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Dwarf CompleteDwarf CompleteOn, the famous Japanese creator of the Grow series has just released a new game, Dwarf Complete. Here is what On posted today on his Blog.

“I’ve just finished a puzzle or problem-solving game featuring dwarfs which appear in on-line RPG game (Lineage II). Of course officially.
As I made it with a vigorous effort, you can enjoy it especially for the people who like escaping game.
The challenge level is mid-high. I think it would be difficult to solve it by yourself. Please make good use of the community.
And it has the auto-save features, you can stop or start it as you like. You can play it step by step in your free time”.

Your main goal in Dwarf Complete is to collect 40 weapons and armors dispersed among several rooms of a dungeon in order to improve your character. Each new weapon or armor found opens a new door somewhere in the dungeon. To get most of the weapons and other equipments, you will often need to avoid traps or solve puzzles. You will also need a few other items (and combine some of them) to complete the game.

Use the arrow keys to control your avatar, and click an item at the bottom of the game window while using an arrow key when you want to use it.

I have no doubt that all you Eyezmaze fans will enjoy this one: On used all his skills to turn this new journey into a new delightful experience.

Have fun!

Dwarf Complete walkthrough!
Dwarf Complete video walkthrough!

Alternative link!

By Eric

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93 Comments to Dwarf Complete

  1. lev says:

    items 1 to 3:

    items 4-5:

    first “click item”:

    item 6 and first “material item”:

    items 7 & 8:

    item 9-13 and second “material item”:

    Second “click item”:

    items 14-17

  2. Funkyloki says:

    OK, I’m stuck at the end. I have almost all the items including all the moons; everything except Show

    . Great game!

  3. Kuki says:

    I’m stuck again! Anyone knows how to get to the chest in the laberinth with the two floors? It’s a couple of rooms down from the first room. There is a treasure chest and 4 metal cubes. thx

  4. player says:

    Just keep moving the cubes to go forward (fill the holes to get next stairs and eventually to the chest)

  5. Kuki says:

    Thx player. I have moved a couple of metal cubes and sunk them on a couple of holes, but I’, unable to moved the rest. I’m sooooo frustrated!

  6. perdo says:

    How to get in/put that tower (the head tower)

    on the top there is a switch but cant go to second floor!

  7. perdo says:

    actually i got it: it was a bug inside…you have to hit f4 to reste the flash. dont worry there is an option to continue when it reloads so you lose nothing…

    i finished the game with all the objects,,,full ending yeeeasas!

  8. lev says:

    Following on from my post #51:
    Moon #1, third “material item” and items 18-20:

    Items 21-24:

    Fourth “material item” and third “click item”:

    Moons 2-5, item 25

    Moons 4-5, 5th material item:

  9. Doug on the Tyne says:

    Great puzzle game but cannot get through the “Timed Room” before the fuse runs out.
    Tried all the different routes to press the Red / Blue / Purple buttons without success.

    Any ideas / cheats as cannot get the flask and then torch from book to finish the game.

  10. Eric says:

    Doug – Try Blue, Red and then Purple; otherwise, you won’t make it!

  11. Kuki says:

    Could someone please tell me how to get the golden key down from its pedestal? Thx

  12. Kuki says:

    Me again!….I’m making progress, but can anyone told me how do you get to the roof of the house shaped like a skull? I’m on the firts floor and got the map but can’t find the stairs inside. Thx

  13. Kuki says:

    Never mind…I managed to get to the roof and pressed the button and the rock transformed itself into a finger pointing southward. What next? I got 39 items and have lighted 3 of the 4 torches aroung the golden key. Please help! Thx

  14. Kuki says:

    Thx Eric. Finish at last!….Great little game!

  15. Evi says:

    i can’t light up the last torch at the left bottom!!!!! anyone help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. A. says:

    I can’t figure out how to open the door into the SW room around the gold key. I have 37 items, and I don’t see any doors or items left that don’t have a gold lock. Where should I go? Thanks.

  17. Evi says:

    A. go at the first room with the arrows and use the pickaxe to find a skale

  18. liya says:

    Dwarf Complete walkthrough – Page 2 – 28
    1.purple -> 2.red -> 3.blue stone
    Use the magnet and metarl wall. More quickly.

    See this picture…

  19. Eric says:

    liya – Many thanks! Walkthrough updated!

  20. A. says:

    Thanks a lot, Evi!

  21. matthew.g says:

    how do u play jobs because there is no play button.lol

  22. Dark says:

    I also make a walkthrough of Dwarf Complete, but some solutions of puzzles not as good as Dwarf Complete walkthrough here!!

  23. varin says:

    For those still stuck and trying to light the lower left torch for the gold key…


  24. MiNi.CHAE says:

    how do you find the moon in the maze? like when its in the yellow rock thingy???

  25. sooooo confuzed says:


  26. sooooo confuzed says:

    o ok.. nvm :P XD

  27. sooooo confuzed says:

    how do i get that little bottle potion thingy??????????

  28. sooooo confuzed says:

    i hav 39/ 40 items and i dont know how 2 get tha items from off that complete thing

  29. sooooo confuzed says:

    nvm i used the magnet on tha e in complete and i used the magnet with the arrow 2 get off

  30. Angela says:

    can someone help??
    i cant find the two blue stones…>

  31. chole says:

    how to get the item traped the upper left corner in the room south-east of the first room???

  32. Susie says:

    EH? I have the money bag and the stone, which should make a magnet but I can’t seem to use anything. What is going on?

  33. aaa says:

    how to get moon piece at c4??

  34. god says:

    walkthrough pwetty pwease. im stuck at 3 items!

  35. god says:

    ok 5, but i dont get that pattern on item 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. god says:

    ok i get the pattern now

  37. atahsina says:

    finished it at last. the map maze was horrible. great game.

  38. Tars says:

    How do you get into c4

  39. Samii says:

    I can not load the link. All I get is a blank page with ads on it. Please help me!!!!!!

  40. seth says:

    i cannot download the game, the link doesn’t seem to work i keep getting a message saying The server at lineage2.plaync.jp is taking too long to respond. can someone help me please?