Smallest Room Escape

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Smallest Room Escape is a Room Escape game by EscapeFever the author of Mystery Island Escape, Nut hunter, Synth Escape, Bulls Escape, Signal Escape, Rocket Escape and many more. “This time you’ll have to escape the smallest room ever EscapeFever has put you into!” Good Luck!

Smallest Room Escape video walkthrough!

By Eric

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11 Comments to Smallest Room Escape

  1. monte says:

    just started

  2. monte says:

    put sword into tv and then light the fire cracker with the sparks. Stuck after that point.

  3. dmq says:

    still trying to figure out where to use the firecracker too

  4. dmq says:

    my last one is probably in the dresser just need the code than i’ll be out

  5. dmq says:

    and i’m out

  6. ada says:

    please help, got no idea what to do with the lighted cracker

  7. monte says:

    anyone have a written wlkthrough?

  8. goldie says:

    Well Done, thnx Eric.