Soccer Challenge

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Soccer ChallengeSoccer ChallengeSoccer is a brand new game released a few days ago by the French developer Jp from; this game was designed to celebrate the next soccer world cup which will take place in Germany from june, 9 to july 9.This game includes eight different challenges, each one being a complete small game by itself:

1. “Run Run”: send the different balls onto the right corners and clear the field as fast as possible!
2. “Ability”: send the purple ball onto the purple corner without crossing any white lane as fast as possible!
3. “Goal Keeper”: keep the ball inside the field as long as possible!
4. “Race”: send the red ball onto the red corner as fast as possible!
5. “Run Drunk”: same as “Run Run”, but your player is drunk! Hit the white hand to play normally!
6. “Golden Gates”: keep the ball in the field as long as possible!
7. “Brick Breaker”: remove all bricks by hitting them with your ball as fast as possible!
8. “Invisible”: drive the red ball to the red corner as fast as possible!

Your avatar in every challenge is a French soccer player that is moved and controlled using your mouse. Try to get a high score for every challenge and then submit your overall score. Feel free to play every challenge as many times as you want: Soccer Challenge keeps your best performance in memory for each challenge before submitting your final score!

To be fair, Soccer Challenge is definitely not a game for relaxation! Playing Soccer Challenge and controlling the ball with your avatar needs a lot of practice to get used to. There is no chance you will enter in the hall of fame during a short coffee break!

Having said that, Jp has designed a very addictive game once again, with nice graphics a very good physics implementation. We like this one!

Have fun!

By Eric

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