. To get most of the weapons and other equipments, you will often need to avoid traps or solve puzzles. You will also need a few other items (and combine some of them) to complete the game.

Use the arrow keys to control your avatar, and click an item at the bottom of the game window while using an arrow key when you want to use it.

I have no doubt that all you Eyezmaze fans will enjoy this one: On used all his skills to turn this new journey into a new delightful experience.

Have fun!

Dwarf Complete walkthrough!
Dwarf Complete video walkthrough!

Alternative link!

By Eric

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93 Comments to Dwarf Complete

  1. DaDewd says:

    ARRG! I can only get 3 items, and if i get the 3d, i get trapped!

  2. DaDewd says:

    Now i have 5 items. Yay. Could someone post a walkthrough?

  3. Doug on the Tyne says:

    Got 9 items plus a silver key, bag of money and a stick

    If you get trapped

  4. Eric says:

    If you get trapped, you can leave the room: Show

  5. mike says:


  6. mike says:

    how do you use the items you pick up?

  7. Doozer says:

    I could use a hint on the room with the 8 floor buttons around the pedestal with the key. I’ve tried all the variations I can think of on the floor designs in the room to the right.

  8. mike says:

    all i do is get stuck when i get the 3rd item what am i doing wrong?

  9. Doozer says:

    Heh. Never mind… I was just being dense.

  10. mike says:

    just got to the spot with the column and the 8 squares how do ifigure out the pattern

  11. Eric says:

    Mike – Look at the symbols on the floor in the room to the right Show

  12. mike says:

    got that and how easy that was man am i getting bad. what

  13. Doozer says:

    I’m up to 22 items, and I have the magnet, but I can’t find (or access?) the bone.. any ideas?

  14. Doozer says:

    I haven’t found the silver key, either, which may be required to get the bone..

  15. mike says:

    how to i get the second item on the ice

  16. Eric says:

    Mike – Use Show

  17. mike says:

    what sides do i pull the boxes to though

  18. mike says:

    got it

  19. mike says:

    any walk through for this game

  20. Spud says:

    I need to make the magnet. I’ve got the bag but am missing the stone or whatever that round orb thing is in the book. Where do I find it? Also, anyone get the map to work?

  21. Spud says:

    Nevermind, the power of posting. I found it.

  22. Kuki says:

    Where is the bone?

  23. Doozer says:

    If anyone has figured this one out… I’m in a room that’s almost completely divided, with a hole in the floor in the one space in the division. There are two items on top of magnetic blocks. I used my magnet to drag one block into the hole and got the item, but now I’m at a loss for how to get the other item.

  24. PacoTaco says:

    I am have 35 treasures and am stuck in the darn house. Anyhelp? Made it to floor 2.

  25. PacoTaco says:

    Nevermind got it

  26. Doug on the Tyne says:

    To get the other weapon [spoiler] position magnetic box over crater – go back and fire the canon – aiming towards top of screen.
    You can then open the box to get the bone then pickaxe from book /[spoiler]

  27. PacoTaco says:

    100 complete. Fun game, ending is a little weak though and completely in Japan.

  28. Vermont says:

    I can’t figure out how to get very last moon. I have everything else. Did it all without help but now I’m getting frustrated. Pretty neat game.

  29. Darkdisease says:

    How do you get the bone? I can’t even find where it is.

  30. Doozer says:

    Doug on the Tyne – Thank you!!

  31. Doozer says:

    Ok.. perhaps I’m just being impressively blind… but I’ve got 38 items, 6 moons, and I still can’t seem to find the silver key.. any hints?

  32. Doozer says:

    Never mind again.. the power of asking for help and then finding the answer immediately. *smack self*

  33. ATM EFD says:

    has anyone gotten all 40 items cause Show

    couls anyone help?

  34. Darkdisease says:

    I’ve got all of this but I just need one more item and I can’t find the damn thing! Anyone know where the Blue orb thing is?

  35. RPM says:

    Maybe I’m just thinking too hard, but I have 21 items, magnet , no bone, and I have no idea on what to do next! I need the pick axe if I’m to move on…I think?!?!

  36. Candi says:

    How do you combine items? I’ve got the rock and the bag, but I can’t figure out how to make the magnet.

  37. RPM says:

    Where is the bone located?

  38. RPM says:

    nevermind, I figured it out…duh!

  39. DSD says:

    RPM-Can you tell me how did you get the bone? Thanks!

  40. RPM says:


  41. RPM says:

    Hope that helps and isn’t too confusing!

  42. DSD says:

    RPM-Thanks a lot!

  43. RPM says:

    I flung the metal block and made a giant hole into the starting room, I have 3 of the 4 torches lit to get the gold key…any guess on why I’m stuck?

  44. RPM says:

    nm, figured it out again

  45. DSD says:

    RPM-Can you please tell me how did you fling the metal block and made a giant hole into the starting room? Thanks!

  46. DSD says:

    Finally complete! It’s really a great game!

  47. Kuki says:

    Can anyone teld me how do I get the golden key on top of the column? thx

  48. secret_agentman says:

    I’m stuck at 16/40, and I can’t figure out how to get the floating moon down. Any help? Where else do I go from here?

  49. player says:

    There is rooms on the left where is a switch: the closer one turns the cannon, the other one rises and lowers it. Just aim the cannon to the moon. I’m stuck at 32/40. I have no idea what i’ve to do next… Any help?

  50. player says:

    Okay, I just noticed Show

    so i have now 33/40. Could anyone tell how to fire the other two torches? Or what to do next… How can you go there where the rails are?