The White Day

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The White DayThe White DayThe White Day is the latest Room Escape game created by the team behind IDAC (Nigepico, The Bar, Il Destino, The Privacy, One-Off). The game was just released a few hours ago, and is only available in Japanese right now.

You find yourself trapped in a dark Piano Bar (the introduction probably tells us more about how you ended here, but unfortunately, I don’t read Japanese!) and you will have to find the different items hidden in this place, combine some of them and use the others to make your way out of here!

Like all of the games previously released by IDAC, The White Day comes with superb graphics and animations. That said, the game is not really difficult to complete and will delight all the Room Escape games fans!

Have fun!

Update: The White Day walkthrough in the comments!

By Eric

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57 Comments to The White Day

  1. Eric says:

    The White Day walkthrough








  2. mammy says:

    cant play at the piano.No sound..

  3. crazy legs says:

    Turn on microphone then you can hear piano.

  4. Misia says:

    Eric how do you get this all walkthroughs???

  5. mammy says:


  6. DaDewd says:

    When the English one comes out, where could I find it?

  7. Ads says:

    Can’t get to the drawers!

  8. kat says:

    there’s something wrong with the piano… darn

  9. kat says:

    i cant open the drawer….gah!!

  10. vii says:

    is anybody playing this game?

  11. jane says:

    YES!!!!!! i ESCAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. deadstepahead says:

    how do i put the brewd coffee in the cup?

  13. dimitar says:

    select the cup and the cick on the u of coffe

  14. dimitar says:

    stupid keyboard i cant write as i was saying:
    select the up and click on the CUP OF COFFE

  15. DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:


  16. lala says:

    how do you get upstairs the cmputer won’t let me

  17. Christy says:

    The computer won’t let me get into the drawers under the coffee makers… it keeps sending me back out of the bar area or up to the coffee pots! Help please

  18. Tori says:

    What does the walkthrough mean by “click where the unicorn horn points?

  19. Tori says:

    and there is no indentation in the stairs that i can see, i already got my gold figure. all i see is the shadow.

  20. jun says:


  21. mjn says:

    2 bad the game is jap


  22. Esther needs help...bad. says:

    -_-” I can’t get to the drawer under the coffee maker…can someone please help me?

  23. lala says:

    how do you open the darn droor to get spoon…….gosh!

  24. Jody says:

    I can’t get into the drawers!!! HELP!!!!

  25. Jody says:

    I need help with opening the drawers!

  26. amp tron says:

    to open drawers Show

  27. amp tron says:

    i can hear the piano but i cant see a microphone, ive clicked a bright spot to the left of the keyboardbut no luck. this game is just too damn dark.

  28. Phreak says:

    Who built that cafe, leonardo da vinci? It’s not very efficient to have a customer trapped in a strange building with sensitive rube-goldbergian devices as means of escape… and why not break the glass? Simple enough.

  29. april says:

    how the hell do i get the mini golden man to go in the shadow indentation? what is a shadow indentation?

  30. Ali says:

    this game takes forever to load!!!!

  31. A says:

    that time is off…its really 7:32 PM where i live…

  32. H says:

    where do you find the cognac?

  33. Moose says:

    It’s in the cabinet above the sink/sugar cube.

  34. rose says:

    [spoiler]what do i do serioussly stuck!![spoiler]

  35. rose says:


  36. Merrill says:

    Despite the Japanese titles, I think this is my favorite escape room so far.

  37. ginin says:

    Got it in 31 minutes w/o walkthrough :) Took me a while to make the coffee, and found the drawers by luck. Then the game went smoothly. Great escape room!

  38. adrienne says:

    where do i click on the silver lighter to get the ring?!
    pleassee helpp

  39. adrienne says:

    i mean a key. hah

  40. adrienne says:

    nvm. its a ring.

  41. PJ says:

    hard game masters only not using walkthrough

  42. PJ says:

    creepy music and just plain creepy lol

  43. zoe says:

    argh! i hve unlocked the piano, turned the microphone on, used the piano with the coffee mug..BUT THE SAFE STILL HASN’T OPENED!

    :( help

  44. Ann says:

    Thanks Eric!!!
    The walkthrough really helped……I really do not know how you solve these games without help??

  45. SilentBerserk says:


    Thanks for the walkthrough, I wasn’t really paying attention to the drawers xD!

    ESCAPE! woot!!!

  46. didi says:

    thanks great game…easier than other gotmail games, i mean if i know japanese..

  47. help preez says:

    i cant get the ground coffee out of the red thing. i clicked on the pot but it doesnt give me the coffee. garrh >:(

  48. Primrose says:

    help preez, the ground coffe appears in ur inventory , just use it like u used the beans..u don’t need to grab the pot or anything..:)

  49. Julie says:

    this game is too easy,

    I WON!

  50. angelinthemist says: