Escape the Room

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Escape the RoomEscape the RoomEscape the Room is a short Room Escape game (!) created two years ago by Van Plugeleburg, a Dutch student.

The game was inspired by games like the famous Crimson Room and was pretty successful.

Your main goal here is to open a locked chest in the room that contains something useful to open the door and escape.

With its nice 3D animations, the game is short but not easy. Some puzzles are not very logical and require a bit of luck or a good walkthrough.

That being said, Escape the Room is still entertaining, two years after its release.

Have fun!

Escape the Room walkthrough!

Escape the Room video walkthrough!

By Eric

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50 Comments to Escape the Room

  1. Eric says:

    Escape the Room Walkthrough


  2. DaDewd says:

    Where do i get the nine piece?

  3. Eric says:

    DaDewd – once under the bed, click to the right…

  4. escape artist says:

    this one is pretty easy, and old. i think i beat this one last year….

  5. hhdd says:

    where do you get the keys?

  6. escape artist says:

    need help, try opening the walkthrough above.

  7. justin g says:

    for some reason when i go inside the trash can and try to use the knife it keeps saying “nope, Doesn’t work” please help

  8. Annie says:

    What is the numbers in Wingdings that are in the trash?

  9. Jesse says:

    booooooooooooooooooooooo this game

  10. Savannah says:

    what does USE WORD mean?? please help soon!!!

  11. Bernadete says:

    omg it was so helpful.

  12. Dan says:


  13. Austin says:

    i cant open word or i dont know how and i skipped it so…. w.e

    but now i cant put the 2nd key in the chest i put 39051 on the #s

  14. Austin #2 says:

    first of all i am not the austin on # 13 i am different 2nd how do i open the chest? i have all the tiles and 2 pieces of paper, the little piece that says wingding and a mirror and the knife. i also do not understand the wingding thing please help

  15. yo yo yo says:

    i dnt get how 2 the # 3 tile && i have the knife soo i cnt get the chest open

  16. jessica says:

    Where do u get the 2nd key? its not in the drawer

  17. jessica says:

    I found it

  18. nub says:

    wow . this game was pathetic

  19. jessa says:

    can someone tell me how to do the show and hide tab??
    pretty please

  20. Terissa says:

    That wasn’t a very good game.


  21. Terissa says:

    How about someone tell me something, hmmmm?


  22. jodie says:

    please someone leave a walkthrough

  23. kiko changz says:

    The key won’t open the chest…

  24. kiko changz says:

    can you help me with the other escape the rooms? like the one on it would help me out alot. thanx!!

  25. Maribel Mancinas says:

    hi this i sooo gay but i cant figure out anything at all i need more help than anyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  26. Kaz says:


  27. fdgfs says:

    cheat /spoiler Show

  28. JJEN says:

    Dear Everyone,

    Just do the walkthrough! Its a lot easier! HAHaha. Hey, has anyone seen Mr. Bean?

  29. Bob says:

    Where is the bed???

  30. BILLYBOB says:

    The bed is on the left of the chest thingy. Click on the brown circle on the left. ITS NOT THAT HARD 2 SEE…

  31. john locke says:

    how do you click under the bed?

  32. sexyjew says:

    go to its so hott!

  33. john locke says:

    this game doesn’t make any sense… i can’t click under anything or use the first key for anything, all i can find is the battery cell, the foil, and the first key!!!!

  34. john locke says:

    hey wait a minute…i think im playing some inferior knock off crap on addictinggames…oops

  35. gallo says:

    how on earth do you get the key to work on the chest, i’ve tryed and tryed like on the video walktrhough, but it still won’t open!!!

  36. gallo says:


  37. Devansh says:

    Stupid Game!!!!! I beated this game since he begining!!!!!!!!

  38. Tink says:

    lol i like how in the end the axe knocks the door *over*

    so after all that he coulda jus kicked the door down in the first place?

    what a dumbass :/

  39. Total escape addict. says:

    The second key doesn’t work.
    Why the freaking hell not??!
    Need help.

  40. gostmanen says:

    omg i forget something….
    number 6 is by the radio behind the…..clothes???
    code is:39051
    can figure it out with words.
    it opens you need nothing with the 3rd key
    only the axe under the lid use knife in the box take axe use it on the door and u are out.
    ^^ without walkthrough!

  41. Coley says:

    I don’t have sound (it broke), so what do you do to turn the radio off? I can’t figure it out so I can’t get the chest open!!

  42. cait says:

    thanks eric that helped alot lol

  43. LNL78 says:

    how do i open the word to type the numbers?

  44. m ,,m., says:

    since it’s 5 digit number theres only about 3500 options

  45. m ,,m., says:

    wait no 5500 options sorry

  46. Laura says:

    how do you use the knife in the trash can? I can’t get it to work.

  47. hana says:

    the wingdings text is in the bottom of the bin

  48. kjfæsjdf says:

    Erhm… The second key doesn’t seem to work?
    I can’t enter that word thing either. I know i’m a bit
    ‘off date’, but none of you guys seem to have found this
    out yourself? Other than the walktrough-man.
    but still .. I NEED HELP

  49. kjfæsjdf says:


  50. Webz says:

    you know that you dont have to find all of that stuff because when you widen the screen you see the axe go click on use items and then move the axe to the door