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SphereSphereSphere is a new Japanese Room Escape game created by Neutral: the game is available in both English and Japanese.

You find yourself in a nice room and there are a lot of spheres hidden everywhere. My guess is that you will probably need to collect all of them before being able to escape.

The 3D graphics in this game are superb, and you can save your progress at any time by clicking the save button.

Sphere is a really nicely done game, and I have the feeling that a lot of Room Escape fans will enjoy it!

Have fun!

walkthroughs in comments #23 and #25 (thanks Lev!)

Sphere video walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 4.43


208 Comments to Sphere

  1. kristin says:

    i can open the box with it i found the paper and everything it wont work will someone make me a picture of it?

  2. kristin says:

    how do you get the marbels in the box?

  3. Grain says:

    Excellent game, and nice graphics!

    Thanks for the fun!

  4. marit says:

    what is the code to the box at the blue wall?

  5. Petter A. says:

    I’m really struggelig….crap..

  6. sian says:

    finnaly with the colour code bit behind the picture remember to get ther sphere things form the scales otherwise you wont be able toih do it thnx for the hellp evry1 xxx

  7. woah says:

    how do you get the key to open the blue drawer?
    it isn’t working

  8. Unknown says:

    I really need help!i cant figure out the code to the box in the last drawer on the desk!it is really annoying me and the box just wont open.somebody please help me!

  9. monkeygirl says:

    Please help me, I can’t seem to get the mud in the cup. I put the water inside….where do you get the dirt? Is it the brown stuff from the pot? If it is, i got it. Please help….

  10. monkeygirl says:


  11. Sara says:

    you have to put the frog inside the cope!!

  12. Sara says:

    the frog is that pise of dirt clump you got from the plant

  13. teddbed says:

    How do you place the box on the desk, i don’t understand how you do it?

  14. bob says:

    what code do u enter into the panel?

  15. Machyoo McConohay says:



  16. Chris says:

    Why can’t I open the box in the drawer? i’ve tried every combination on from the paper. This is what I think should be right but it dont work.
    G = Gray, W = White


    But it won’t open!! Please help

  17. Erica says:

    HOW DO YOU FIND THE GOLD MARBLE, DAMN i have seen many people ask this question here and none knows how to answer a damn question, ugh jezzeeeeee

  18. Zoe says:

    I can only find the second grey orb…where is the first one?

  19. george says:

    i really finished, its absolutely great

  20. Rach says:

    What’s the code for the walla rectangle? with all the colours and that. Can someone write out each animal and it’s colour please,

  21. Jes says:

    how do i put the white marbles and the green marble inside of the white box??

  22. Trapper says:

    To ALL: Show

  23. smartone says:

    well that game was pretty easy, i beat it 30min and it wasnt as hard as you guys thought with the orb wieghts. and i didnt get the whole device that was in the drawer.

  24. Goose says:

    Now that’s a game. Very well thought out it was. I even enjoyed playing it a second time.

  25. legendarynora says:

    nice game, to mister smartone… that’s coze once you read the walkthrough you don’t need tho think “duh”

  26. AXE322 says:

    This game is hard to put down! However, problems arise! There are no BLUE items except for a cube in the blue book and THAT’S not an option in the pictures on the hidden wall panel, PLUS, there’s a toss-up between the duck and the scribbled flower! Which one do you use? They’re both RED! I’m addicted! I’m not gonna turn back now! You gotta help me, please!

  27. marci says:

    thanks sooo much eric yours made more sense then the other one.everyone use eric’s walkthrough ikts better.thanks again .the box conmfused me,but eric’s walkthrough made it clear.You DO NOT NEED TO PUT IN MARBLES INTO THE bOX.

  28. marci says:


  29. john says:

    I can only find 3 green spheres where is the 4th?

  30. butto says:

    They guy who made the walkthrough made it SO STUPIDLY CONFUSING he didn’t even explain what do it properly and some parts are straight up wrong!

  31. Katie says:

    where do you get the yellow marble?

  32. Ichigo says:

    How do I wet the toilet paper and get water in the glass? I can’t do it! Have I forgotten to do something for it to work?

  33. Ichigo says:

    Never mind, I did it.
    (for those that has problems with that part, you have to Show


  34. mobe says:

    whats the code for the hiddin pannel

  35. jon says:

    do you need a gold ball? if so were is it?

  36. LOL says:

    the pic of tulips on the wall … how do i take it away to get to the thing behind it? and the code thing…. i got the code and click the button but nothing happens … hlp anyone?

  37. becky says:

    i dont no what to do with the red pencil, can someone help please

  38. bob says:

    how do i fix the see-saw??

  39. nipper says:

    the order for the panel on the wall is Show

    hope that was helpful…

  40. Mary says:

    what is the code in the panel on the blue wall. help plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. bebo.m says:

    please help me!! i cant figure out my code.. it looks like 36175..but, the safe doesnt seem to be opening!! HELP!!

  42. Catherine says:

    i cant get the box in th third cabenit OPEN!!!!!!!

  43. gc says:

    what is the code for the colours on the wall, ive got the 1st the 3rd and the 4th but nothing works for the second…..

  44. gc says:

    help me with te box on the wall please….

  45. Sunny says:

    where do i get the gold marble?!!!!
    pliz help me!

  46. Thijs says:

    What do they mean with this???
    “press squares like diagram according to its orientation if it were to match up to the tear in the red book”
    I dont geth it!

  47. zerge says:

    where is the part for the balance thingy (seesaw)?

  48. FLOR says:

    please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t understand the colours with the animals in the wall!!!

    i have Show

    Could someone tell me what am i doing wrong???

  49. Naomi says:

    How do you get the code for the key in the wall by the hanging plant?

  50. Taylor says:

    Someone please answer my question. I clicked the boxes like it said in the paper, after I rotated the paper. Get this, the box still doesn’t open. I’ve tried everything. And don’t call me an idiot because I know I’m doing the right thing.