The Sleeping Beauty 2500

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The Sleeping Beauty 2500 is a new Point’n’Click Adventure game created by Andrey Polyakov, the author of Volcano Escape.

The action takes place in 2500, in a devastated world where women can no longer bear children.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the last health woman on Earth, before the “others”!

She sleeps somewhere in a hibernation recovery box.

Enjoy this post apocalyptic version of Sleeping Beauty!

Have fun!

The Sleeping Beauty 2500 walkthrough!

By Eric

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27 Comments to The Sleeping Beauty 2500

  1. monte says:

    anyone got the code for the red box thing

  2. monte says:

    forget it, i figured it out

  3. Snooky says:

    oh no wait i done it

  4. louise says:

    oh whats the code i have been trying for too long now

  5. monte says:

    it is her birthday. so subtract the 250 and then a week from the days.

  6. Chihiro says:

    How do you get in the bunker? Where is the code for the notches?

  7. monte says:

    you need to get the broom and sweep where the barrell is. then zoom in on the bottom right of the swept area to get code.

  8. White Wolf says:

    I did a comment but not sure if it went through. If I don’t see the walkthrough soon, I’ll re post it.

  9. smashinsam00 says:

    I found the bunker but i don’t know how to get in it?! I’m lost. :(

  10. White Wolf says:

    Edit: The Sleeping Beauty 2500 Text Walkthrough by Nabossa

    Nice Game tho….

  11. kara says:

    anyone still here?

  12. zaher says:

    the code for red door Show

  13. zaher says:

    the code for red box Show

  14. zaher says:

    get back to the room Show

  15. zaher says:

    and use the Show

    i wish that u r smilling now dear friends ;)

  16. Madzia says:

    Code for Red Door

  17. Linny says:

    ah how do you kill snowman T-T

  18. Peter says:


  19. daman says:

    how to open red box?

  20. jo says:

    any1 there plz tell the bunkers code

  21. wezo says:

    the code is Show

    meaning the ladies birthday